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Author Topic: Arena of Champions interest check Gladiatorish (Could get extreme or NC)  (Read 2407 times)

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Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

My creative juices are working at full steam and I'm wondering if there would be any interest in a gladiator type RP with a fantasy caliber twist into it. Meaning instead of just a bunch of roman slaves battling each other, lions, tigers, bears, etc. We through in a magic element, and add even further exotic creatures. Dragons, Ogres, Big Demons, Tentacles, and other warriors.

The Big Idea
I had a separate idea but have decided the best route is probably to turn the whole Gladiator idea and romantasize it like modern day boxing or UFC might do. Of course things are going to be much more exotic in this RP, it's not exclusive to humans, but rather I think a nice big mix of humanoids could accent it well. Everyday the Arena has fights between heroes or heroes vs creatures each of them working to make a name for themselves. For you guys your goals would be work your way up the rosters or start near the top of it and try to reach the King's Knights. And crown yourself champion for the world to see.

The Champions would be the celebrities of the world having legions of fans, or being well hated by them. The match types allow for many different possibilities to be worked in for matches two, the ones below are just the ones I came up with. Regardless, there can be as much romance and roleplaying outside the arena as there are battles inside of it.

Different Match Types

1.) Anything Goes Knockout/Death battle- In this match the goal is to render your opponent unconscious using whatever means necessary in order to win. So the kinkiest methods are avaible and allowed, as well as the more dirty match types. It's a really big crowd pleaser. In the end the victor has the choice to spare the loser or kill them. (Against other user's probably best to be merciful for awhile)

2.) Anything Goes Submission- This is the same as the one above except that the opponent must surrender. If he or she passes out the match has to continue no matter what happens. I imagine this would be one of the kinkier battle types, seeing as there are all sorts of creative style to get your opponent to submit.

3.) Knight Rules Battle- These are true tests of skill and strength as there are rules set in place. Such as no raping your opponent, no dirty blows, no poison, nothing dirty in any sense of the word is allowed in this fight. The only Magic allowed is elemental, this match is a match of supreme honor. Generally a championship fight will be this kind of fight.

4.) Team Battles anything goes/Knight Rules/Submission- Pretty simple same as any of the other options where multiple teams try to find a way to win in their respective rules

5.) Free For All Anything goes/Knight Rules/ Submission- Same as team except everyone is on their own

6.) Exotic Battle- Perhaps the most dangerous of the battles, it be this type in which your hero might fight a dragon, or cyclops in a battle to the death. More heroes die in this type then any other.

Profile Base
I will keep these all updated as the story and events proceed.

Puppet Master: (user name)
Name: (Character name)
Age: (age of character)
Race: (Any humanoid Race)
Sex: (gender of character)
Weapons of choice: (What weapons do you use)
Magic: (The magics you use, it'd work for the best to avoid extreme magics)
Trademark: (A special unique last resort attack that will be remembered )
Skill: (Any fighting styles or other abilities that do not fall under Weapons, Magic, or Trademark)
Win/loss record: (Your wins and loses as we start, are established? New? I don't expect to see anyone undefeated if they've been around awhile)
Crowd's response: (How does the crowd like your character, these thing is all about the crowd after all)
Allies: (Other heroes who will team with you happily)
Enemies: (Those who would rather stab their own mothers then team with you)
Personality: (Character personality)
Background: (Background, if we go slave route why are you enslaved, why are you competing in the games)
Theme song: (Every hero has a themsesong what's yours. Just link to youtube or something)
Appearance: (A pic or description of your character)

Other notes

I could go with a system it's just I think dice sometimes just leave things too much up to chance, so if someone has a idea on how to format a system i'd be up too it. Or if they have any other ideas on how to structure it and improve it. This is a rough sketch for things truthfully, and hopefully enough people will take interest we can make something really good out of it. And we could have a large number or smarll number of rp'ers too so it works.

I'm also prepared to take up NPC's and Creatures for everyone to battle against, and anyone else is welcome to help with such as well.
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Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

I went ahead and made at least 3 of the 5 Representatives, if you're interested in being one of these elite and following their code then let me know and I'll give you more info. But think of these three as your big boss

Puppet Master: Untamed_Skies
Name: William Tyle
Age: 26
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Weapons of choice: Long Sword, Rapier, Katana
Magic: Tyle uses pretty much strictly Fire Magic
Win/loss record: 189 W 45L (Tyle is undefeated in Knight Battles)
Crowd's response: Tyle may be the most popular champion at the moment
Allies: Christine Rivers
Enemies: Many though he doesn’t know their names
Background: William Tyle was born the only son of Edgar and Megan Tyle. From a very early age he was raised with tact and intellect and ever sense of the word proper. He is reserved, well mannered, kind, and anything else describing a knight. He was trained with his rapier and long sword from the age of eight. And picked up his Katana at the age of thirteen. He joined into the king’s service as soon as he became recognized as a man, and became a knight soon after that. With his keen intellect and surprising skills on the battlefield he was recognized and placed instead to the games where he made a large name for himself defeating some of the more reputation opponents. Within three years of joining as a elite of the king’s knights Tyle became their commander and is currently the hero to beat. He has two titles in which he is called. Dragon Slayer, and Gentleman’s Knight
Theme song: Flash of the Blade

Puppet Master: Untamed_Skies
Name: Christine Rivers
Age: 21
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Weapons of choice: Spear and Shortsword
Magic: Lightning
Win/loss record: 87 W 47 L
Crowd's response: She get’s mixed reactions
Allies: William Tyle,
Enemies: none
Background: Christine is one of the representatives of the king’s knights. Born into a noble family she aspired to become a name among women warriors who until recently had been looked down upon and doubted. Christine learned how to use a spear in which she honed her skills. She followed loosely in William Tyle’s footsteps proving herself first in the battle field before beginning her career as a champion. Her greatest problem is her inconsistency, though she has more wins then loses she has enough between the two too not be incredibly a standout and is the first of the knight’s one must fight. She hasn't gained a title
Theme song: Stand my ground

Puppet Master: Untamed_Skies
Name: Leon Skies
Age: 19
Race: Half Human Half Angel
Sex: Male
Weapons of choice: Katana and Small blades
Magic: White fire- Forging- He can forge his weapons with the elements around him
                                Fire Blast- Same as using it too attack
             Wind- Bends wind to his advantage
Win/loss record: 30 W 10 L as a Top Tier 416 W 1,034 L overall
Crowd's response: He’s a house hold name
Allies: Oliza Stormseed
Enemies: none
Background: Leon is one of the heroes of tragedy. His mother Claire and his father Tellius were both renown heroes and both of them were horribly murdered for having a half-angel child before he saw the age of ten. With the reputation of his parents Leon was forced to struggle to survive, he became the youngest warrior to join the games at the tender age of eleven. He lost constantly, but trained himself and learned how to fight. As he grew his skills increased as did his speed and reaction and his huge loss rate began to decline as he continued to climb to the top. Leon is considered to be one of the younger warriors with the potential to become the next Tyle as he only seems to learn from every fight and is growing a little bit more every fight. The fight in which gave him recognition was losing to William Tyle in a Knight battle that would a hour straight as the two traded blows back and forth. With the skill shown Tyle pulled a few strings and brought Leon into the main event, a move that also paired him with another young hero Oliza Stormseed. Leon lost is first ten matches as a top tier due to a illness that he kept secret. Since he's gotten better he's been undefeated and is considered to be the next generation of heroes. Leon is often referred to as the Budding Rose or the White rose. His parents known as the Diamond Rose and the Blue Rose lead were the inspiration for the chants
Theme song: Headstrong
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Offline swordwind

I'd like to see this take off. So I'll get a character into this when I can. I'll think up some idea's.

Offline CrazyIvan

sounds interesting, though would there be non combat parts like rests between matches where they would interact with fans and other people as well?

Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

Yeah, fights will be set up in a like a OOC type forum/Announcement forum. Then I'm thinking a Arena thread and a Living thread. In the Arena would be the fights and preparing for the fights while training. The Living thread would involve their life as celebrities outside the arena, getting dates, signing auto-graphs, whatever it is they do in their pass time.

I'm trying to get a full experience out of everything, and if people are interested in just being fans and watching the action that's fine too so long as we get fighters.

Offline sinoraa

Puppet Master: Sinoraa
Name: Sinoraa
Age: Unknown
Race: Vampire (Pure blood)
Sex: Female
Weapons of choice: A polearm, known as the blood render.

Magic: Sinoraa is well trained in both dark arts, and blood magic. As a pure blooded vampire, Sinoraa does not carry the weakness of, "thin bloods" enabling her to walk in the sun, tough she is drastically weakened during the day, compared to the night. As a vampire she carries many of the general vampiric gifts, such as the ability to, charm humans to her will, and telekinesis. She also posses rapid healing properties, which are increased to almost instant regeneration, if she feeds on blood.

Trademark: Blood shower, this is a advanced vampiric technique, where the user force blood to gush out of a targets wound. The damage varies depending on the location of the wound, if its on the face, where not much blood flows, its fairly ineffective, but if used on a more critical wound, it will quickly drain the target dry.

Win/loss record: 18589 W 3569 L
Crowd's response: As one of the oldest fighters, Sinoraa have had the time to build up a strong following, making her mostly loved by everyone.
Allies: Various Vampire houses, that wish to establish good faith, with mortals.
Enemies: Vampire houses, whom does not wish to see, vampires associate with mortals.
Personality: Sinoraa is a very calm and collective person, as most vampires, her age. Tough, she can easily be roused and angered, she rarely reacts to much emotionally.

Background: Sinoraa's history is wrapped in mystery, as most pure blooded vampires, are hidden away from birth. Tough it is speculated, shes at least over a thousand years old, as shes evolved beyond her human form, something that takes at least a millennium. She first stepped into the arena, eighty years ago, winning her first battle. As she spread her wings in victory, the crowd went wild, seeing her as a sign from the gods. While, Sinoraa never did anything to support this theory, religious people still flocked to her, in hope for some sort of miracle. Tough crowed have sense, stopped worshiping her, as her evolution progressed, making her skin turn dark, and her once shining white wings, grew black as the night. Despite this, Sinoraa is still a crowd favorite, always willing to take some time off for a fan, and always putting up a good fight. Tough she had kept her true origins hidden, once her evolution reached the point, where she grew claws, she made a public announcement, declaring herself as a vampire, facing mixed reactions. Alot people fear vampires, but even more knew and loved, Sinoraa, eventually giving her the title "Night queen.". This quickly made her a symbol of hope for many of the vampires, whom wished to live a normal life amongs humans. But a target, for those who wish to keep on, the masquerade.
Theme song: Breaking Benjamin [ - Evil Angel - ]

Apperance: Sinoraa Eighty years ago:

Battle gear:
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Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

Looks good just need a few more fighters before I want to create a thread. And any ideas feel free to bring up.

Offline Lady Sakura

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Puppet Master: Vampire Mistress Sakura
Name: Oliza Stormseed
Age: 18
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Weapons of choice: Dual Katanas
Magic: Water bender, minor soul magic
Trademark: need to come up with some names
Win/loss record: 71 W 9 L as a Top Tier
Crowd's response: She is a Deadly Beauty
Allies: Leon Skies
Enemies: Who knows
Personality: Often silent, she has a dark aura around her that keeps people away. Extremely honest for one with such a beautiful face. She will only be nice to those she respects or those she has a strong bond to. She is ruthless when it comes to battle, she is a no nonsense type of person, yet she is always a charmer, elegant as she is deadly with a smile that could capture a cold man's heart.
Background: Oliza was born to Elaine and Aubrey Stormseed. Her father became a renowned Grand General of Sezar before meeting her mother and shortly after Oliza was born her mother had passed away. Distort and full of grief, her father wanted to shelter Oliza from the world demeaning her unworthy of following in his foot steps due to the fact she was a girl. To prove her worth to her father, she picked up his harsh training and the way of the dual swords. She joined the game at the age of 10 determined to prove to her father that she is better than any male that steps before her and raise to the top to defeat the Beautiful Dragonslayer with her most powerful trump card; Ryuu. It use to be that she always always fighting alone by herself until she meet Leon. He was quite annoying but somehow he grew on her and the two became respectable allies.
Theme song: Blow Me Away

Name: Morbid Knight
Age: 19
Race: half angel/demon
Sex: Female
Weapons of choice: Dual Scythes
Magic: Major soul magic, shadow magic
Crowd's response: Only seen by those she meets
Allies: Her brother Raiden and father Xual
Enemies: The living
Personality: Child of light and darkness, Morbid is a very confused angel, having the body of darkness with a heart of light. However, do not let her appearance fool you, she is calm and gentle yet in turn she can be devious, ruthless, and dominating. She does not like her birth right but it is an identity she has had since she could remember and so it leaves her bitter.
Background: Born from the unholy bond of a Demon and Angel; was abandon by her holy mother as a means to hide her sins for her daughter was neither light nor dark but held the elegance of the shadows. Casted away because of Heaven’s discrimination, the daughter of Light and Dark was taken in by her father, Xual; the underworlds most feared demon of whom gave her the name Morbid. As beautiful as the rare black rose of her garden and eyes the color of the finest ruby; Morbid’s birth right was to claim lives of the fallen; consuming their souls and helping them cross over. As much as her father dislikes it, she has the purity of her mother; as kind as she is ruthless when someone threatens what is precious to her. Growing up, Morbid’s father had beaten into her this values that souls are important do not do anything to interfere with the balance of life. However, one day Morbid healed a man of which would have died and was punished greatly for it; in a solitary chamber she was hung by her wings for a week; this was her father’s judgment of which he casts upon her by means of keeping her in line as the next ruler to take over his position when he dies. Right now, she is curious about the games and travels to the human world on occasions to watch in the matches and guide those set to die to the underworld for her father.

Name: Annrika Skies
Age: 18
Race: quarter of everything her parents are
Sex: Female
Weapons of choice: Big guns
Magic: White fire- Forging- He can forge his weapons with the elements around her
Crowd's response: She looks kind of like Leon
Allies: Leon Skies
Enemies: Those she defeats
Personality: Annrika is a rather insane individual, much different then those around her in this era. Carefree as the wind, brutely honest and would do almost anything if it meant she could have fun in the process. However, when it comes to fighting as her father daughter she is as serious as it gets.
Background: Annrika is the daughter of Morbid and Leon Skies. She was sent from the future because of a mistake that happened while traveling with her father to do some further training. She doesn't know when she'd get back to her own time zone but in the mean time she will watch over her parents and make sure no one gets in between them otherwise she would not be born. (duh!). So she is undercover, posing as Leon's only remaining relative; his cousin. She watches over him while making fun of him all the time for being so cute. She'd definitely tease her papa when she gets home. She mustn't give away her secret that she is Leon's daughter otherwise the future as it is will be changed for the worse; maybe? Of course its hard when you remind your future father of his deceased mother.
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Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

Ooh when you're designing your character if you want to have a couple trademark moves or attacks I'll add the option into the skeleton. Not everyone needs to have it. Also fighting style's or forms (if you want to single out or create your own or whichever), I'll be adding these as skills.

To give an idea we'll use Leon.

Skills: Quick Blade Style: He takes stances in which his blade is sheathed and will preformed rapid quick slash attacks
Trademark: Shining Blade- Takes a few moments to focus energy into his legs, after 3-12 seconds he'll release it all at once allowing him to move far quicker then he'd normally be able to, often cutting down enemies before they're aware of what hit them. He must have his feet in place, if he moves he has to reset his stance. The longer he holds it the more powerful it is, he always runs the risk of breaking his blade when using this technique.
                      *3 Seconds- Just a Quick slash, effective against light armor or bare skin
                      *6 Seconds- Strong Quick Slash, Effective against Medium Armor
                      *9 Seconds- Very Strong and fast Slash, Effective Against Heavy Armor
                      *12 Seconds- Masterfully Strong and fast Slash, Effective against all armor

Offline CrazyIvan

Puppet Master: CrazyIvan

Name: Raygual Vanncrest

Age: looks 28 though actual age is unknown

Race: he is decedent from a mix of Human and now extinct Demon lords know as berserk

Sex: Male

Weapons of choice: He prefers to use two handed weapons and heavy end weapons. He can occasionally wield one handed weapons though he prefers two handed like massive great swords and sharpen sheets of metal as they are sometimes described as. He generally wields them two handed so long as his right arm is sealed though he can wield it one handed without releasing the seal, though that is hard. But when he releases the seal he can wield it one handed as well have access to his real power.

-his favorite weapon is his Dragon Slayer a blade designed for killing dragons and ripping through their armor. It is a normal blade in most respects. It has no magic or power to itself, it is just a monstrously large blade, crafted by a master crafts men. It stands almost as tall as he is and is for lack of a better word a large chunk of sharpened steel. It was crafted a long time ago to be used to kill dragons, unfortunately no one could wield the blade. He is only able to due to his monstrous strength and only fully wield it in berserk mode.

Magic: When his arm is sealed he doesn't have access to much magic, just basic strengthen spells to allow him to take hits and wield his weapon. When he releases the seal he gains the magic that is given to him by his birth that of the demons and the berserk rage. He can use stronger strengthening magic as well as fire magic, though the strong he makes his magic and himself the more he loses himself in his rage. As well as he can use his blood to fuel the magic and heal, though this causes extreme drawbacks after the fight or if he exits berserk mode.

Rage Forms
Demon's strength - capable of drawing out the power of the sealed arm and his demonic power he uses what little he can to increase his strength and power. This of course allows him to wield the large blade and actually fight how he wants, though it does take a lot of will to resist unsealing his arm.

Undoing the seal - this takes sometime to undo the seal and remain in control. He can just throw it off, but that generally has bad effects as in giving into the demon inside of him. Though if he takes his time and carefully undoes the seal then he has a longer time period where he can remain in control

-Berserk mode
Berserker's Rage - he first step into his berserker mode and the weakest of them, though that might be the case he is on a totally different level then before. His strength is increased and allows him to wield his Dragon Slayer as it was intended. He can sort of wield it one handed if he wants to give up some of its power, so that he can use his other hand to punch and attack. He doesn't have access to much magic still and still feels pain.

Berserke'rs Burning Rage - He dives deeper into his rage as he gets consumed by the fires of his rage bring them out and using them as weapons. This is the second stage of his rage one in which he remains in control of for a bit though not long. His strength continues to increase and it a fearsome sight to behold. Now capable of wielding his weapon one handed he uses his other to cast magic and attack.   

Berserker's undying body - His third step in this form one in which he rarely uses as he has almost no control over his rage and bloodlust. Capable of fully wielding the blade one handed he ignores pain, wounds, and just keeps on charging into the carnage. He can still be wounded though his body doesn't seem to bleed, though once out of this mode the wounds begin to bleed and although he has faster healing then most people he can still die. His fires become stronger, his strength increases, and almost everything improves expect his intelligence which drops as he gets closer to true rage. He can use his blood that he can draw out as a weapon.

Berserker's Madness - The last stage of his rage and one he has used once. He is lost completely inside of his rage and will stop at nothing expect his body just falling apart to kill his target. There is no intelligence just mindless uncontrolled rage and pleasure in the thought of rending the person in half and into a fine bloody mist. He is at his max power and is a fearsome sight to behold. He takes on a different appear looking like a monster or a demon in this form. He smiles as he slashes through things with his sword ike they are but paper. He has access to everything in this form fire, strength, regeneration, and ignorance of pain though in this form he is basically mindless he can always see the target of his rage, though only the target. He doesn't bother to dodge attacks and although he can regenerate it is still not fast enough. Not to mention we he eists this form he is basically in a coma and is near death. This is a double edge sword one which is impossible for him to control in his current state.

Win/loss record: 40W - 0L He is new to the arena and is quickly working his way up to the top tier

Crowd's response: He gets somewhat of a mixed reaction when he comes out. He is seen as a person that could rise to the top and has some fans for this, but due to his power and sometimes how he can get in fights he is a bit of a black sheep in that regard. He is still generally liked and respected, though some people are cautious around him.

Allies: He is new so he doesn't have any yet

Enemies: To new to really make any enemies

Personality: He has two sides to him, the calm, collected, and rather intelligent side which is how he is most of the time. This is also the side of him that is kind and is actually quiet a nice person. Though on the inside he has a side that speaks to him, the voices grow louder when he releases the seal though they are always there. This is the demon side of him that is cruel, cold hearted, enjoys watching others suffer, and is psychotic.

Background: He is the son of the Vanncrest family which is long since dead noble family which was a mix of demon and human. His mother was a demon known as a berserk and carried unbelievable power, though had the curse of having the want for destruction. His father was a normal human with slight magically tendencies that helped to control the berserks rage. He was trained as both a noble and as a fighter and his father preformed a ritual which created the seal that now seals the demon and the powers inside of him. His father though allowed him to take it off so one day he might be able to control it without the seal and live with out it. His family though was hunted down and killed as the fear of the demon grew higher killing both of his parents and leaving him alone. He now fights in the arena to control his power, regain the honor of his family, and to fight for the enjoyment of it.

Theme song: Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become

Puppet Master: CrazyIvan

Name: Rei of the Void

Age: Looks to be in her early 20s though true age is unknown, suspected to be over hundreds of years old

Race: Void Wanderer

Sex: Female

Weapons of choice:
Sniper rifles, rifles, pistols, casters, and occasionally blades or hand to hand.

Caster - This is a weapon that is crafted just for her, it is capable of firing summon shots and the only gun she has that can. It is about the size of a large pistol and has a single chamber that can hold one bullet.

Void blade - A medium size blade that can cut through the void and be used on people to cut there void image, which is more like cutting the essence of them. Only problem with this is it requires her to get close which she doesn't like to do.

Void Walking - she can enter the void for shorts periods of time, it is a world a shadow world that exists along side of the normal world. In this she can move unseen to a different location opening up the shroud that separates the Void from the world. She can be seen slipping into the void and for a second or two cannot do anything as she exits the void and enters the world.

Bullet Creation - she as the ability to create bullets and enchant them with magic abilities. As in she can magic fire bullets, lighting, earth, water, etc. bullets. It is easier to make them if there is a current source of the element near by. these are relatively quick to make and depending on the size and power take shorter or longer. Also dependent on that is how much of her magic they use up at a time. Also the higher the level the more obvious it is that she is creating bullets blowing her cover. As well as she can only create the number of bullets that fit into the gun, so she can't hold anymore, expect for the summon which is a special bullet. At higher levels the bullets can appear to be hort summons of the manifestation of that element.

Summon Bullets - these are the more powerful bullet capable of summoning monsters and creatures such as small dragons or beast. The problem with these is they are also the most unstable of the bullets, take the longest time, and can only be fired from the caster. She can only have one made at a time as it takes that much willpower and magic to maintain it in that form. Summons also continually drain her magic so long as they are out and have a chance to go wild and attack her. Though under control it can be a powerful enemy to fight, now you not only have to worry about a monster, but a sniper as well.

Augmentation bullets - These bullets are used to augment herself as in restoration and defensive traits like steel skin, though these are harder to make then elemental bullets and in order to maintain them requires constant magic drain. These can also be shot at other people to augment them as a positive or negative. The longer she tries to maintain them the more magic that they drain from her. Like with the others the level of strength and duration determines the time it takes and magic it requires.

Void Shadow - One of the greatest traits and natural powers of void walks is their ability to leave there shadows behind as physical beings. They will go through basic actions and have form and weight behind them. Though they can't attack and are nothing more then a very fancy and high powered illusion. This requires her to open the void and make it into a copy of her and leave it there. uses magic power to do this.

Void Storage - the last and easiest power of the void user is to open the space and store objects inside of it. These have to be non living things as things with will can resist entering the void. This allows her to store her guns in the void till they are needed. This requires almost no time and magic for small objects but the larger the object the more power and time it takes.

Trademark: Desperado - When she pushes her powers to the their hieght she can preform the Desperado. This is one of her strongest attacks as it combines the void and her bullets together. She rips open multiple holes into the void around her as she pours out her magical power and using her increased speed from augmentation and other things she rapidly creates powerful element bullets that she then shots into the void and they appear out of holes that rain down upon the battlefield and track the target. This can only be used when she pushes her abilities and magic to its limit. Though it is a hard ability to avoid as the bullets come out of nowhere, though if it fails she is left with almost no magic and is rather easy to beat.
Skill: Agile - Rei is agile and great at dodging and getting out of the way fast as she is good at fitting into to tight spots. She is somewhat of a contortionist as this helps to get into hard to reach places. She uses this mainly to hide and stay out of trouble.
Hiding - She is good at going unnoticed until it is to late and is more then willing to wait patiently for her target to come to her then actively case it down.
Quick - she is quick in both reaction and in terms of her senses and her speed. She needs to be to react to the slightest movement of the target or the wind on long shots. Though she still just uses normal senses so they can be fooled.
Gunplay - it is her own form of gun combat that can be used at almost any range close, mid, and far though she prefers long to mid as getting close might mean she gets injured. This form is quick and involves all of her others skills as she as to be quick and agile to use it. It allows her to glance blows off her guns and shot at close range with a bit more ease, and is good for her style of combat, once again she doesn't use it much, because it requires getting close to the enemy to bring out it true strength.

Win/loss record: 295W 29L

Crowd's response: She has quite the following of fans that like her. She is quickly advancing into the top tiers of the arena and is known as the Dark Beauty as she wears only black and often her powers leave a light dark tint to things around her as she uses void.

Allies: She has friends though no allies at the moment

Enemies: Doesn't have any that she knows about

Personality: She is a bit distant at first and can come off as a bit cold. Though as people get to know her she is actually friendly, just has a hard time showing it is all. She enjoys to see others happy, but she will not give up on what she wants to see others happy. She also knows what she wants out of life and will do whatever it takes to get it. She likes art and things like that as well as fighting and is overall an intelligent person. She does a cold side to her that can hold a grudge for a long time if you upset her. She tends to think things through and not rush into things as this comes from her age and experience of life.

Background: Rei is a being that is from a different world than this one, she is from the Void. She is Void Wanderer which are beings of long ago and said to once have lived along side everyone else, though they left one day into the void without a trace. Most never come back though the occasional one appears in the world and they tend to exiled members of the Void. As they can't return to their true home and only enter it for little bits at a time, before they are forced out again. Void Wanderers tend to live for thousands of years as they don't seem to age and this makes them a bit different in their view of the world and of other races.

Rei has lived for maybe a couple hundred years at best and most of that time was spent in the void. It is a shadow world that is pleasant to those who can live in there.  In order to live there requires a lot of magic as the void seems to absorb it off of you as payment for letting you live there. About 20 years ago she was exiled from the void for asking to many question as to why the void worked the way it did. It is a rule that you don't question the Void or what it is or does. She was trained in combat at the time and have magic as well as small access back to the Void, though she was new to the world. She stood out from others in the world as she seemed different and gave a feeling that something was odd about her.

She got a bit luck though when she came across the arena. She signed up since she knew fighting and it was a way to make a living, if she hadn't she might have been picked up by a slaver. So now she is in the arena to find a way to get back home or just to find out more about the Void and who she is. though she also does it for the money and fame, because if she is stuck here might as well be rich and famous. So for now she fights for the top and to have a good time with he exile.

Theme song: Three Days Grace - Never Too Late

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Alright, I approve of the character, I'll probably start the thread later tonight or early tomorrow. Just letting a little more time for anyone who's interested to join up to start. I will be accepting multiple characters per person, and will also continue to accept people until I feel I can't manage them anymore.

Offline Shihong

So is there any sort of concrete system in place yet, or will victories/losses be decided from the start of each battle and the respective writers will decide how it plays out from there?

Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

To be honest what I'd prefer to see is fights where there isn't really a discussion on who wins they just hash out their skills, and hopefully just don't become invincible. If people want to communicate with their opponents and decide who wins that's perfectly fine with me, but it's really up to the opponents in that case. The other problem is some people have really interesting and unique magics and skills that are dwarfed or restricted if they're rolling on it. I don't like limiting someone's creativity, not being able to use it as you see fit is never much fun.

System wise I really don't know a system to apply to this appropriately, if you know any then I'm all ears. My problem with dice rolling is that it leaves a great deal too chance. Like for example some random new comer never fights a fight before goes and picks a fight with Tyle, who is a master sword master and the dice aren't nice on Tyle's side and he's devastated. I think it takes away from the overall feel of a fight.

What I'm maybe thinking is using a system of save throws and criticals. For example, say Christine Rivers unleashes a large barage of lightning attacks at a ferocity that could potentially end the fight. We'd roll dice (which I've never done on this site) And if the opponent rolled higher they'd take less percent of damage or if they rolled say a perfect 20 manage to avoid the attack altogether somehow.

Or Tyle releases a super fire ball against Leon's super fire ball they both roll dice the higher dice wins the deadlock and moves on to do damage based on how high the difference. Say Tyle rolled 15 and Leon a 14 he wouldn't take much damage as most of the fire's momentum and strength is gone. But if Tyle rolled 17 against a 3 Most of the force would smash into Leon and do a great deal more.

Feel free to add your own thoughts

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I like to discuss the fight with the person im face...Tough there is often the problem of people, refusing to lose.

Offline Shihong

For the time being I'll just throw something up.

Puppet Master: Shihong

Name: Hettún
Age: 184
Race: Oni
Sex: Male
Height: 11'7"
Weapons of choice: An exotic weapon that appears to be a fusion of the Shaolin Spade and a massive cleaver
Blessing of Strength: A racial ability that Hettún has mastered over his comparatively long lifespan.  As he becomes increasingly angered, excited, or wounded his strength (and eventually his size) will also increase exponentially.  As this ability is supernatural in origin, there is theoretically no limit to how physically powerful he can become.  However, barring the protection gained from increased muscle density, Hettún's defensive capabilities do not increase along with his strength.
Blessing of Grounding: Simply put, when Hettún plants himself in place there is little beyond the power of the Gods themselves that can force him from his position, and the ground beneath his feat will likewise refuse to give way.  On its own this ability has limited usefulness, but when combined with the Blessing of Strength it keeps his increased weight and mass from simply sinking into the dirt.
Regeneration: Like many demons, Hettún is capable of recovering from serious wounds that would otherwise cripple or kill most mortal beings.  However, though he can heal shallow cuts in the midst of battle or halt the blood flow from deeper ones, he must be in a state of restfulness to heal from more grievous wounds.  Additionally, Hettún is able to reattach severed limbs, but unable to grow new ones.
Fire Resistance: Though not entirely immune to fire attacks, all oni possess above average defenses against heat-based strikes and are almost impossible to burn.  They are, however, more susceptible to cold-based spells.
Bloody Carnage: When death seems near, Hettún completely loses himself to the carnal bloodlust of his race and finally lets himself go.  When in this state his Blessing of Strength goes into overtime, and he reaches peaks that he would normally be completely incapable of reaching otherwise.  His body doubles in height, and his nails transform into claws capable of rending stone and scarring metal.  This is the force that shatters mountains and causes the earth itself to tremble, and there are few capable of taking a direct blow from such a beastly creature.  However, in his rage Hettún loses all sense of rationality and self-preservation, relying entirely on instinct, and is literally blind to everything around him.  He is forced to rely on smell, hearing, and touch in order to find his opponent.
Iron Whirlwind: The name of Hettún's self-made style, he excels at using both hands to deftly swing his cleaver about in wide arcs that mimic the spinning motions of windmills.  This wild motion often catches lesser opponents off-guard, and is generally more than enough to swat aside smaller foes with ease. 
Drunken Boxing: As if an Oni wasn't dangerous enough sober, Hettún becomes all the more volatile and unpredictable when thoroughly intoxicated.  For the most part he is forced to abstain from drinking before a fight to avoid unnecessary collateral damage, but on special occasions he is allowed to drink as much as he likes beforehand in order to make a match more interesting.  When drunk he fights bare-handed, and is considerably more agile.
Win/loss record:
234 wins / 3 Losses
Though a seemingly impressive record, it should be noted that the vast majority of Hettún's fights have been exclusively Exotic Rounds, pitting him against dragons and other suitably monstrous foes instead of fellow sentient beings.  Though he has won a fair dozen or more fights against fellow warriors in the ring, his three losses can be attributed to the fact that sufficiently talented combatants are more than capable of outsmarting him or using his titanic physical strength against him.
Crowd's response:
Hettún is quite the crowd pleaser, as there are very few gladiators capable of wrestling giants, boxing with krakens, and decapitating hydra by themselves.  Nicknamed the "God Killer" by ardent fans, the oni is at his best when it comes to brutally gutting supernatural abominations and painting the walls red with their blood.
Allies: Dust; Desmond Saddler
Enemies: Many, but most notably the Ace of Pins.
Hettún is a simple person with simple needs, and does not pretend to be anything more than that.  He prefers his alcohol by the barrel full, his women obedient and easy to please, and his fights as gruesomely violent as possible.  He enjoys relaxation as much as battling, and considers both to be of equal importance.  Though the oni is notorious for being a womanizer and a drunkard when relaxing with the other gladiators, he is also surprisingly good-natured and non-confrontational.  He holds no grudges against anyone outside of the ring, though there are a number of individuals that would no doubt relish the chance to mount his head over their mantles. 
Not exactly being the sort of person to linger too long in memories of the past, not much is known about Hettún before he arrived at the Arena.  His spectacular entry into the games will never quite be forgotten however, nor will it be forgiven by certain bitter individuals.  During a high profile Exotic Battle in which a single gladiator was put up against no less than two dozen ogres, Hettún forced his way into the ring in a drunken stupor, batted aside the warrior in question, and proceeded to dismember the enraged ogres in what would come to be known as the bloodiest display of alcohol-infused carnage ever before seen in the history of the games.  Suffice it to say that the roar of the crowd was more than enough to gain him admittance as an official gladiator, a role that he gladly accepted under the promise of fine wine and his choice of women.

Seemingly content to remain at the Arena indefinitely, Hettún considers most of his fellow gladiators to be as good as family, including those that utterly despise him.  Of the slaves, he took a particular liking to a rather downtrodden young woman whose family had been slaughtered for treason.  Though she was nothing more than a sex slave at the time, the wily old Oni spied the talents that the woman had gone to great lengths to conceal and encouraged her to put them to good use, rather than simply allow her body to be used and to waste away in the darkness of a cell.  Though caught in the grip of despair his attentions seemed to stir the prisoner into action, and it was not long before she proved herself to be a capable combatant in her own right.

Theme song:

Force of Nature - Death Wish

Name: Dust
Age: 23
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Height: 5'9"
Weapons of choice: The Black Thorn
Alter Perception:  Those who are so much as pricked by Dust's weapon will find themselves affected by a particularly unusual power.  Simply put, Dust is capable of controlling all five senses of whosoever is wounded by her unique blade.  This curse essentially allows her to "change the reality" of her opponent, making them see and feel whatever she wishes them to and otherwise putting her at a great advantage in combat.  However, this skill will quickly exhaust her if not used creatively and sparingly.
Rip Quake: Another weapon-based spell.  Harnessing the strange magic lurking within the obsidian blade, Dust is able to literally "shake apart" whatever object The Black Thorn is currently making contact with.  This can be anything from stone and metal to human flesh, but contact must be maintained for longer than three seconds for the spell to take effect.  It is considered unwise to lock blades with her for more than a second at a time, as the results do not tend to be pretty.

Blackout: By sapping her own body of most of its energy, Dust completely robs her opponent of all their senses simultaneously for the next five minutes.  Though drained, this is usually enough to cripple most opponents and allow her to make a finishing blow.  It should be noted that this only pertains to physical senses; those with the ability to see by supernatural means will still be able to do so while under the effects of Blackout.


Fencing: Dust prefers a flurry of forward jabs to broad slashes, and is notoriously fleet-footed in battle.  Lacking the raw strength of supernatural and male gladiators, she is forced to fight defensively and use her sword's unnatural powers creatively to stay on par with superior foes. 
Acrobatics: Jumping about the field is a particular specialty of hers, and there is nothing the woman enjoys more than back-flipping away from an opponent's strike at the very last moment and feeling the wind off of another's blade. 

Win/loss record:

32 Wins / 24 Losses

Crowd's response:

Though relatively new to the Arena, Dust has already garnered some attention for her strange abilities and status as an underdog.  It is a sorry soul that dares to underestimate her; though far from the Big Leagues, she is tenacious, crafty, and desperate to earn her freedom and seek justice against those that killed her family and sold her into slavery.  She is by and large an honorable woman, but will not hesitate to take advantage of every flaw in an opponent's defense.

Allies: Hettún; Desmond Saddler
Enemies: The Ace of Pins

Dust comes across as excessively cold and withdrawn towards most of the other gladiators, and becomes entirely mute around Arena officials.  Her voice rarely rises above a hesitant mutter, and she staunchly refuses to meet the eyes of anyone she speaks with.  The woman holds herself without even the slightest bit of confidence, often rubbing her arm behind her back and otherwise looking as uncomfortable as humanly possible.  This is completely at odds with her stance in the arena proper, which is where she displays a keen knowledge of swordplay and tactical maneuvers. 

Only Hettún is able to get a real rise out of her, and there are times where she becomes positively animated in his presence.  Her priceless smiles are reserved solely for him, as is her tinkling laughter.  Their relationship is strictly platonic, though Hettún has a habit of becoming somewhat raucous when drinking and getting intrusive enough to turn her face red with embarrassment.  Otherwise they generally act like family, with Hettún acting as the fiercely protective elder brother.


The woman that is now known only as Dust was born within an enclave dedicated to the practice of a religious doctrine that particularly offended the ruling class of the region, forcing them to hide within the shadow of an ancient mountain range.  It was a harsh and cold place with little comforts, but to her it was simply home.  She found beauty in the frozen rock and stubborn mosses, and the way the sun glinted off the snowfields often brought tears to her young eyes.  The girl was raised to survive, both the trials that the World set against humanity and in the heat of battle.  She practiced the religion of her parents dutifully and without question, believing fully in its tenants with only a vague knowledge of the prejudice she would have received elsewhere.

One day during a sojourn through the vast hollow caverns lurking deep within the mountains, Dust came upon a demon cradling what appeared to be a newborn child in its arms.  Unsheathing the knife from her belt, she demanded to know where the demon had stolen the babe from and that it return it to its rightful mother.  The demon smiled at her with eyes like dying coals, and in a voice like burning parchment it told her that the child was none other than her own.  Bewildered (for she was yet untouched by a man), Dust found the demon offering the baby to her with a bowed head.  Warily did she stow her blade away and reach out to take the child, only to flinch backwards as a sharp point embedded itself in her forefinger.  Before her very eyes both the demon and the child transformed into a rosebush filled with blackened, thorny vines, with a single flower blooming from the drop of blood that had spilled.  The girl fled from the sight of this witchery, and refused to look back until she had returned to the safety of her room.

There she slept for a day and a night without pause, and upon waking she did find a solid black blade of unknown make resting firmly over her abdomen.  Though she felt an awful curse throbbing within, upon grasping the hilt such a feeling of rightness overcame her that she could not bring herself to toss the wretched weapon aside.  From that moment onwards it was the only weapon her hands could hold, and any other would violently throw themselves from her grip as though revolted by her touch. 

It was several years later that the enclave was finally discovered and its inhabitants butchered.  Only Dust was spared, for in her impudence and raw skill her attackers saw a value that her family and friends had been unable to provide.  Overwhelming her with sheer numbers, the girl was beaten within an inch of her life and taken to market as a slave.  That the strange black sword could not be pried from her hands was a curiosity that could not be explained, but it soon became apparent that the only place that would buy a woman that could not be disarmed was the Arena, which often bought droves of slaves for its bloodsport.  For a time she refused to fight, growing despondent in a cell and turning her gaze from those that peered in on her.  That is, until a rather stubborn Oni took a shine to her.

Theme song:

Amon Tobin-Easy Muffin (full version)

Name: Desmond Saddler
Age: Unknown
Race: Dullahan
Sex: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weapons of choice: Longsword
Immortality: As a soul cursed to inhabit a hollow suit of armor, Desmond is understandably freed from the normal restrictions that bind most mortal creatures to this world.  To put it simply, what was once a man has now become a deathless warrior of unnatural power.  Though the armor itself is not indestructible, he is unable to suffer from physical wounds of any sort or succumb to a fatal blow.  So long as a mere scrap of armor exists, Saddler's consciousness will remain intact.  He does not require his helmet in order to see or hear, but he is incapable of feeling any physical sensations and has been robbed of both his sense of taste and smell.  Victory against him is a difficult matter indeed, but dismemberment will cripple him as much as any other warrior; it's simply considerably more difficult to do so.  Beyond his durability and tenacity in combat, Desmond possesses no other supernatural abilities.

Headless Onslaught: More for intimidation purposes than anything else, Desmond will often allow himself to be decapitated by combatants that are unaware of his condition (which the Arena Officials go to great lengths to keep a secret from newcomers) and engage in some particularly ghoulish laughter upon seeing their shock and horror.  Otherwise this offers absolutely no tactical advantage whatsoever.

It should be noted that Saddler is not a particularly skilled swordsman, or even a very good fighter.  If he still had his flesh and blood he would have surely died in the Arena ages ago, another unremarkable piece of fodder to quench the blood lust of the screaming audiences.  It's quite a relief to him then that he doesn't have any flesh and blood, for that is the sole reason that he's even a contender to begin with.  As he cannot grow tired, cannot be wounded, and cannot die by any known means, he resorts to simply wearing down his opponent until they are too exhausted to put up a fight any longer.

Win/loss record:
52 Wins / 7 Losses

Crowd's response:
The crowd doesn't quite know what to make of Desmond Saddler, the so-called "Headless Knight".  Most of his fights are played up purely for their entertainment value, quickly degrading into comedies involving the utter humiliation of otherwise skilled fighters as they make futile attempts to kill him, or setting various terrifying monsters on him and watching him run away screaming and get batted around like a ragdoll. 

Allies: Hettún; Dust
Enemies: The Ace of Pins...only because of his association with Hettún and Dust. 

If one had to describe Desmond in two words, those words would most certainly be Lovably Ineffectual.  Though he certainly looks quite fearsome, one need only talk with him for a few brief moments before realizing that he is far from the warrior that he claims to be.  His voice is wavering and infectiously cheerful, and though he tries to put on a scary front to intimidate others he is far too polite and friendly to be convincing.  His immortality has turned him into a bit of a thrill seeker, but though he's impervious to pain and unable to die he's every bit the coward that he was before being cursed.  He treats every battle like a performance, and wastes absolutely no opportunity to ham it up in front of a cheering audience.


Though he has countless different tales of his origins prepared for anyone who asks, most of which involve such daring feats as saving an entire harem of princesses, slaying mountain-sized dragons, and spitting in the face of some Emperor from a faraway land whose name changes with each retelling, his actual past is far, far more pathetic.  The son of a baker and a seamstress, Desmond was always cursed with unfathomably bad luck.  It's quite honestly a wonder that he lived long enough to become immortal in the first place, such was the number of times that he nearly fell to his death or broke every bone in his body.  He took clumsiness and raised it to an art form, constantly getting in the way of everybody he knew and earning the ire of all that crossed his path.  Besides causing more destruction and pandemonium in his village before the age of twelve than most normal citizens will ever instigate in their entire lives, his childhood was entirely unremarkable.

Though he was an aspiring actor, he had an atrocious habit of forgetting his lines and improvising new, gut-wrenchingly awful ones that were often complete non-sequiturs.  The only reason he was even allowed onto the stage in the first place was because his Uncle managed the locale theater, and because allowing him to work behind the state always resulted in broken set pieces and shattered limbs.  He was universally despised by most everyone, and grudgingly loved only by his parents.

It is little wonder then to learn that his cursed state is a direct result of his own habitual ineptitude.  Wandering into what he believed to be a costume shop to order supplies for the theater, he unceremoniously tripped over a suit of armor and brought an entire set of shelves crashing down about him before he had even so much said a single word to the moldering old woman behind the counter.  Aghast and enraged, the crone revealed herself to be a witch (coincidentally, she just so happened to live right across the street from an actual costume shop), and in a fit of anger she blasted the poor boy with every ounce of magical energy she could muster.  Though the intention had most likely been to simply vaporize him on the spot, Desmond found himself trapped within the very armor that he had stumbled into, while his old body crumbled to ashes beside him.

Though understandably distraught (after having run until he'd put a good three miles between himself and the shrieking witch), the young man decided that this twist of fate was exactly the opportunity he had been waiting for.  His prior clumsiness seemed to have vanished with his physical body, and after a time he even grew used to the lack of sensation.  From that day forward he played the role of the Cursed Knight, challenging mighty warriors and besting them in front of crowds or otherwise scaring the living daylights out of random pedestrians by popping his head off and making spooky noises.  It was only a matter of time before his exploits garnered the attention of the Arena.  He has since become close friends with Hettún and Dust, both of whom seem to genuinely enjoy his company. 

Theme song:

Samurai Champloo Soundtrack: Absolute [ Playlist OST]

Name: The Ace of Pins
Age: Unknown
Race: Devil
Sex: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weapons of choice: Spells
Runic Constructs: The Ace of Pins possesses the ability to create whatever weapons he chooses via the cursed markings tattooing his flesh, which tear themselves away from his body and melt together into a solid form.  These inky blades are every bit as deadly and real as any steel weapon, and are honed to an unnatural sharpness.  This same power can project multiple limbs, wings, or whatever else the foul devil can think to conjure up, but in his current state he does not possess enough power to create such constructs indefinitely.  His current limit is ten at any given time.
Wasting Breath: As a demon of Pride, he is able to cause other living things around him to weaken and grow ugly via the inhalation of noxious fumes.  This effect is only temporary, and the affected will revert back to their normal selves once their lungs have been purged of the gasses.  Beings that do not need to breathe are immune to this power.
Mirror Defense: The Ace's ultimate defensive spell, Mirror Defense renders him completely impervious to all harm and reflects non-physical attacks.  However, he is completely immobilized and incapable of attacking for the duration. 
Snap-Freeze: The atmosphere immediately surrounding The Ace of Pins is instantaneously lowered to -70°C.  This effect lasts three seconds before reverting to normal, and has a range of two feet.
Heat Burst: The atmosphere immediately surrounding The Ace of Pins is instantaneously raised to 200 ºC.  This effect otherwise has the same properties as Snap-Freeze.
Needle Storm: Thousands of hair-thin needles suddenly project themselves out from The Ace's body in all directions, attempting to impale anything within the immediate vicinity.  These needles can also be focused in a single direction instead.

Ultimate Vice: The Ace of Pins projects 10 limbs from his body and grasps his opponent with them, swiftly snapping the victim's bones apart and compressing them into a tiny, gruesome ball. 

The Ace of Pins enjoys making his extremely rare battles look completely effortless, often going so far as to tie his hands behind his back or impose other ridiculous handicaps in order to give his adversaries the illusion of an advantage.  At close range he is a terrifying force due to his various temperature-based spells and needle projections, to say nothing of his hand-to-hand skills, and at range he is capable of simply hiding behind his defenses indefinitely.  There is a reason why The Ace of Pins is only allowed to battle once or twice a year: it goes without saying that he will not lose.  At least, it used to.

Win/loss record:
Unknown Wins / 1 Loss

Crowd's response:
The Ace of Pins is the sort of gladiator that everyone loves to hate.  They despise his flawless victories as much as they enjoy watching the cold precision with which he slaughters his enemies.  He is as much a spectacle as he is a force of nature, and ticket sales shoot through the roof whenever he is scheduled to make an appearance. 

Allies: None.
Enemies: Just about every single other living being.  Hettún especially.

As one would expect from a demon of Pride, The Ace of Pins is extraordinarily vain, arrogant, and infuriatingly pompous.  He views everyone and everything with hatred, but reserves the vast majority of his spite for a certain Oni that once aroused his ire.  Everyone else may as well be as annoying gnats in his presence, and he is liable to ignore anyone that actually tries to address him without first kneeling or otherwise showing their respect.  He possesses absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever, and is loathed or feared by all.

It stands to reason then that the only reason The Ace of Pins is even present in the Arena is because he is there against his will.  In ages past, back when the Arena was first founded, it is said that The Ace was summoned from the Ninth Plane of Hell to serve as the ultimate opponent for those wishing to earn their freedom from the games.  Though the mages that bound him to this world severely limited his powers to keep him from breaking his bonds, this plan quickly went awry when it became apparent that no normal gladiator could ever hope to possibly best him in battle.  So it was decreed that The Ace would be used sparingly, to rile audiences up on particularly special occasions, fight high-ranking gladiators that proved themselves powerful enough to at least stand in the ring with him for more than a minute, or to clear out hordes of lesser gladiators that the crowds voiced their dislike for.

Suffice it to say that The Ace is none too happy with this arrangement, considering his current position as nothing more than a glorified janitor.  He will not hesitate to make it known that he is suicidally bored to anyone within earshot, or otherwise mutter hateful things towards Arena Officials and goad them into breaking the spells currently binding him.  His is a restless existence, and for many long years he had no other goal beyond finding some way to release himself from his bondage.  That is, until the day that, during a high profile festival, a drunken Oni barged into the stadium and swatted him aside like so much trash.  Before he could even recover from the blow the ogres he had been tasked with killing had already been defeated, and he had been cheated out of another win.  Because he was technically unable to defeat the opponents himself, a single notch was scarred into the Losses side of his record, permanently displaying his humiliation for all to see.

He is not a happy Devil.  No he is not.

Theme song:

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories [Music] - Devil's Laughter
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Trade mark added.

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Ok everyone is accepted, I will make the threads tonight, probably after dinner. I will have a OOC/Hype forum where we can plan fights, look into maybe adding fake storylines to give the fans drama, talk out of character, plan new rules and matches and everything else.

A Arena Thread where all of the fights will be hosted

And a Down Time thread where all the drama and hardships of being a celebrity come to fruition, romances, outside fights, kidnappings, whatever. For the sake of everything you can have a fight and downtime at the same time you just can't talk about your fight until you finish it.

As for the system, I'm all for free-form. Looking at most of the special moves it seems like forcing dice rolls would take from their moves over all.

So long as everyone agree's I'm going to instead use guidlines.

1.) No utter invincibility, Shihong did it right by allowing his strength to build but not come invulnerable to wounds, and everything. EVERYTHING must have a fatal flaw, if you want to be fair more then a few. I'm not saying have a glass jaw but if you're invincible it probably means you don't like losing, odds are your opponent isn't thrilled.

2.) No Auto-Hits, pretty straight forward, unless you know for absolute certain there is no way your attack can miss or have planned it out with your opponent, allow them a chance for a reasonable counter.

3.) No avoiding everything, pretty much the opposite of auto-hits, you can't avoid everything. And for the sake of making things interesting for everyone it might be for the best too allow your champion to take a few blows, keep things interesting. But regardless you can't dodge everything. So don't do it.

4.) Magic has it's limits, Aside from physical blood traits magic has it's limits. I'm not too picky on smaller magics that wear on you, but big magics, like meteors and instant kill magics need a drawback to justify it. Leon's drawback is if he uses too much of his will and his flames outmatches his own, he loses himself too it, and risks never returning. So if there isn't one, give your champion a reason not to use it.

5.) Don't interfere in matches that aren't your own.

Any other ideas feel free to share them

Offline sinoraa

Should i make a new sheet with, Sinoraa's weakness?

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 You don't need to broadcast them, just keep them in mind

Offline CrazyIvan

I added my trademark moves or rather the description of his rage forms.

Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

With your berserk forms if he can't feel pain and won't be stopped you need to allow it take more damage or you need to tone it down. That's way too many one sided abilities.

Post your profiles in the OCC so you can update them regularly yourselves. Otherwise I'll set up a bracket for matches in a sec.

The Occ thread

The Arena

The Down time thread

Offline CrazyIvan

He does take more damage as he forgets to dodge as he gets higher up in the berserker forms. He just charges at the enemy without any real intelligence. He can only truly control the first form and the second form for a bit, once he loses control he just really goes mad and goes berserk just attack like a crazy man. I can still rework it, even I see some problems, and they are more general overviews of them as well.

Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

Just don't go overboard with it.

And once again next chance everyone get's post your profiles in the OOC thread, that way you can update as you get new friends and allies, or moves, styles, and wins and loses.

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Yo, are you still accepting people into this?I'm sure i have a good character in mind and would jump at a chance at this. If your too full though I understand.

Offline Shihong

We still don't have that many people at the moment.  I just went a bit overboard and made multiple characters.  ;D  So unless Untamed says otherwise, I'm sure you could join in.