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Author Topic: Cicerin's Emporium of Roleplay Ideas.  (Read 669 times)

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Offline Cicerin GlaydelTopic starter

Cicerin's Emporium of Roleplay Ideas.
« on: May 07, 2010, 11:48:57 AM »
After some searching around on these threads I managed to find a few potential games, although there are a few ideas that I wish to present to Elliquiy. I'm rather new to these forums, having just been recently accepted into this wonderful society of writers, but fear not, for I have several years of writing and roleplay under my belt.

First of all, please read the rules in my on and offs section which is posted in the link to the right, and another in my signature. Both contain the same information, so it doesn't matter what you choose. I took the time to write out some rules and information about myself there so I wouldn't have to repeat the process, it's quite the handy system, I must say.

Disclaimer: Each idea here is subject to change, be that from myself, or if you wish to brainstorm and add your own input into the picture. Nothing here is set in stone, merely beginning points to round out something that we can both enjoy equally.

Contraband Shipment TAKEN
Genre: Science Fiction
Pairing: Mercenary and Agent

AlterTech, a large company that is known for it's exploration into unknown territories and dealings with cultural expansion of Earth Ideology into space. They are also known for their shady dealings behind the scene and illegally obtaining alien artifacts and relics, and have recently gotten their hands on something quite valuable, but don't want anyone to find out, for it could possibly set them in the right path towards fame and fortune beyond would they could already imagine, and thrust technology ahead several hundreds of years.

So in order to protect their new find, they decide to ship it out to the far territory of Natra-7 which is under their control. It's a small system containing only one suitable planet to sustain life, even if in the form of a colony. They scout out a mercenary, one who has enough experience to handle the job, but is below the radar enough from the government to not cause any suspicion. Making him/her an offer they cannot refuse, the mercenary accepts the job to transporting this unknown package to the distant system.

But there's a catch... The company is also sending along one of their agents to keep an eye both on the package and the mercenary, they have to be sure that their treasure is safe at all costs. preferring not to take such heated jobs, and to work alone the mercenary isn't quite happy, but the steep cost of two million credits is very persuasive.

The Black Arrows of the Sylvans
Genre: Fantasy, Based in the world of The Elders Scrolls: Oblivion.
Pairing: Mage x Fighter
Note: I had tried this roleplay once before, but the person I was writing with was denied to Elliquiy, and therefore it was rendered as dead. It was going quite well too, and thus I still wish to act this one out. As for the pairing, it doesn't have to be a fighter, though that Is what I prefer for this, mainly because of it being opposing to a mage.

For more information on Temrialic Lore try this site: The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages

Other Information: TES IV: Oblivion is a very lore heavy game with a ton of back-story. One of the aspects of the game that intrigues me the most is the ancient ruins that dot the land of Cyrodiil. They are explained in short bits and snippets here and there, but are left open for the player to really decide the history of them, and thus I've always wanted to play something dealing with them.

The roleplay doesn't have to be 100% lore accurate, it only needs to capture the essence of the world, which is more than enough for me. It doesn't have to stay true to the games story, in fact, I don't want anything to do with the main story of Oblivion, but something with original characters taking place in there world.

Born in Valenwood, Datyr Reids, a Bosmer or Wood Elf, was raised in the craft of hunting and woodsmanship. He would make a fitting ranger, as fine with a bow as the rest of his kinsmen. Though he wasn't happy with this life, and whenever he could slip away for a moment, his nose would find it's way into a book, researching the history of Tamriel. His grandfather plays a very influental role in feeding this curiosity he has developed, since his grandfather is a full blooded Ayleid, a race that has long since been cast from their homelands and slowly dissolves into the other elven populations.

All his childhood he was told stories of their great empire, however whenever he managed to snag a document written about their past he is baffled. The pages talk of a cruel race of slave masters that where hateful towards the races of men, and thus rightly overthrown by Alessia, later sainted for her deeds. It was his grandfather's dying wish for his people's name to be untainted by time...

And Datyr set out to do just that. He took a handful of books and a few other necessities, using his remaining coin to board a ship to the harbor city of Anvil, on the western coast of Cyrodiil. He planned on going, and doing research in the many ruins of Cyrodiil, which was once the land of the Ayleid. Once he arrives in Anvil, he encounters a fighter, and although they clash they wind up working along side each other, perhaps the prospects of great riches for the fighter, or a greater threat...

Inside one of their expeditions to a ruin, or perhaps somewhere beforehand, they will encounter a force that Datyr knows too well. The Sylvan Rangers of his homeland. They're a dark organization that practice the corruption of nature and are seeking a legendary artifact that is located in one of the said ruins, and aren't the nicest group of folk to get along with.

Plane Crash
Genre: Modern, Survival
Pairing: Ordinary People?

By ordinary, I do not mean Mary Sue and John Smith characters. Ordinary people have dynamic personalites as well. I am more referring to people who are used to the ways of modern life, and don't necessarily have to deal with any survival situations. That is, until a small craft goes down in a rather remote neck of the woods, forcing two people to learn how to survive with each other and the wilderness they are thrust into. Really, I am leaving this one very open ended, it could wind up being a romance, the characters could really be anything. So feel free to open a brainstorm with me if you are interested in this setting.

This is a work in progress, I still have several ideas but I am pounding them out and putting them out here one at a time, so feel free to check back later to see if I make an update.
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Offline Latooni Subota

Re: Cicerin's Emporium of Roleplay Ideas.
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2010, 05:41:15 PM »
Hmm, I must say, your Mercenary and Agent scenario is REALLY interesting, and your survivors one as well, though less so. I also notice that you have in your ONs and OFFs that you're interested in Universal Century-era gundam roleplay.

If you would like to discuss setting up some details and roleplaying one of those premises, or something else, feel free to PM or message me about it. Judging from your ONs/OFFs among other things, I think we could think up some interesting and fun roleplay.