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Author Topic: My Little Ghost  (Read 473 times)

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Offline King_FurbyTopic starter

My Little Ghost
« on: July 30, 2006, 12:13:31 AM »
Please hang in there i know its quite a bit a text..but thanks for reading it in advanced.
I do have an idea below that i am looking to play; however i first must make a little list of what I want. That will be followed by a short paragraph and then more detailed info about the game.
1. I want someone who is female and will be playing a female character (excludes NPC's of course).
2. I want someone who will be committed to the RP..i am not looking for a one shot here. I do long-term i would like my RP partner whomever it will be to be in it for the long haul.
3. If you are going to be away for several days i want personal word from you. A PM will do just fine for that. I know somethings happen when you just cant let people know..which is ok. But i do expect an explanation as to why you were missing for whatever length of time it was. I would do my best to inform i just want the same amount of effort in return.
4. Please show me respect by not posting in this thread unless you are interested in RPing the concept. Since i am only looking for a female player..guys you need not post in here. Have respect for my tastes as rping with a guy playing a female character is awkward to me and i don't like that.
Below is just a little teaser i wrote just to kind of get my ideas flowing for the concept i want to play. But what the hell i'll put it here anyway. There will be more info after the short paragraph.

He stayed in the shadows as he back rested against his van. The man could afford much better then this but for tonight he only needed it for one thing. He was to pick up special that he had been missing for close to three weeks now. It was now that he watched the stillnes of the harbor that he heard food steps coming toward him. A figure on unknown gender spoke but the voice was distorted by a kind of static; evidence of a use of a voice changer. The voice was quiet as it said "Sir I have returned to love." The pause lasted at least for two minutes as a cloak was droped onto the wet pavement. Here stood a pale white figure almost to the point of looking sickly. The women was young, being somewhere between 18 and 25. The flesh gave off a ghostly shine as the harbor lights reflected off the smooth sweaty flesh. It was summer and that cloak was very out of season by this time of year. She was a small women, but she had curves he knew all too personally even if she was on the petite side. She neared him, standing within arms reach as her two pale hands clasped themselves behind her back waiting for instruction. The man still hid himself but leaned off of the van to stand upright before her. A hand reached out from the darkness; the color a healthy light tan. That hand went to the females cheek just touching against the soft pale flesh once before moving down to cup her chin forcing her eyes to meet his. A manly voice spoke out as a smile apeared on his face but all that could be seen was his pearly whites. "You did good my little ghost, there will be reward in this for you tonight. You made me proud, now what is it you wish to receive as a reward." The girl then spoke this time without a voice changer "I have been alone for three weeks sir, all i wish is to make love to you once more."

One organization the Homicide International Trust (HIT) is all about the art of assassination and intelligence gathering. The agents get orders from the board of trustees and carry out missions with little to no mistake. One agent who is no longer able to carry out these often difficult and straining missions, Bolton Pascal, has devised a way to get his name back into the game by training someone to take his place and carry on his familes long history with HIT. He found a young girl several years ago in the less then legal flesh trade. She is now a young women and has been in training to finally make her father proud (the role of my male char can be changed if you would like...for example it could be changed to uncle). This girl carries on a somewhat normal life, but is kept under strict lock and key as her training progresses. She goes to college, has a job, but never really fits into socciety because she is so pale. But she does fit in as a HIT member in training..proudly being called ghost by Bolton who has given her most of her training getting ready for the "Final Test" before she is given full acess to HIT resources.
That is the base of the game...if you are interested post here and i will PM you as soon as possible. I always like to talk ideas with those who i am going to play with before play actually starts. So I look forward to any replies to this post..and thank you so much for reading all of this.
As always i have a pic to go with my char and a pic or two to go with the kind of female character i want someone to play. The character should be weak female char is accepted. Though she may be more on the sub side when dealing with the one who is training her.

My character will be dom but will not be a cruel brute. More details can be given on him also at request. But i would rather talk more about it to someone who actually wants to play this idea.

Offline NikitaFirestar

Re: My Little Ghost
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2006, 08:12:21 AM »
*peeks in* This looks like it could be fun... PM Me!