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May 25, 2018, 11:57:21 AM

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Author Topic: Plot-bunnies overrunning my brain. (Light, Human to Exotic, TF)  (Read 608 times)

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Offline OniyaTopic starter

This one has been congealing in my brain for a couple days now.  It's kind of unusual, involving two friends and a gender transformation. 

Playing The Game - TF, MtF.

We've all seen it - a guy starts playing a game where he can design his own character, and chooses one seriously hot female avatar.  The reasons vary, including the hormonal 'If I'm going to play watching my character's butt for hours, I might as well enjoy it,' and the more calculating 'If other players think I'm a girl, they'll give me stuff/help me on quests/etc.'

There is a game that is now making its debut.  Touted as the 'ultimate in interactive play', it boasted realistic graphics and an advanced movement engine.  Playing the game was like being part of a movie from the finest animation studio.

There is one copy, however, with a very special property.  Somehow damaged during its creation, information from the game is slowly transferred into the player, instead of strictly the other way around.

So, when Devon gets this copy and starts his online roleplay session, he has no idea that creating a female avatar will have such a life-altering effect on him.

To complicate matters, Devon got involved in the game for the first time because one of his friends had gotten it.  Said friend has a male avatar, but doesn't know that Devon has been playing a female one.  Worse yet, Devon has been playing with this friend (Devon may or may not know this initially) - which started the whole transformation.

The way I see this playing out is that Devon is going to slowly find himself gaining feminine qualities, both primary and secondary.  It starts off with things like his voice changing, and moves to breast/hips expansion, and finally to a complete transition.  The change is triggered by in-game interactions. At first, he is embarrassed, then scared.  He continues playing in the hopes that he'll find some way to reverse it. 

Devon's friend could be played as clueless (never finding out), or freaked-out, sympathetic, and/or even conniving (if he does find out).  Maybe he's just dealing with a friend in trouble - or maybe he's more interested in how he can benefit from it...

I'm looking for someone to play Devon's friend. 

Be Aware:  Devon and his friend will not interact sexually in real life while Devon is still male.  There will probably be some virtual interaction (between avatars) combined with masturbation, possibly involving toys (vibrational controls - 'nuff said).  Once Devon starts to 'show', that possibility will become an option, depending on how the friend is played.  So, no M/M - possible M/I - definite M/F.

Offline Latooni Subota

Re: Plot-bunnies overrunning my brain. (Light, Human to Exotic, TF)
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2010, 06:35:14 PM »
I like your concept. It's rather fun, and while I would rather play the boy turning into a girl, I can enjoy the other side too. Though it MIGHT not be what you wanted, I had some interesting ideas on the other character.

It seems like you're looking for another male character, but would you might Devon's friend being a female that plays a male character on the game? Maybe not that confident in interacting with people in the offline, but TOTALLY confident while playing her male character in the game, as well as being a lesbian/bi but prefers girls.  She likes Devon personality-wise, but not enough to LIKE like. While they play the game she figures out that he controls a female character and likes that, so plays with him. Once the inevitable change begins and she figures it out though, it's like her dreams come true: Devon as a beautiful woman!

Interested, or shall I go run away? :3

Offline OniyaTopic starter

Re: Plot-bunnies overrunning my brain. (Light, Human to Exotic, TF)
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2010, 06:41:40 PM »
It's an interesting take on it, unfortunately, I have found that I absolutely suck at playing F/F.   :-\

Offline OniyaTopic starter

Re: Plot-bunnies overrunning my brain. (Light, Human to Exotic, TF)
« Reply #3 on: May 09, 2010, 02:06:28 AM »
Bunny has found a home :-)