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Started by CmdrRenegade, May 07, 2010, 12:43:26 AM

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I'm reposting this idea as it has long since lapsed and I would like to try it again. 

I was visualizing humans and Night Elves in Warcraft for this, but we can do another established setting or make an original one. 

My character is Gren, a 22 year old hunter.  He lives in a remote village near a set of mysterious woods.  He's trying another profession after failing to join the army or farm the land.  This frustrates him to no end and he would like to run away from it all, except for the fact he knows he wouldn't survive on his own.  He had heard tales of the "wood elves." Many in the village believe that it's just fairy tale, but he's always been curious.  He's in the woods with a bow, a quiver of arrows, and a knife.  Most of what he's learned is book knowledge rather than experience, so he is making lots of beginner mistakes.

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The Elves have largely kept to themselves.  They don't hate humans, but just don't want to get too involved.  Any humans found wandering in their lands will generally be taken in.  If they are unfriendly, they are killed.  If simply lost or otherwise in need of help, they will feed them and set them on the right path.  The female partner would play one of these.  How she discovers Gren is up to her player.  He could be attacked and wounded by a bear, and requires care.  He could be found wandering in the woods and stumbles onto Elven land.  He could be hopelessly lost and pass out due to hunger and thirst.  Ultimately, it's up to the player.
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I'd be interested in this idea. I have to run to school but if you are on before I get back PM me if you'd like to RP it with me.