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Author Topic: Adventure: A Knight Needed!  (Read 889 times)

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Adventure: A Knight Needed!
« on: July 25, 2006, 06:16:07 PM »
Originally Mia's idea (I'm just GMing- she's the priestess, of course)

Either a lady or a gent could play the valiant companion. And, no, the knight need not be an actual paladin- but she does need a more melee-oriented guardian.

Description : An amazingly beautiful female priestess is assigned a perverted, but cute , brave, and bold traveling knight as a companion on a trip to purge demons from the 5 altars around the world..The only problem? Monsters and the like are attracted to her like flies to honey - someone with such pure, bright magical energy tastes wonderful..which is why they have strong intent to sexually assault her..whether it be for sheer pleasure to drain off magical energies..or to seed her..The hero's job? Protecting his/her priestess..without getting too sidetracked.
Setting : Medieval
System : D&D & GUCK
Players : I'd like someone to play the hero. ^^; Or, if a GM would like to pllay the hero and GM at the same time, that's fine too.

~*~*~The Journal of Sofia Clement*~*~

The Journal of Sophia Clemment:

*~*~First day at the Abbey~*~*~*

My name is Sophia! I..grew up as a bit of a bar maid. You know, like, a server girl. ..It wasn't fun, Diary. Men asking me to do horrible things constantly..being roughhoused every day of my life. But when I was 18, I was taken into the Abbey. Here I am, today. The robes , naturally are a bit risque - I guess it goes with the times, eh? Celibacy vows and all. The worst part's all girls! I'm not gonna have any contact with any guys for..years! The robes they give us seem to cut off right at mid-thigh..exposing quite a bit of my thighs., guess it's something i'll have to get used to. Sister Marina is to be my teacher..

*~*~*~Day 3*~*~*~*

Everyone seems to be training so dilligently! Save me, of course! Praying is such a chore..but sister Marina told me that I had immense potential..a strange light within me. She said she saw it in her dreams..that I was a "catalyst" to something. I'm a simple girl, really..simple pleasures, simple life. Maybe she made a mistake?

Life at the abbey is uncomfortable. These robes are wearing on me now, they're so warm yet so showy at the same time. What a weird god that would mandate something such as this. I guess i'll understand in time.

Everyone loves my food and says I should cook more often. Apparently being a bar maid does have its benefits, as most of the girls said they lived on terrible, terrible rations. Sister Verionkah is looking at me odd lately. She's a redhead, and seems to be directly in tune with this "light" She seems so I really want to be like her? Do I really want to live here? They did take me out of my debt to that owner..but..

*~*~*Day 6*~*~*

Sister Marina has been teaching me how to weild a standard church issued mace. She says it's for last-ditch defensive measures if things go wrong, but I think i'm pretty good with it. Sister Lori has now been eyeing me, too. They almost look at me like..some kind of meal, or something. Am I ..tasty, diary? wouldn't know that, right.....ugh. I think i'm caught off task again..

*~*~*Day 14*~*~*

I'm starting to get used to life in the Abbey. The light is that one of the goddesses herself..and the power to heal and protect is a marvelous gift granted to us by the gods. What would civilization do without these kind of things? The cooks in the Abbey have started using some of my recipies for their own and things are shaping up. But Diary, i'm actually really nervous. I'm part of my first ritual tomorrrow...I think i'm going to get some sleep. It's almost kind of boring wearing the same white undergarments all the time..

*~*~*Day 15*~*~*

Today was one forgot, I can't swear any more.. of a day..They brought in the materials for the ritual, but I touched some red crystal, and it flared up with light and felt like it was shooting through every vain in my body. I felt..kinda hot. You know, like, when you've been engaged in mutual petting for hours on end. I was reprimanded by sister veronikah - she said I needed more control before I could touch something like that. I promised to myself I'd learn more with Sister Marina..

*~*~Day 23*~*~*

Dear Diary, it seems all things aren't what they seem. Though some have sworn off a celibacy vow, I walked in on a little blonde and a raven-haired woman today. It reminded me..that..I felt lonely. Sister Marina was always there for me..but..not in that kind of way. I want to...abandon myself. Just a little bit wouldn't hurt, right? It could only be for a few, no, i'll hold my dignity for a while longer. I can make it.

*~*~*1 month - Day 1 *~*~*

Dear Diary, i'm learning how to avidly serve the light and share its powers with everyone. I was able to help a little boy that fell down on the alleyway path today - I've felt better than i've felt in a long time. Some of the exercises they have me doing are really making me wonder about things...My kind of getting really toned. I guess..i've always wanted to have a nice butt but everything's coming so easy. I guess that's because every area of my life is controlled, huh?

*~*~*~3 months - Day 2*~*~*~*

It's my birthday today. Sister Marina made me a lovely little pastry with several grapes and boysenberries. It was..fantastic. I also learned something else. At the crack of dawn, I felt white surges flow out of my body and the sisters next door said that they saw a bright white light and asked if I was okay. I really was fine...but I wonder what's going on?

*~*~*4 months, day 18*~*~*

Veronkiah was holding the ritual today, and those red crystals were there again. As she conducted the "sacrifice", everyone seemed to lose a bit of themselves - looking as if they'd been petting each other for a bit too long, you know that ..deep blush in their cheeks, the flushed skin. For some reason it didn't bother me though..

*~*~*4 months, day 19*~*~*

Today..was..the first time i'd cummed in years. I never thought..sister Marina would do something like that. She came onto me and started petting me..I felt..surges run through my body. I passed out after it happened for a few hours..and she was gone. I could hear moans throughout the Abbey though..I think i'm staying in today.

*~*~*4 months, day 20*~*~*~*

Diary..I think this is it. I tried to go and go about morning prayer today, but..everyone is ..nearly zombified. Everywhere I go, sisters are..jumping on me, surrounding me, petting and stroking's as if juices. I came so many times today I couldn't count..I'm holing myself up in my room. It's as if the entire abbey caught some sort of..mindless lesbianism virus.

*~*~*4 months, day 21*~*~*

Diary, this is my last entry before I run out of here. Veronikah showed up earlier - she didn't look normal. She looks like some..posessed erotic magician. She seems to enjoy the rampant sex and rape going on in the Abbey. Everything's nuts...and the sky's turning black. I'm getting out of here..! Things aren't ending now!

*~*~*4 months, day 23*~*~*

I've been running all day, sister Marina caught up with me though. She told me that I have a power to stop this..whatever she was talking about, and put her seal on a piece of paper and handed it to me before she seemed to fade back into zombification. She told me to take it to the king.

*~*~*4 months, day 25*~*~*

I have an audience today. Apparently, while staying overnight, the same thing was happening here. Everyone was sex-crazy..I even brought my mace to a giant rose-flower which tried unspeakable things to me! This is getting bad...

*~*~*4 months, day 26*~*~*

I got the king's message. Veronikah was never a sister of the abbey, but an extremely powerful and perverted magician. During a ritual, things went awry, and she cursed the entire world - shackling the curse into 5 orbs at the depths of ruins located at seperate ends of the world. Everything's gone crazy..animals, inatimate objects..everything is horny! And..they seeem to target me for some reason..

..But today things were going to change. Marina appeared to me in a vision and told me I had the power to change things...

..And I was assigned a knight today. To guard me. I was to be the one to break Veronikah's orbs and end the curse on the land. Why me, god?

Also have images for my character and other main characters.

Online Zaer Darkwail

Re: Adventure: A Knight Needed!
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2006, 07:39:58 PM »
Hmm, I would be intrested to play :). I had idea for male half-elf knight, the new core class from PHB2. Link is here;

Offline indarkestknightTopic starter

Re: Adventure: A Knight Needed!
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2006, 11:30:10 PM »
I have the book on my comp.


From either of you: what would be the preferred level?

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Re: Adventure: A Knight Needed!
« Reply #3 on: July 26, 2006, 05:22:40 AM »
Well, I had idea that my knight was squire before he becomed a knight (a street brat picked from street :P). So I toughted to have 2-4lvl as thug (fighter variant from Unearthed Arcana) and then 1-2lvl as knight. But if thug is not alright I can be mere fighter squire then. So in a way my knigth is 'freshman' knight so is new to the duties as knight but is experienced fighter and whit thug variant even bit roguish sort.

Offline indarkestknightTopic starter

Re: Adventure: A Knight Needed!
« Reply #4 on: July 26, 2006, 05:20:47 PM »
That sounds like it would work. So... about 6th level, then?

Online Zaer Darkwail

Re: Adventure: A Knight Needed!
« Reply #5 on: July 27, 2006, 06:32:03 AM »
Yeh, I would not mind to be 6lvl :). How stats would be made?

Offline indarkestknightTopic starter

Re: Adventure: A Knight Needed!
« Reply #6 on: July 27, 2006, 05:04:28 PM »
Average hit points (5.5 for a d10, for instance), ability scores are 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 before racial mods, distribute as you please. Starting gold is typical for 6th level.

Online Zaer Darkwail

Re: Adventure: A Knight Needed!
« Reply #7 on: July 27, 2006, 06:23:42 PM »
Ok, and where is the game thread where I can drop my charsheet in :).

Offline indarkestknightTopic starter

Re: Adventure: A Knight Needed!
« Reply #8 on: July 27, 2006, 11:08:17 PM »

Already...? Uhm... PM it to me. As a three person game, it'll just be a thread. Mia isn't done yet, I'm afraid.