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May 27, 2018, 02:59:02 PM

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Author Topic: Trust Me When I Say Don't Trust Me ((intro and hopefully a role play))  (Read 713 times)

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Offline BabyGirl1990Topic starter

In the world of witches, vampires, fairies, werewolves, demons, and more you learn what sides to pick. You teach yourself who to trust and with how much information.  Now with relationships it's pretty much how you would think it would be now. But what if you run into that person that seems too perfect? What if your job (whatever it maybe)  may be at risk because of this "perfect person"? What if it's your life you think you might loose?

Now the type of people this role play will need is someone who trusts too much, someone who you really shouldn't trust (aka the bad guy(s) more then one would be nice. you can even be a player maybe even tempted two people at once) We need the people who don't like trust and the people who are the people you should trust.

Fantasy Lover:


One rule I would like to use is the no one liners if you can avoid it please.



Name:  Amelia (Amy for short)
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Race: Witch
Fantasy Lover: A master, a bdsm person
Bio: Amelia grew up with parents that beat her and abused her in more then 3 ways. She learned that people were unreliable and unrealistic. She sees love as a way to dig yourself into trouble.  She's normally a very quiet person and doesn't open up to anyone. She lives alone now in a small house in the town that she just moved into. Her powers are more moving things and using elements to defend herself. She does spells as well as she is wiccan and magical. Amelia is also very much into art. She likes to draw, paint, mess with clay, etc. She also spends time with a punching bag to help with her anger issues. She is a girl with a lot of baggage.

((but she wheres clothes like this:

Offline Chevalier des Poissons

Name: Derek van der Kahn

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Race: Werewolf

Bio: Derek grew up like any troublesome bully would grow: beating the school kids, skipping the classes and being nasty like all bullies where. Until the day one of his bully friends was beaten to death by an angry kid, who happened to be rich, and hired some friends to help him. From that day on, Derek settled down and started to focus on his inner strenght, so he would never be an idiot like his friend was. One year later, by the age of 16, Derek found the full moon more alluring than ever, and woke up on the other day, ragged and with blood around his body, blood that wasn't supposed to be his.

After days of such nightmare, he finally found out the truth about himself: Derek is a werewolf. By using all his new-found intelligence, he also found out a great secret about his kind, secret that he doesn't even repeat it to himself, so he will avoid people finding it out by accident.

Nine years later, Derek had a fortunate destiny: He got himself a carrier, working for a mysterious man who proved to be his older brother. Derek learned to be so manipulative that his older brother thinks he is a sociopath, what makes him very proud of his sibling.

Derek can't be trusted. However, he is not fond of lies either, so, while his face shows nothing but a gentle expression, no one can read his true intentions, what makes him probably the most dangerous among his kind. Some say he would seel anyone according to the occasion, some say he would give his life for his friends. No one knows the truth.

Fantasy Lover: A slave, someone to call his own

Looks: Derek is tall. Very tall. Standing at 6'8'', he keeps his long black straight hair down to the middle of his back, always in a big ponytail. Wearing white pants, shirts and a blue vest that matches his blue eyes, Derek seems to almost irradiate wealth, thanks to the help of his big brother.

Even with such clothes, it is very easy to notice that he has a strong aspect. Of course, the wild time gave him his share of body mass, and he is proud of it. It is not that easy to spot with his wearings, but it is always there. His shoes match his pants color, being white and shiny if the correct light.

Offline BabyGirl1990Topic starter


Offline BabyGirl1990Topic starter

((really no one else?))