The Slave Queen (NC-H)

Started by Served Cold, May 03, 2010, 01:40:39 PM

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Served Cold

Partially inspired by the painting below, partially inspired by a story of Zamdrist.

Primary Characters
Served Cold - The Queen
Elliquiy Player - The Master/Mistress

The Inspiring Painting
Premise:  The Queen of Scytha has grown complacent and listless.  A generation ago, her sorcery propelled her to the throne, and in the intervening years has crushed any hint of the spirit of defiance from the populace and nobility.  She is, if not well loved, too greatly feared to depose.  One day, she sees a painting in a gift of tribute that catches her eye.  A young woman, who looks somewhat like herself, standing naked in a slave market to the inspection of potential buyers.  For reasos that she cannot understand, the image haunts her in waking and in sleep, and she imagines herself in the place of that girl, helpless and without her power.

After weeks of self-torment, the Queen decides to find a way to indulge this fantasy.  She decides to craft a way to strip herself of her power and assume the role of the helpless slave girl.  For a time, at least.

I can see this story moving in several different directions.  The first and simplest is that the Queen places her power into an artifact so that she cannot escape before a certain amount of time has passed, disguises herself so as not to be recognized, and places herself in the slave market the night before the next slave auction, willing to be sold like a common slave and allow whatever happens to her to happen for a short period of time, say a week.  Many interesting twists are possible, such as the one who ends up buying the Queen being a regular noble in her court, and she finds herself wanting to return to his/her ownership.  Another is that a rival discovers what she has done in the middle of her serviture and tries to turn things to his or her advantage.

I have purposefully left the details of the other main character vague and undefined so as to maximize possibilities.  Have a look at my ons and offs for an idea of the elements I'd enjoy, but I'm very flexible with regards to the gender of the other player and character.

Thanks for the time and attention.


I am interested in playing the other party. As for who I would play... hmmm, how about one of the Royal Guard? Male, mildly lower class, has managed to save and scrimp to buy a slave, and buys the Queen especially because she looks like the Queen.

Served Cold

I'd be more than happy to chat the details with you.  Drop me a private message.