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Author Topic: The End of time (Free form exotic) All races welcome, needs lots of people  (Read 624 times)

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Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

What if you woke up and suddenly found yourself lost? Awakened into a world that is deteriorating, and corroding. Full of beasts and demons the likes in which you’ve seen only in nightmares. The people who exist seem to have no hope, and many fight only to survive to too see another morning’s light. What if, you were trapped there?

As the end of time approached the more powerful of the industrial clients began to realize that everything was dying. When time ended everything ended and it appeared mankind and all the creatures to surface since the beginning of time would be wiped clean with it’s coming. Death was no longer a tireless shadow but a loaming force rising to see the end of everything begin. This company began researching a means to preserve their own future, a beginning to the end given too them. They came close but a flaw in the experiment lead to the destruction of the head researchers, and as the army of death descended upon the world those who were left were wiped out. Little is known about their research other then the creation of a “Messiah” planted with a “seed.” So long as the seed is allowed to flourish it’s said a new hope would be created, and with the corrosion of the company a message was left. “All across time there are those called upon to become something greater, a champion of their time, culture, and race. When “God” calls upon those champions the way to the future may bud in light,”

When you awaken into this world the first thing you hear, is the only thing that should matter. For all of those who awaken in the world that does not belong is greeted by the same voice. A light, soft, soothing voice, belonging to a young girl whom they have never heard. “the seed has called for you,”

Ok while I’m positive there can be many extreme moments in this, it’s a exotic freeform RP, I’ve come up with. It’d be nice to have a good following. The only thing I really care about is no invincible warriors and such.

The plot revolves around a girl crafted from the company, (which was more or less a act of magic). The girl is underage towards the policy being 10-13,  as such she’s fragile, innocent, and defenseless. And she’s being hunted, she carries the “seed” inside of her heart. She has called the those with the greatest amount of potential from their respective times to protect her on her journey as she first journey’s to awaken her potential, before being taken to the valley of death (the evil fortress) to create a new hope and bring forth the beginning instead of the end.

Death has manifested into a humanoid form where he has raised all sorts of undead. We’re talking skeletons, ghouls, vampires, wraiths, reapers, as well as Demons and Lycans to answer his call. This is the war at the end of time. Being bound to a mortal form Death can be slain but no one has the ability to do so in a fair contest.

The side fighting against death would consist of the opposite, angels, elves, dwarves, etc. The world is completely fictional so try not to get caught up in the details. Regardless what we’d need to get the story started for sure are

The Seed: (If interested PM I’ll explain more of what she is in depth for a better understanding)
Death: (Is the main antagonist of the story, if interested PM and I’ll let you know what needs to be added to your profile)
Life: (A leader against death slowing it’s advance)
Defenders 2-5: (These guys protect the Seed, they are the greatest heroes of their time)
Hunters 2-10: (These guys hunt the seed and seek to destroy the hope)
Generals of life: (these guys serve in active war on the side of life. They lead the battles and under Life’s banner seek to continue their existence and right to live)
Generals of Death: (Same thing as the ones of life just on the otherside)

And the profile skeleton

Note*: when it comes to magic except for the seed and death any magic presented should have a consequence of some kind for using it. This only really pertains to the more powerful of magic. Little spells aren’t so big of a deal but doing something that is almost like instant death needs a drawback

User: (account title)
Name: (name of character)
Age: (age)
Sex: (gender)
Race: (Human, demon, angel, elf, half-breed, not being very picky)
Weapon: (What weapons do you carry)
Magic: (What magic do you have. Note the stronger the magic the bigger the drawbacks to using it should be.)
Drawback: (The drawback of using your magic)
Trademark Attack: (A last resort technique that serves are your strongest attack)
Strength: (What attributes makes this character shine. Courage, endurance, speed, etc.)
Weakness: (Where does this character lack in strength, Courage, endurance, speed, etc.)
Personality: (The habits, hobbies, and pet peeves of the character)
Bio: (Background not everyone needs to be summoned)
Appearance:  (A pic or description of the character.)

Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

My main character will be this guy, and he's a guardian to the seed. I'll also make others as needed to make sure everyone has something to do.

User: Untamed_skies   
Name: Leon Skies
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Race: Half-angel
Weapon: Longsword, small blades
Magic: White Fire of Terra: Forging- The ability to forge the elements around him into various metals and weapons
                                              Burning- Basic fire ball
                                              Purging- The ability to purge a soul to it’s bare roots (meaning say a reaper has absorbed a high number of souls Leon can burn the souls free)
                                             Magic Burn- Can attack Magic as it would burn a person
                                          Wind- Can manipulate the wind to help with his flight and speed and such
Drawback: The white flame has it’s own will and mindset, if ever it’s will becomes stronger then his (which happens as he uses it) he is lost too it and loses himself forever. As such the majority of the time Leon sticks to using simple forging and burning as these on small scales take less of his strength too use. He also fears losing control of it greatly, and tends to hesitate and hold himself back because of that fear, which is also a drawback of having it.
Trademark: Razuken- He extends all of his different attributes onto his sword, burning through purging, destroying matter, and magic as he propels himself at his highest speed. Whether he cuts through or not he leaves a piece of his flame behind on his opponent. He then proceeds to ignite it and capture his opponent in a torrent of his flame.
Strengths: Will- Forced to master his flame and keep it in check has given him a very strong will, as such he has a far greater tolerance to influences
              Endurance- Sometimes he’s been known to continue to stand well beyond his physical limits.
                      Speed- Instead on focusing on physical power he focused on speed and is extremely quick.
Weakness: Strength- While he isn’t a pushover, his body is set for speed and in a test of strength against someone with a great amount of it, he’ll lose
                         Fear- He is very worried and afraid of losing control of his white fire. And as such has greatly held himself back and hesitated at some crucial points in his life.
                    Passion- Leon is overtly passionate and just the slightest bit naïve. His passion gets ahead of himself and often he get’s in over his head.
Personality: Leon has save the world syndrome to a incredibly high degree, and tends to disregard his own safety often and quickly to help others. He has lost some of his seriousness as he’s grown, but tends to hold a very knight like personality. Though he’s kind he’s distant
Bio: Leon Skies is the son of Claire Skies, in his time Claire was responsible for stopping hell’s ascension into heaven as well as many other battles in which she protected the earth itself from the influences of either. As such she wasn’t very popular, and when she gave birth to a half-angel her son inherited the prejudice. He lost his mother at the age of 7 when the rest of his family was murdered alongside her. From that point on, Leon shouldered the hardships of being a half angel on his own, stuck with the powers that he inherited from his mother without the knowledge or the experience to control it, his teen tears were harsh and miserable for him.
When he was 17 however he happened upon a tomb where the Vampire Mistress Sakura had been lured into a false sleep and she had been trapped for a hundred years. Upon freeing her, the two became close and eventually Sakura adopted him as a soon. It wasn’t long after that, one of hell’s princess’s Morbid came into his life. And two fell in love.
Over the following years a series of wars broke out in which the world saw Sultana, Schuyler, and Risir Torrent rise and fall. All of which Leon held a hand in.
Leon married Morbid at 18, and had two children with her, Annrika and Shea. His blade is lifted too protect them, and upon being summoned the world he has agreed to preserve the future in return for transported back home where his family will find he had never left. Above all else Leon loves his family, and will do anything to hold them in his arms once more.
Appearance: Face:
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Offline Odin

I Like what I see!

Question though; is it one or the other? As in, can we play both evil and good characters? Separately of course... Two characters, in other words?

Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

If you want multiple characters I won't discriminate against where you want to put them. Just keep in mind if you make a hunter and a guardian there is a chance you'll have to fight yourself which may or may not be fun.

Though the Seed and Death need to be separate users

Offline Odin

I See.

And do the guardians know what and why they are protecting, or just following orders?

Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

Depends on how long you want them in the world. Leon has been on there for awhile so he's reached a understanding of what's going on and is looking for the girl. If you're brand new you're probably just wandering around confused.

I plan on having everyone collide in a single city to start with when the rp begins.

Offline Ex68471

I am most definitely interested, but unfortunately do not have the time right now to write a character sheet. So, I will fill one out for you ASAP. :D