Seeking Rp! :D

Started by KikuLei, May 08, 2010, 09:17:09 PM

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 :P Herwo everyone. I am here! ( Finally, after fighting a weird illness, blech. )

Anyway, I am searching for a nice rp, long or short..doesn't really matter. I just really need to rp sooner or later. It keeps me busy, and I like that.

( Sexual) Rp Ideas I Might be Interested in ( Men only, unless stated. ):

- Cop x Criminal ( I'd like to be either. :3 )
- Father/Brother x Daughter/Sister incest. ( I want to be the father... ( Jk )
- Jock x Neighbor ( Friends are allowed of any gender. :) )
- Slave x Master ( Other Female or male Slave is allowed? :))
- ( Almost anything Fantasy based, just ask.)
-  Teacher x Student ( I can be either. :D )



Rather then bumping, you should flesh out your ideas to generate interest in your potential roleplays. The more effort you put in here, the more effort people will know they will get later on when it comes down to playtime : )