Hello! Male dom seeking rps

Started by runawayninja, May 09, 2010, 05:20:59 PM

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Hello ^^ I do rps by PMs and threads!

I am seeking friendly, open, intelligent role-players, or really anyone that would like to just chat and have some good conversation, or somebody just looking for a friend. I'm a very open-minded and friendly guy, but let's get down to brass tacks.

I am a male dom, but that isn't required for role-play necessarily. I am a very soft-hearted and compassionate dom and I tend to play friendly and compassionate characters. I primarily rp with women, but I am willing to give a guy a shot.

As far as length and grammar, I'm not stringent on either one, but make some effort to check your spelling and anything longer than one line is fine. For the most part in a rp I want good story, interesting characters, a solid plot, some mystery or adventure, and strong emotion. Sex is something to spice things up and make it better, it's not a meal into itself. Sand is fun for beaches, but a house built upon it will not stand.

Character Concepts and Themes
Usually I flesh out my characters as I go with little planning and let them and the rp grow organically. However, if there's a role you'd like me to play, or if you need some character background right away, I can put some thought into it. I am very adaptable and able to play a character that you might suggest or something new might develop. Character concepts I've had frequent success playing as are:
Time Mage (Mage who can control space-time to a degree, sometimes played as being far from home and lost in another plane)
Werebear (Often in the World of Darkness setting)
Wounded soldier/knight (Cared for by a kindly noblewoman/priestess/anything you wanna play, either friendly or being nursed by the enemy for some other purpose)
Amnesiac (A classic)
Psychic (Often tortured mentally or vengeful or just full of rage)
Knight of the Order of the Raven (A knight with holy powers and a raven familiar. His homeland and most of his order were destroyed by a vampire lord and he seeks retribution. A rare exception to the vampire rule.)
Any character with mental trauma or a troubled past
Usually I just flesh out a new character, that really is my preferred method of making a character. I usually only reuse thse concepts when I'm in a particular mood, but if your interested, give it a try! These characters might not be the usual for a dom character, but part of the fun of the story is discovering how that works out ^^

Plot Information
Plots I have frequently had success with are primary plots that mesh the stories of characters and where the parties involve share control of the story and do not rely upon one person to lead the story by themselves. I'm willing to let you lead the story if it's very interesting, but I cannot rp a story that solely requires me to move it. I love some good action like fight scenes ^^ Also, I really don't like fan plots or plots made from an existing world (Twilight, Naruto, ect.) I only play with original characters and plots, but I don't mind if the setting or characters are influenced by existing work. I'm very open-minded to any ideas to might have so try me. Contact me by PM.

Last word is if your in doubt, try me ^^ Good luck finding whatever you desire!

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