List of Unfinished Ideas [Females wanted]

Started by Dray, May 01, 2010, 04:45:04 PM

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Alright so these are just some basic, and unfinished ideas of mine that I have thought of or have done in the past.  I have been gone and busy for a while and now that I am rejoining and becoming a bit more active I am looking to pick up a few more role plays.

Also I asked that you look at my ons and offs.  You will notice that I am open to a great deal of things so I am always open for discussion on what you are looking for that would be sexual here and there within our story and what you like and do not like.  I will of course be sure to pay attention to your Ons and respect your Offs.  I ask that you be able to give me at least 2 paragraphs each post in our role play for I will never give you less and will always try to give more in order to build depth and description.  I love character development and story...but sex on the side is always great as well and can really help the story progress and develop the characters and their relationship.

Also if you are not sure about anything...then ask!


Employee X Customer:  So the basic idea of an employee and customer having a bit of romance.  Maybe placing a tattoo or piercing on a rather provocative part of the body leads to something more...or a full body massage turns into something more sensual and sexual...or maybe an artist drawing/painting you as you pose nude.  Could even be at your local supermarket...or out of the stores with a pot dealer...I think you get the idea.

Boss X Employee: So just a private, behind the scenes relationship at work.  This could also be a number of things.  Hospital with a doctor and nurse sort of thing...or a simple supermarket, or some other business involving cubicles, offices and whatever else.

School:  This would have to do with either teacher x student, or even just a high school/college couple.  A bit of romance in school and out of it, some late night 'tutoring'...maybe even some teenage drama thrown into it, such as pregnancy....or just the two of them messing around in the classroom/dorms after hours and so on and so forth.

Affairs:  This would be more along the lines of adultery...incest, step, age play, odd pairings and all that good stuff.  Father/Daughter, Brother/Sister, Step/Step, Mother/Son, Best Friend's Mom/Dad, Best Friend's Wife/Sister, Wife's Sister...and whatever else you can think of really.  Just something like that, in which case two people who are unlikely to come together for whatever reasons find themselves sneaking around in a relationship only to later perhaps get together for good...or perhaps the truth must be set free with a pregnancy?  They could wise up after a while can call it off?  Possibilities I said, I am looking for your ideas as well!

One Night Stand Twist:  Something that starts as a one-nigher and yet turns into something more.  Perhaps running into someone over vacation , only to come back home and find they go to your school, start working with you, are engaged/married to someone you know...something to that effect.  Kind of ties into the one above.

Amateurs:  The idea of a couple/friends or whatever starting their very own little porn site on the side to make some extra, video, everything.  Pairings could differ and so could the plot, could tie into some above.

Blackmail/Bondage Love:  He is a bit crazy and possessive of her, not wanting to let her go.  He pleasures her and himself, starts to break and train her so she never leaves his side, slowly warping her into his pet.  Using photos and videos of what he has been doing to her in order to keep her quiet as well.  Pairings and scenario is up for discussion.

She's Crazy:  So this would be somewhat the opposite of the one above.  The girl following around the guy, annoying her...they could be complete oppo]sites almost, he wants nothing to do with her...but she starts throwing herself at him and the more time he spends with her the more he gets to know the real her...falling for her in return.  Jut the basics as usually, pairings and the plot is completely open for debate.


So all I really have here are pairings and races I am willing to work with.  As for plots and what not, well you can refer to something else I have posted above to incorporate or offer an idea of your own.

Elf/Dark Elf/Night Elf/etc
-and more...


So I love anime, the ideas, concepts, and everything about them.  Though I am more of a person who prefers original characters, storylines, plots and so on and so forth.  So basically each one of these will be a spin-off, a spoof, a parody, etc.  Somethings may be similar while others will change, basically our characters put into the Universe of the anime.

Please PM me if you are interested in any of these, also feel free to drop your own ideas by me.


Same concept of how Rukia met Ichigo almost.  You have this teenage boy with a highly concentrated amount of spiritual pressure.  Hollows are constantly hunting him down because well, he would make quite the tasty treat.  So that's how it all starts, the two of them...a run in with a hollow, she tries to save him, he ends up having to step in.  The whole Ichigo and Rukia scenario on how she lends him her powers...though she would not completely and totally lose all of hers like what happened in Bleach.  He would simply feed off her reiatsu to unlock and release the immense amount of spiritual pressure with in himself and so on and so forth.  It is definitely up for discussion, suggestions and ideas...and where it goes and leads.  It would travel a similar path of Bleach with the whole execution thing, traveling from Soul Society to the human world and to Hueco mundo...having that antagonist and perhaps even planning on him becoming an Vizard at one time....fighting the Arrancar and Espada.  They could travel together, fight, train and spar, she could sort of be his mentor and help him to train and control his powers and unlock his shikai...whatever...possibilities are endless.


Now this one could go many different ways and I am not sure how to go about it.  I really want to hear someone elses opinions on this as well and see what they are looking for.  I could play the troubled host of one of the bijuu(tailed demons) in which case there could be a bit of romance between him and a squad member, she could be a healer if you wanted to go with the whole Sakura scenario.  Going on missions here and there...I don't know, its up for discussion like I said and I need some help for creativity.  It could even be between a sensei and student, I don't care which gender is which.  Even the girl could be a host...the point is I kind of want to insert that drama with the bijuu and what not.


I am going for like a Demon/Priestess sort of deal here.  Maybe even half demon, though more like Sesshomaru with the whole transforming back and forth between human form and demon form.  The priestess would be more along the lines of Kikyo/Kagome...the priestess who was actually able to calm and 'tame' my demon with her beauty and befriend him.  So basically they would be working together toward a larger threat such like Naraku or something...or the Band of 7, you get the idea.  It's open for discussion of what all you may want or are looking for such as the abilities and appearances of my demon because I know some people like to keep things as humanly as possible while others love to go as far as tentacles.

Dragonball Z

This one here could go many different ways as well.  Taking it years later, my character could be a descendant of the Saiyans, a branch off of Goku/Vegeta's tree.  Your character could be a student studying martial arts..them going to school together, she tries to fight crime and what not and maybe he saves here.  Perhaps there is an invasion/threat on earth and they work together along with some others.  Or, they could both be Saiyans or another alien race on their home planet in a rebellion to try and overthrow some overlord, like Frieza...Or even starting out your character and mine fighting and it ends with the whole 'enemy coming over to the good side sort of thing'.  Perhaps my character defeats her, but cannot bring himself about to kill her so instead he nurtures her back to health.  She could be another race, working for some tyrant and sent to kill him...the whole clearing the planet to sell it thing and she is just a mere slave with her planet destroyed so they work together to form a rebellion...and well, my ideas on this are all over the place so I want to know what my partner for this may want or prefer.  Ideas welcome.

Code Geass

So I want to keep it on the path of the whole Lelouch and the rebellion idea.  My character starting up the rebellion, being a symbol, wearing a mask to hide his identity.  The romance would be between him and his top soldier/knightmare pilot...sort of like Kallen.  They would be close and she would be one of the few to actually know his identity and everything.  She could even be the 'immortal' who gave him his geass.  How and where this starts is open for discussion as well...but other than that its pretty straight forward, a secret romance behind the masks and war.  Geass does not even have to be a part of it, just the story with the war and the knightmares could be enough.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

So the same idea, my character is the avatar in charge of ending the war.  Though he would not have to be an airbender, we could change that up a bit.  So basically he would travel with your character, she could either just be a friend who trains, spars and fights with him and learns as well...or she could even be one of his masters that teaches him an element and as they get closer and stick together then it goes beyond that relationship and becomes more in depth.  Let me know your thoughts on it and ideas.

Full Metal Alchemist

I'm not sure what to do with this...but I think it would be interesting.  Having something to do with automail would be cool as well, perhaps a relationship between  two alchemists, she could perhaps be the one who found him, healed him and provided the automail for him.  I am not all that sure, and all I have really seen is the anime rather than read the manga here.  Antagonist could be another alchemist or go with the whole 7 deadly sin idea.


Well this would be toward the 'plant', such as Vash and just a human he saved perhaps and is now tagging along.  She could be a detective, or reporter, or whatever.  Does not really's been so long since I have done anything with Trigun, but I like the whole idea of this alien gunslinger.


If you're not already bombarded with requests for a Naruto roleplay, I've got an idea in mind that would certainly be full of drama and such. So by all means, if you're interested, PM me and I'll lay it on ya.
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one night stand with a twist sounds fun. :)
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I like you School Idea.  Teacher x student, or a high school x college couple both sound good to me.  By any chance would you like to roleplay that with me?



So the one night with a twist has been taken?
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Yea...I had a lot of takers for that one, sorry.  If you are interested in something else then let me know.


 :-) A father / daughter Rp sounds fun, or the Amateur porn site.


If you haven't been asked about this particular one a bunch then I would like to do the brother/sister roleplay.