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Author Topic: Love Pet [Female Wanted, EX]  (Read 5520 times)

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Love Pet [Female Wanted, EX]
« on: May 09, 2010, 03:58:11 AM »
Alright, so the basic idea is a demon(now open to more than just a demon) who gets a pet, yay?!  She can be human, elf, neko, angel, furry, whatever...that is open for discussion.  How he gets the pet is also open for discussion, it can be through a 'pet market' or perhaps he captures her, so on and so forth. 

The demon will have a humanoid figure to him, but will not appear exactly human, he will be large, more muscular, different skin tone, possible horns, exotic eyes, etc.

Depending on how it starts out, there can be some NC in it.  However, I am not a huge fan of non-consensual and if a role play is nothing but him taking her by force then that is boring...It can be NC at first, depending how it is started.  If he catches her then of course he will have to make her submit.  If he buys her from a market, maybe she is already willing.  She could even be a sexual deviant herself who willingly submits her body to this demon to be used for sexual pleasure and willingly becomes his pet...this portion is also open to discussion and ideas.  Or maybe some kind of contract is made between them and in exchange she has to give her body to him for whatever sexual acts he pleases.  If it does start as NC I do want it to change though to the point where she may be reluctant but secretly likes it and to where she really enjoys it in a sadistic sort of twist and maybe even beg for it sometimes.  It can even be a strange romance between an odd pairing sort of idea...the possibilities are endless.

There can be some twists and turns as we trade ideas for a plot.  Right now I do not have one, first I would need to know what pairing we are matching up with and how they come together before we piece together a plot.  The base of this though is setting it up so you have this demon and his pet who...well...explore many sexual acts in many creative different ways.  I would like to build a story around it though if it is possible since I can get bored with just sex, sex and more sex.

I am looking for someone who can post at least 2 to 3 paragraphs minimum and can give me good descriptions and details, not only of appearances but of emotions, pleasure, and whatever else as well.  I will of course do the same.  The demon is obviously the dom in this role play, but just because you are the sub I do not want your character to just lay around like a rag doll and take everything I throw at you.  Mix it up a bit, if my demon does something sexual or not, let me know in your post what your character thinks of it, what effect it has on them, the reaction they have to it and whatnot.

Also I am looking for these kinks below as well. I think this type of pairing is a great way to explore a bit of the darker side of sex and get a bit more wetter, messier, naughtier, and dirtier than the usual.  If you do not see something you like on the list then ask me about it, also if there is not something on the list that you may like to try also feel free to run it by me:

-Size difference, him being large than her of course...perhaps much much larger
-Large penis
-Anal, more giving than receiving
-Rimming, more giving than receiving
-Hair pulling
-Pleasure Control
-Excessive Semen, like it what and messy...cum marking and facials, also possible cum inflation
-Throat penetration
-Bondage, such as chains and collars, ropes, and maybe gags
-Possible branding, tattoos and symbolic piercing
-Cervical Penetration, goes with cum inflation
-Occasional Bloodplay, menses may be included...negotiable
-Occasional Watersports, also negotiable
-Multiple penetration, such as the demon has more than one penis...or tentacles...its negotiable
-Possible impregnation...up for negotiation
-Sex Apparel

Feel free to send me a PM to discuss the idea further.

This is now open to more ideas as well, as I do not have to play a demon, just taking in the elements above and the same basic concept of the story.  Here are some pictures for inspiration...these images do contain nudity and sexual content.

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Re: Love Pet [Female Wanted, EX]
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2010, 07:07:52 PM »