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Author Topic: Streets of Rage : Neo ( 1-on-1 )  (Read 907 times)

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Offline Mia SaisyuTopic starter

Streets of Rage : Neo ( 1-on-1 )
« on: July 25, 2006, 03:33:54 am »
20 years has passed...

The Mad Blood Gear gang has been abolished , and peace has returned to the city. However..that peace that was gained was only temporary.
The remnants of Mad Blood Gear reuinited a contracting with a company named "Felcorp" Felcorp, within the city, claims to be a multibillion dollar insurance capitol..but little could be further from the truth.

At night, Felcorp manufactures sex dolls. Living, breathing, humanoid androids with thoughts and feelings, far advanced, and pushes them along the streets : Male and Female. Each trained to exquisitely know each gender's body - and charge a hefty sum for their escort services. However, government officials have suddenly gone "missing" well as high corporate leaders throughout the city. Many rumored to have connections with Felcorp.

A young officer,Carina Wright  is sent to investigate--a hand-to-hand combat expert. Upon disecting one of the androids - they found a special mind-numbing aphrodisiac was placed in their system, nearly hypnotizing anyone who'd been engaged in "relations" with the androids. Using this, Felcorp was slowly taking the entire city in a clandestine manner...governent heads, corporations.

Carina was chosen for this scenario based on her past skill, busting up some little street gangs, even investigating bar violence masquerading as a stripper. A special syrum was injected into Carina - a counteragent for the hypnosis effects of the androids' sex drugs. doesn't numb the drugs from taking their sexual toll on her body..

And so she's sent downtown to investigate..and get to the bottom of this situation.

*~*~*~The System*~*~

Almost a beat-em-up kinda thing, or who knows what my character'll do depending on the scenario? I'd like a simple rock-paper scissors lifebar system. For each enemy "attack" , they'd choose "punch" "kick" "throw" "hold" "sex attack" or "use item" - items could be handcuffs, toys, who knows? Hehe. Items may stop my character from using certain things/attacking in a certain way. Like handcuffs may block foot attacks if they're latched to the feet, etc.

Punch beats throw
Kick beats punch
Throw beats kick

Any time a successful hit is sustained, my character loses one <3 of life.

Her life bar may look like this = <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Any enemy may use hold to "hold" my character in place..( roll 1d2, 1 is a success ) If 2 or more holds are in place, my character is considered helpless..

..And with the aid of sex drugs, naturally they'd be quite good at *that*, too. Each enemy can get its chance at a "sex attack" each turn..In which they roll 1d100, and my character rolls 1d100 to resist. If they win, my character takes a "climax hit"..

Or in other words, a "arousal bar might look like this = OOOOO
With X's filling up the O's as she takes hits..
When the bar is charrie well..y'know, lets go.

But aside from that, They get 1 aphrodisiac hit. The AD bar might look like = *** ( with 3 hits )
With each hit the climax bar drops by 1
And when at 3 hits, my character is unable to take any action but have sex until the next climax..

If My character is at 2 hearts or less, she's vulnerable to sex attacks ( she's worn down and can't push people off )
If at 0 hearts or less, she's KO'd and anything can happen..( who knows how she might find herself when she wakes up?


Naturally this game is gonna involve a lot of gang-based sex..all female, all male, mixed, et cetera. Can even throw in tentacle monsters, sludges, whatever. ^^ A bit of intrigue here and there..

I do have a lot of images and ideas for the NPC "androids".. and naturally I have an image for my drop a PM to me if you're interested in running htis for me! We'll talk more about the system and stuff.