DnD 3.5 Forgotten Realms Solo Game Wanted [Update]

Started by RubySlippers, April 07, 2010, 09:46:42 PM

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A nice role-playing heavier with some adventuring game is what I want with basic rules character classes and using setting sources for the character, nothing complicated or fancy.

So looking for a DM.

Update: Like to start at fairly low level 2nd(?) and no IM this should be on the message boards here.


Hi, new to the board but not to GM D&D.
If you are still interested, what kind of character are you interested in playing?


Depends on the starting level and how I roll. But likely a normal young woman making her way in the world but not necessarily an adventuress more she gets out and had to deal with things that come up and it IS Faerun so there is amply things to do. I fancy being in Waterdeep at least to start and maybe a rogue mostly due to the fact she grew up not in the best parts of the city.

Depends really on my die rolls but will be a human.


Rogue is good for a single adventure, maybe a first level stepping out on her adventures.
Does she have a family and this is her rebellion or she is a street child?
To throw an idea into the mix I am thinking along the lines of she is hired bu a fixer to do various things?
What ideas do you have?