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Author Topic: The Rain of a Brainstorm [Various]  (Read 449 times)

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The Rain of a Brainstorm [Various]
« on: May 04, 2010, 01:22:04 AM »
I've had a lot of ideas lately, and rather than spam the One on Ones with all of them, I'm going for more of a consolidation effort, and keep this updated with current ideas and such.  Oh, and free warning, I'm really used to playing female characters, so most of the ideas below assume I will be doing so:

Nun so Holy: This request is a little strange, because most of the ones that follow will tend to involve me playing most of the characters or "GMing" as some people call it, while the other person plays more of a protagonist central character, but I would actually like to give the shot at being the 'player' for this one.  The basic idea is that a new nun in a monastery has started feeling strong, sexual urges, and though she tries to resist them she eventually starts to lose control, sneaking out at night to seduce the guards, and in time the monks that live in the other half of the monastery.  I don't have a completely developed idea for why this is happening (Maybe she's possessed, or being turned into a succubus or something, as I wasn't going to run it myself I was going to leave those details in the other person's hands, or at least open to discussion) and so this idea is pretty open, something I'd be glad to chat about and develop a bit before trying to go through (contacting me on YIM is generally optimal)


Crazy like a Fox: This story is set in medieval Japan, I'm looking for someone to play a brave, loyal samurai who is instructed by his lord to free the lord's youngest daughter from possession by a kitsune, and as the samurai has always been so staunch and loyal, if he preforms well in this task he may even be allowed to marry into the Lord's family as a reward for his earnestness and long service.  Of course, he runs into a bit of trouble when he discovers that the young, innocent woman he's supposed to be helping free has become a much more voluptuous, sensuous beauty under the control of the fox, eager to...  Convince him to leave her as she is.


A Genie's Service: Sort of a light, half-developed idea, looking for someone to play a young man who's come into possession of a lamp of the usual variety, though the rules are little unusual.  While not quite capable of granting wishes, the genie within can be forced to preform one service a day, and is otherwise generally free willed the rest of the time, though the owner of the lamp can decide whether she gets let out or not.  I figure it should have an interesting interaction dynamic, as while she has a great deal of power, she's not going to be incredibly eager to just do whatever he asks, but at the same time he controls her freedom, etc.


The God's Wife: Our protagonist is a simple enough fellow, a college student, perhaps, a medieval soldier, whatever strikes your fancy, but he has a problem.  The problem is that an incredibly attractive woman has taken a deep interest in him.  This normally wouldn't be too much of a difficulty, it might even be fun, but the problem is, well, she's a goddess.  And married to another deity.  Who might not be too happy about his wife having an affair.  But, well, she's a goddess, radiant, attractive, sensual...  Can he bear to say no?  Can he survive saying yes?


Dating the Enemy: A hero sets out to stop a nefarious plot, one of his old nemeses is supposedly going to be resurrected, and he can't allow that!  Unfortunately when he arrives at the location he finds that a relatively powerful demon is overseeing the ceremony.  This wouldn't be quite so bad, if it weren't for the fact that she's one of his friend's mothers, and fighting to the death seems pretty awkward at that point.  It all takes a turn for the worse when it turns out she has something of a fetish for adventurers, and agrees to not go through with the ritual...  If he'll date her.

Maybe he should have just waited and fought his nemesis instead...

  > The following idea is CURRENTLY TAKEN, while I will still take further interest in it, I will have to be quite excited by the proposed scenario to participate.<

Drowned in Desire: This one is a little different from the rest, as, well, the 'protagonist' is female and I don't expect to play her.  The basic idea is that a young woman has been taken captive, and her captors are interested in breaking her will, not by violence or torture, but through pleasure, through careful sexual manipulation and denial, including her in sexual acts, working to make sure she feels pleasure, but denying her her release, making her climax dependent on her willingness to do as they ask.  Light bondage and extensive Non-Consensual themes, the details of the group and why the young woman is important can be determined when someone finds an interest in it ^_^


More ideas filled in as they come!
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Re: The Rain of a Brainstorm [Various]
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2010, 10:36:19 PM »
As many as 3(!) new ideas added!