Wonder Twin WonderCest and other strange stories.

Started by Love And Submission, April 20, 2010, 02:41:30 AM

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Love And Submission

Why did it  have to be human like snake people:  Dave just turned thirty and his life hasn't been going the way  he wanted it , so he decided to get an exotic  snake to cheer him up.  The problem with that  is that  his new pet is a little bit more exotic then  he had in mind , you see his new pet  is  a nagini  ( A half-snake  Half human creature  in Hindu and Buddhist mythology.) Even worse for  poor Dave  is the fact that his  new pet   didn't come here with being a pet mind , she wants a mate and poor David  is looking like the only one available.

Even a hero needs a helping hand:  A homicide decetive  in Seattle has a problem , it appears as though    a new mutant has  popped up and gone vigilante. While the decteive knows that  mutanst   posses a major security risk and  public image nightmare for the city he's reluctant to turn  her in   believing instead that he can change her into a law abiding citizen.

And Now You're Mine:   A young psychic takes a trip to new York city to celebrate  twenty-first birthday. It just so happens that an infamous buisness mogul is murder in the hotel room next to her. Unfortunately for  her  the business mogul doesn't like being dead and is now possessing her. Will she be able to  solve his murder  before she has to return home and will solving his murder even get rid of his spirt from her mind?

Where are they now?: The Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna ten years after they broke up. The break up happended in  ninety-nine-nine after zan finally admitted that he was attracted to jayna in  a depper way then  brotherly love. However  a riot at arkharkm has led to the justice leaguge calling them for help. Can  jayna get over her brother's abnormal feelings and restore order in gotham city or are the wonder twins  really done for good?

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