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Started by Mysterica, May 09, 2010, 08:56:47 PM

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Hey there.  This is just a little idea I came up with a little while ago.  It's a little rough, but...  Here it is...

My character has recently been expelled from high school for picking one too many fights with one of the cheerleaders (this time going so far as to break her nose). Her parents search for a long time for any other schools to take her, but none of them seem to want someone who's going to be fighting with their students.

Finally, one day in the mail they get a letter from a school that they never applied for, and haven't even heard of saying that she was accepted. They quickly send her off to the school, where she soon finds that it is rather strange. All the girls seem to have the perfect bodies that men and women lust after, but beyond that they all have the ears and tail of an animal. Soon after arriving she is made to drink a potion that grows her bust and alters her body structure to look just like them. She is then informed that the school is a training grounds for sexual slaves and she'd be auctioned off soon, then her trained for what her future owner would be needing and that one of her teachers would be her personal mentor and "Mistress" for her entire stay at the school... something like that.

If anyone is in playing my opposite, I'd love to hear from you.  Well...  Later.