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April 12, 2021, 03:16:56 pm

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Author Topic: Gundam Hope (F needed)  (Read 484 times)

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Offline godfangTopic starter

Gundam Hope (F needed)
« on: May 03, 2010, 09:22:24 pm »
Set in the 00 Universe, a country in the mediteranean is coming to power very rapidly. New Olympus is built around a new experimental Solar energy generator called 'The Prometheus System'. The country itself would be quite a major power if it wasnt for political turmoil in the region. New Olympus is surrounded by many city states, each city state, or Polis owns their own military force and would often declare war on each other, or even New Olympus itself.  Worst of all, terrorism is quite rampant in the region, militant forces with access to mass produced Mobile armors is not an unusual sight in New Olympus.

To counter these threats, the country founded its own peacekeeping force. They are outnumbered, but not outgunned. Autonomous and self sufficient to a point, the Heros peacekeeping force managed to keep the threats at bay, but when a sudden series of terrorist attack threatens to escalate into a full blown open war, the Heros found themselves reeling. The appearances of gigantic mobile armors also begs the question 'Who is supplying the terrorists, and why?'.

This is the story of the Battleship Pandora, and its brave men and women. They faced many dangers in battle, but perhaps the biggest danger of them all is from within. To counter the giant mobile armors, the fleet is granted access to new Mobile Suits called 'Gundams'

-Character List-

Kaios Aresta a.k.a Kai
The pilot of the aerial combat MS 'Gundam Perseus', Kaios. A talented Pilot, Kaios joined the Heros squadron after combat jet became near obsolete. He was a grade school teacher before being drafted, though its hard to believe that such a free-spirited youth can manage a job as a teacher. It is in fact his free-spirit that allowed children to connect with him, and to this day, even in a time of war and strife, Kaios remains the same old positive man, always eager to keep morale in the fleet high, even if it means he has to make a fool of himself to do so. No one in the fleet is safe from the pranks of Kai!

Eidesion Yurakles a.k.a Yura
The operator of the ground combat MS 'Gundam Herakles'. Yura is a giant of a man, loud and boisterous. While Kaios is the eager youth, he is the grizzled veteran with the scars to prove it. Yura has been a soldier since the day Mobile Suits was new. Back then he was a commando in the 67th Anti MS infantry squad. Now he brings his experience and guidance to his team, as well as a healthy dose of drunken revelry and carnage.

While not a Gundam pilot, Orpheus is a key component of the Battleship Pandora. It is he who directs the battle, comes up with strategies and deal with paperworks. A young man who comes from a political family, Orpheus is well educated and posseses a level of sophistication that is uncommon among soldiers. Some of his friends jokingly call him 'princess' due to his soft features, but once he opens his mouth, the heavy dignified voice that came out is that of a king instead of a boy. Due to this, people always expected a big burly man when they speak to him over the phone or radio.

What Im looking for
Someone who is familiar with Gundam or at least mecha animes in general, and is comfortable with action, comedy and hardcore sexual action in their games. I would prefer someone who can make multiple characters, hence making it easier to weave a big story with. Please contact me if you're interested.  As you can see, i am using quite alot of Greek Mythology related themes, this is because i grew up reading about them, and though it is not a requirement that my partner understands and likes Greek mythology, it would certainly help make the story more enjoyable.

I am quite open to what kind of character my partner will play (though it must include female characters), you can be a civilian tagging along, a ship crew who supports the cast, or, ideally, a female gundam pilot using a gundam based on a greek mythology feminine figure (Atlanta or Hypolta for example)

Note: The characters listed above are the initial 'main characters', along the way i'll be sure to throw in many other extra characters and also villains.
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