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Author Topic: F seeking M [Wheel of Time][WoW][Mythology][Lots of Other Stuff!][Updated!]  (Read 1341 times)

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Offline CecilyTopic starter

I've come back with a few new roleplay ideas, most of which are pretty simple but seem like they'd be a lot of fun. I've been reading the Wheel of Time series lately, and two of my ideas are in that universe, but if you have another idea for a WoT RP I'd love to do it! Also, I haven't finished the series yet so please be wary of giving spoilers. I have a feeling that in the two WoT roleplays I have listed that won't be an issue. Anyway! Here are my ideas. :)

Here are some shorter ideas I have.

Uncle/niece - niece has a crush on her uncle, he's quite smitten with her, yet she damages his ego and he gets quite angry (perhaps she's a bit of a tease?) - can be any setting, possibly WoW

Warlock/warlock apprentice - a young girl shows promise in summoning demons, has a connection with Twisting Nether, has to get training to control and take advantage of her ability and ends up with a cruel expert warlock - WoW

Loreth'aran idea, involving a green male dragon and his new rider. She is a rash, excited girl, who is also a little unnerved of her new position and is trying to do her best to be a rider. His personality is debatable - young and rash, wise and older, whatever. They bond as they train and ride with each other, black dragonflight invades, they take part in the battle and nearly everyone but they are slaughtered. Goes from there. Warcraft.

Aiel man/ Cairhien girl - I've had this idea for awhile. It'd take place in WoT, probably when Rand first comes over with the Aiel into Cairhien. Anyway, my idea was that I'd play a Cairhien of minor nobility, who has an innate skill with the sword, and has actually been secretly training for a few years. Once the Aiel come over, she'll be quite fascinated with them. My idea was that perhaps the two characters (Aiel man and Cairhien woman) somehow get into a brawl in Cairhien, or perhaps he witnesses her fight off a group of footpads. He'll be impressed with her, even if she's a Treekiller, and her with him. She won't be one of those foolish youths that is trying to imitate Aiel, and respects them deeply for saving the city. Anyway, I thought this would be a slowly blooming love between the two characters, with lots of tension - and probably fighting! - along the way.

New Peloponnesian Revelations[Ancient Greece][Brother/sister]

A young Spartan soldier returns from the Spartan victory in the Peloponnesian War with a new outlook on his society. He has seen that Sparta is an unnecessarily brutal and ruthless society, as when at war with Athens and the other city-states of Greece, he realized that the Spartan way of life is not the only one. The beatings, rapes, and general abuse do not go on elsewhere. When he returns from the war, victorious, he tries to convince his younger sister that she should run away with him. She, too, has been subject to the abuses in Sparta, and has been married to an older, abusive man. He knows that deserters of Sparta can be hunted down and tortured and killed, but he wants to get away from the horrors and save his sister, who he loves perhaps a little too much. Their escape from the city and their subsequent adventures should prove to be quite intriguing.

Tribal Negotiations [Aiel-inspired] [Roughhousing]

The Feladrin and Caerirn clans have been feuding for centuries. Their warring usually consisted of monthly skirmishes over hunting grounds, water, and land. However, many months ago, a full-out war began between the two factions. Fierce battles raged between the Feladrin and Caerirn, and it seemed that the Caerirn were gaining a slight advantage as the war progressed.

The Feladrin clan broke out in civil war. The Chief's sons, Jaern and Burirn, overthrew their father and took control of the tribe. These younger Feladrin were not fond of the Caerirn, but they were tired of the war that they could not possibly win. Peace was tenderly negotiated weeks later, with the Caerirn gaining a slight amount of land, and the Feladrin sending many gifts out of honour. Such were the ways of these people. It was clear that these two groups would never be friends and would never get along, but they had negotiated a tense treaty. Amongst these offering sent to the Caerirn; mostly wine, pottery, gems and coin, was the daughter of the previous Chief, and half-sister to Jaern and Burirn.

Serenla, half-sister to Chief Jaern and his advisor Burirn, was sent with others of the Feladrin that were offered for servitude (if you've read WoT, think gai'shan, with service for a set amount of time), except she, unlike the others, was not going to be sent back to the Feladrin after a few years. She was intended for the Chief of the Caerirn, who said that she would marry his eldest son. Serenla threw a fit, she did not want to marry a Caerirn, but she had no choice, as it was best for her clan.

I see Serenla as a stubborn warrior that does not want to give up her life for any man. What the son is like is negotiable; he can be quite fascinated in the concept of courting a pretty girl that can't leave him, or he could be more indifferent and think of it as strictly political, or something else. Regardless, Serenla does not want to marry a weak man, so she will put up quite a fight at times to see if he can 'prove' himself.

Victim of the Forsaken [Wheel of Time] [Psychological/Physical Abuse] [D/s][Punishments]

I don't have a concrete idea for this. I usually don't like playing with established characters or as them, but I imagine I could easily 'replace' one of the male Forsaken with a new one and my partner could equip them with their personality. Anyway, I think Rahvin or Sammael would be similar for what I'm looking for in a character. Cruel, domineering, powerful, handsome, etc. I'd like to play their 'victim' -- it could be a princess, Aes Sedai, whatever. My character would be exceptionally stubborn and strong-willed (perhaps they're imbued with something that makes compulsion more difficult, too). Nonetheless, she's no match for a Forsaken, so they would be able to control her quite well, but their compulsion wouldn't have much of an effect. This would amuse and intrigue them, perhaps she has significant potential in the One Power that's somehow shielding her, whether she's trained or not, so she would be seen as a little project for them.

Since he's Forsaken and his very existence is evil, I don't imagine that there'd be much romance in this, but he would admire her and be intrigued by her personality and beauty. I imagine he'd find her stubbornness and unwillingness to submit as amusing and a fun challenge. It'd also be mostly psychological abuse and manipulation, and not lots of rape and nakedness and sex. Probably some mild roughness and humiliation (but not anything too public) like slapping, spanking, roughhousing, that sort of stuff. I imagine there'd be some d/s here and lots of fun punishments. :P

Note: I have started this roleplay with someone now, but I do not mind doing another variation either, since there's a lot left for my partner to go with, change the direction, etc. So feel free to express interest in it still!

I also have some pairings/random vague ideas,  but I don't really have fleshed out ideas for them, so you should have at least a 'base' for it. Some of them are more generic and can take place in pretty much any setting - low fantasy, high fantasy, WoW, light sci-fi, WoT, mythology, etc. I honestly don't like a modern setting very often unless it's something that I find really interesting.

Aes Sedai/man that can channel (could be a False Dragon)
Aes Sedai/Warder or potential Warder
Me playing a Brown/White/Green Aes Sedai especially (any other works, too)
Basically anything WoT!
Pretty much any Greek myth pairing - something like Cupid and Psyche would be rather intriguing
I am also interested in fairy tales for RP's. Pretty much anything works for me, and they can be altered and such for more fun. Right now something Beauty and the Beast-ish seems like it'd be rather fun!

This is just a short list, if you have an idea that you think I'd like feel free to PM me about it, even if it is not listed in my pairings or whatever.

As for the things I enjoy in a story, I'm pretty flexible. I'm not very interested in heaps of sex, but I am more fond of things like hand jobs and oral sex (for the guy), as long as it isn't something that's roleplayed for like two hours and doesn't happen right away or all the time. I don't play curvy characters, and I am fond of light ageplay, obviously -- the plots above are mostly teenaged-aged characters of mine, but I am perfectly fine of playing characters in their 20's, too. As for the male character, all I really care about is that they aren't total pushovers and are beefy/muscular/tall. :3 New: My f-list or ons & offs should be a pretty good outline:  Ons & Offs, with f-list included within!

For the record, I'm looking for people who are creative and have their own ideas that don't mind 'leading' me through a roleplay. I am not looking for people who are super indecisive or have absolutely no ideas to contribute, because that's just not going to be fun for me. :P

I'm not very interested in roleplaying with people who are rude, inconsiderate or subpar when it comes to the English language. You don't need to write a novel every post, but profuse grammar and spelling errors aren't exactly attractive to me; neither is responding to a paragraph-long post with a one-liner. Occasional errors are perfectly fine. And if you're friendly and want to be a friend then you get bonus points! :P

Feel free to send me a PM if you're interested, outlining which roleplay (or multiple roleplays) you're interested in, a little about yourself, the sort of things you like in roleplay, etc. If all goes well we can flesh out the roleplay a bit more, or whatever. Please don't just PM with one sentence like "I am interested in ____", it isn't exactly impressive. Try to give me something interesting!

Thanks for the read! :)
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Re: F seeking M [Wheel of Time][Mythology][Other Stuff!]
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2010, 10:26:52 PM »
Aes Sedai/man that can channel (could be a False Dragon)

I have read alittle into the series and like it. I could play either Rand or a channeler, pre cleansing the male side or after.

Offline Jester

Re: F seeking M [Wheel of Time][Mythology][Other Stuff!]
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2010, 09:51:35 AM »
sorry. sent a pm.

Offline CecilyTopic starter

Re: F seeking M [Wheel of Time][Mythology][Other Stuff!]
« Reply #3 on: May 15, 2010, 12:29:46 PM »
I added a new plot. :)

Offline SilentSeattle

Re: F seeking M [Wheel of Time][Mythology][Other Stuff!]
« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2010, 11:05:31 PM »
I frikkin' love the wheel of time [:
There are plenty of Forsaken, and I'm afraid that my memory doesn't quite serve.
How about the false dragon, (The one alive when Rand is around, who constructs the school for male who can channel.) abducts an Aes Sedai spy, and slowly mind breaks her.
If no, reply, or message me with plot changes x3

Offline CecilyTopic starter

Re: F seeking M [Wheel of Time][Mythology][Other Stuff!]
« Reply #5 on: May 20, 2010, 06:19:07 PM »
I added another pairing and am still looking for all of my other ideas. :)

Offline CecilyTopic starter

Re: F seeking M [Wheel of Time][Mythology][Other Stuff!]
« Reply #6 on: May 22, 2010, 03:49:09 PM »
Still seeking. I am particularly craving the first RP, but anything works.

Offline Lord of Shadows

Re: F seeking M [Wheel of Time][Mythology][Other Stuff!]
« Reply #7 on: May 22, 2010, 04:14:31 PM »

Offline CecilyTopic starter

Re: F seeking M [Wheel of Time][Mythology][Other Stuff!]
« Reply #8 on: May 23, 2010, 04:08:20 PM »
Added a new 'pairing' (well, a vague one!) - I'd love to do some fairy tale inspired RP's. :)

Offline CecilyTopic starter

Re: F seeking M [Wheel of Time][Mythology][Other Stuff!]
« Reply #9 on: May 24, 2010, 01:37:32 PM »
Yay, lots of edits! I have finally updated my ons & offs sufficiently, as well, so feel free to check that out as well.

I also have an organized signature and am proud at myself for that. >_> <_<

Offline CecilyTopic starter

Giant edit; I have added three more RP's and a couple more edits. Hopefully will get some interest. :D

Offline DrakeCaven

Tables and Negotiations both 'ppear interestin' to me. The brother sister thin' is a a bit of an off but that kinda settin' is one I've been interested in for a while. And for tribal, well, Aiel are awesome, need I say more?

Offline CecilyTopic starter

Tables and Negotiations both 'ppear interestin' to me. The brother sister thin' is a a bit of an off but that kinda settin' is one I've been interested in for a while. And for tribal, well, Aiel are awesome, need I say more?

Feel free to PM me your ideas for them. :)

Offline Le RandomBloke

I'm interested in "Peloponnesian Revelations" and perhaps slightly more drawn to "Tables are Turned in a New Universe"; though might have a few annoying questions ready to launch themselves out of my mouth. Feel free to PM me if you feel like you want to discuss either story with me.

(P.S. The New Arachne? also interested me quite a deal but at the same time confused exactly the same amount and would probably require a lot of patience on your end of my barrage of questions. You've been warned. :P)

Offline ArtemisHighmore

Good evening to you. I hope you are still seeking role play as I found your first prompt to be very fascinating and intriguing. The concept is very interesting and I have started to gather together a few ideas on it if you would be interested in here them. Just answer back here or drop me a PM. Look forward to hearing from you.

Offline CecilyTopic starter

Well, most of my roleplays as of late are dead, and I'd love to start writing again. I updated this with a few new ideas. :)