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Author Topic: Lookin' for a decent roleplay. Any takers?  (Read 677 times)

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Offline ifrappeTopic starter

Lookin' for a decent roleplay. Any takers?
« on: April 15, 2010, 12:06:31 AM »

Sooooo, I've been trying to find decent roleplayers for a while now...
the ones I was really interested in are currently busy or have yet to get back with me. This leaves me in quite the pickle, seeing as I'm rather bored and actually have time on my hands.

I'm not asking for much.
A while back I was teased with the idea of a master/slave roleplay, but my partner sort of jumped ship and left me stranded.
She came to me with an idea/request. I thought, "hey, this could be cool." I quickly jumped into designing a character, made an intro and discussed a setting and all sorts of twistsandstuff with her; only to have her leave me with an empty promise. I had gotten my hopes up for nothing.

So you see my problem?
I'm terribly bored and in need of a good, laid-back roleplay.
I don't care about your literacy level--just so long as every sentence isn't just 'he/she smiled' and you can type coherently. I usually try to match whatever you give me, so if you're a little more advanced that's fine : ) However, I'm really looking for a no-pressure roleplay right now, so...yeah.


The general idea that we settled on was a master/slave setting. She was to play a vampire and I a hellhound.
My hellhounds are /hybrids/. They are bound to whoever has the other half of their heart and are /human/, to some extent. They do have another form, though. However, they are primarily humanoid.

Want details/more info on this?
Pm me, please :'D I'd love you forever if you would do this roleplay with me.
(And, by the way; we can change the roles and such a little if you so desire.)


Yeah. I'm adding that I'm also really into the idea of a gods and goddesses roleplay.

'cause, y'know. I'm always interested in any of these.
(Bare with me on the parts that have been repeated.)


So, yeah.
I only recently got accepted, so I'm kind of new to this layout. Haven't had any trouble with the fonts yet, at least.

I'm searching for a roleplay partner.
Male or female.
"One that looks nice. And not too expensive!" hurhurhur.
(But, seriously. I need to stop watching Monty Python...)

Seeing as I am at a loss for my usually long and detailed posts, I think I'll mention that this will start off with none too high expectations. This isn't to say that I or you will be writing one liners, of course.
Sometimes I'm inspired--sometimes I am not. This is a hard fact of life.
All I'm saying is, "there won't be any pressure to cough out a ten paragraph reply." I want to enjoy this roleplay, not expire prior to clicking 'send'.

I don't care if it's over IM, E-mail, PM or whatever. I care about your comfort and will cater to almost anything that your little heart desires.
My first priority is to make you, my roleplay partner, comfortable. It's no fun when the one on one requester is calling all the shots--I want us both to have fun.
I have no limits (obviously), but I will quickly point out that I'm straight. Therefore, I don't feel comfortable with m/m or f/f.
I find incest...creepy. But, that's just me. Distant relations and whatever are fine.

I'll do just about anything else.
But, meh.
PM me or whatever if you're interested!


Copied from my site:

{*} = the more, the better.
{!} = currently craving.
{x} = haven't tried yet.


{****}{!} Medieval

{****} Masquerade

 {****} Mythology

{***} Thieves

{****} Assassins

{***} Dragon Riders/Dragon Academy

{****}{!} Vampires

{****} Robin Hood

{**}{!} Kidnapped

{****}{!} Gods & Goddesses

 {***} Werewolves

{****} Modern

{***} Gifted

{****} Gifted Running from the Government

{****} {!} Creatures Market


{***} The Underground Railroad

{****} Titanic

{****}{!} The Great Fire of Rome's Aftermath

 {****} Indians / Cowboys

{****} Medieval

{****} Masquerade

{***} Thieves

{****} Assassins

{**} 50's

{***} Victorian


{****} Coffee Shoppe

{***} Gifted

{****} Gifted Running from the Government

{*} High School

{****} Band

{...} Getting tired here. Uh, pretty much anything can go for this one.


{***} Lord of the Rings

{****}{!} Ranger's Apprentice

{****} Hawksong: the Third Generation

{**} Spiderwick Chronicles

Shows and Movies:

Go ahead and suggest something when you contact me. I've seen a lot of shows and movies xD;;

Things I Will NOT Roleplay:

Marauders / Harry Potter / Whatever it's called
Wolves / Animals
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Offline Gerald

Re: Lookin' for a decent roleplay. Any takers?
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2010, 03:27:02 PM »
After reading through your request twice I can see that you indeed are in need of a time of shared play.  I read that you set up the original thought with another female, but since you have no preferences set into the site as yet I do not know if that is your choice, or something that just happened.  If you are willing to play out such a role with a male, I am considered literate and a worthy partner to play against.  I would insist that the counterpart to your character be male however, though I can portray a female to some degree, it is not nearly so convincing as playing what I am...a heterosexual male at heart.

PM me if you're interested.  As always, I recommend you read a couple of posts of my works to know whether we are compatible first *grins*


Offline ifrappeTopic starter

Re: Lookin' for a decent roleplay. Any takers?
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2010, 11:27:43 PM »
Drat. Hrrm.

I'd also like to add that I've been looking sort of forward to a gargoyle-esque roleplay.
I'm quite into fantasy, as it would seem >>

Offline Decrepitdan

Re: Lookin' for a decent roleplay. Any takers?
« Reply #3 on: June 11, 2010, 01:50:02 AM »
Look me over and see if any of my ideas would work for you. I'd love to organize something with you. :)