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Author Topic: Darwishi's Superheroine Characters  (Read 7509 times)

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The Shield
« Reply #25 on: January 20, 2013, 12:25:11 AM »
The Shield

Name: Alexandria Powers
Age: 28
Height: 6'
Build: Extremely fit, but with ample womanly curves.  She has D-Cup breasts along with a white-girl bubble butt that the paparazzi have fallen in love with.
Occupation: Superheroine
Income: $300k/year. SHIELD doesn't want their agents being bought out. 
History: Alexandria once was the only woman to ever make it into the U.S. military's special forces group.  Most civilians only ever called it an urban legend that the Delta force actually existed and that the men in such a force would be the ultimate American heroes that would never get recognition for their duties.  All of that is true, save for the part about it being all men.  The team would take on any missions deemed too dangerous or heated for the U.S. military to get directly involved with due to bullshit politics.  The team itself was made up of nine men and one woman.  Often they would go on missions with two to six people leaving the group almost completely undetectable.

Almost.  After two years spent with the force, age 23, Alexandria was sent on a mission that she would never forget.  She and five other men were sent to Iraq after hearing about a nuclear device that would wipe out all but a specific group in the country.  They had some kind of special armor that would not only protect them from the blast, but they could also hide under ground.  Her mission was to find the bomb and disable it to save thousands of troupes' lives.  They'd been given a new Stark Industry advancement in armor themselves, an adamantium weave that looks like normal fatigues and would even stretch and work like normal cloth.  Even had the same weight which she found amazing, since most adamanitum items are so rigid and weigh a ton.  Leave it to a super genius to come up with a way to make it flexible and light-weight.

On the mission they'd finally found the location of the bomb in a major city.  They were to disarm and bring it back if at all possible.  Each had training in bomb diffusing skills, plus knowledge of how to lessen the blast radius so that not as many people would lose their lives.  Alexandria and her team secured the rooftop where the bomb was located and she toiled away on it with her second-in-command Robert.  Hours upon hours were spent disarming the nuclear device until it was a worthless hunk of metal.  That's when one of the guys spotted something moving in the night.  There was no flame behind the missile yet there it was.  By the time Grant spotted it, the missile had already breached the perimeter.  In a moment of instinct Alexandria pushed Robert away from her and the bomb.  When the missile hit the bomb itself everything went white for miles.

The worst of the explosion had been contained to four very concentrated blocks of nuclear power.  Rather than wipe out a whole city they had just leveled those four blocks.  One survivor.  When Alexandria opened her eyes she saw the light of a helicopter shining down on her now-nude form.  She'd been wearing a helmet with goggles to help her see.  It was in case the bomb went off.  Everyone else had removed theirs with the thought that the bomb was diffused.  It was, it would have never gone off without something blowing up inside of it.  Undoubtedly that's exactly what purpose the missile served.  She passed out again not long after seeing the four blocks being leveled.

The next several weeks flew by.  SHIELD had other plans for her than for her to remain hidden and unseen in Delta Force.  It became quickly obvious, through a series of tests, that she'd become just as invincible as the suit she'd been wearing at the time of the explosion.  Somehow being within inches of the bomb fused her skin, muscles, organs, and bones with the adamantium weave, giving her impenetrable skin.  She still looks and feels the same, her skin still gives to the pressure of a needle but it doesn't break

SHIELD, at the time, had been starting up with a new program to give them wide-spread recognition and great PR.  They called it "The Shield" program.  Placing superheroes throughout the world in major cities to help the "everyday" man get home safe from work.  Each soldier was hand picked and given a Shield uniform that always had some kind of colors to represent the country they were placed in.  Normally they were given suits that would help them achieve super human feats, such as lifting five tons above their heads, flight, a degree of invulnerability, and sometimes super speed (maybe Mach 1 at best).  However it quickly became apparent that with humans (and they did only want humans running things) they could only bend the laws of physics so much.  Too much weight, speed, or flight would eventually result in crushed bones, too vast pressure changes, and that would result in their men dying.  Each man was picked for their services, their dedication to right and wrong, and their ruggedly handsome appearances.

Enter Alexandria.  Up to this point in The Shield program they'd only used men.  Alexandria was essentially human with one ability that wasn't too spectacular.  Not until one considered that her body is now invincible.  She could take more than the average human could.  They could give her more strength, more speed, have her fly higher and faster.  With the U.S.A.'s movement towards women in power it was the perfect time to introduce a woman for The Shield program.  They recruited her, put her through the necessary training for being a superheroine (namely to look good for the cameras, become friendly, and look damn good for the paparazzi), then gave her a new suit that would far outclass anything they had built thus far. 

It had been modeled after Captain America's outfit, making sure to highlight that she stands up for America and that she won't be backing down any time soon.  Often she'd get missions from other cities and fly their herself.  It was the ultimate PR stunt to have people spot her flying over their city and knowing full well she's going to be gone to help someone else in need.  The greatest thing about Alexandria is that she didn't need that much training in public relations.  Her personality allowed her to smile at the right times, tear up at the right times, and even seem hard and cold at the exact right moments.  All right in front of the cameras.  With her love of saving lives, eating up the public relations, she was an instant hit for SHIELD.  She often goes by "Shield" instead of The Shield on camera.  The public loves her, criminals despise her, and most men want nothing more than to meet her.  Four years later (it took a solid year for them to come up with a suit for her and put her through the proper training) she's the United States' poster child for what a superheroine should be.   

Superheroine Costume: Her costume, referenced above, is a solid blue bodysuit that appears to be spandex.  It's actually made of unstable molecules (explained below).  There's a red and white striped belt that covers her abdominal region completely and fits to her body quite well.  It zips up in the back, and isn't obvious, but isn't hidden either. She has knee-high, thick-soled, red boots, and matching red gloves.  Her sleeves are white and there's a big white star embroidered on her chest.  Her mask is attached to the rest of the suit and pulls over the top of her head, having a hole in back for her hair to hang out of it...


Belt/Suit: Through advances in technology, the belt houses a plethora of pocket dimensions which fuel the unstable molecules to simulate certain abilities that could not otherwise be achieved.
Super Strength: She can bench up to 25 tons. Normally this kind of modification wouldn't be possible, but with the guarantee that her bones won't break under her own strength, SHIELD has decided to up the ante.
Flight:  She can fly up to Mach 3, but in dense areas whether it be jungles or cities, leaves her only able to fly at 120 mph otherwise she can't react in time to avoid running into trees or buildings.
Belt's Pocket Dimensions: All Alexandria has to do is put on the belt and she transforms into The Shield.  The suit is held in the pocket dimensions of the belt, and so,  through a specially made program, when she puts on the belt, it'll take her current clothing off and put the Shield suit back in in less than a hundredth of a second, making it appear as if she's transforming. And of course, the pocket dimensions are able to supply the suit's powers.
Unstable Molecules: While not an actual ability, the unstable molecules will take on the properties of whatever they're in contact with.  So this is where she gets her powers from since the belt is also in contact with her.  The suit, of course, being in contact with Alexandria will be just as unbreakable as she is.
Mask: Her mask has several features embedded in it as well.  Top of the line technology allows her to have night vision and thermal vision.  She also gets a heads-up display (HUD) coupled with a Wi-Fi connection so that she may access records at a given time.  The process takes time, though, so it could be several minutes before she knows anything about a stolen car, or a warrant for someone's arrest.

Wrist Shooters- Along each of her wrists are three shields that resemble the large one she carries on her right arm.  Each of the miniature shields are about the size of a sand dollar.  They can be shot and ricocheted off of a wall or a car, the force is meant only to feel like someone of normal, but strong, strength hitting them with their fist.  The triggers for these are on her hands, and she has back up mini-shields on her boots, but it takes time to reload.
Shield- Her shield is her most valuable weapon.  It's made of a synthetic vibranium alloy able to withstand impacts from bullets and blades alike.  It dampens electricity and radiation attacks.  Plus it can be thrown to ricochet and take out multiple targets with a single throw.  Thrown correctly and her shield will come back to her.
Lock-Pick Kit- She has four of these kits hidden on her person.  Two are in her gloves on her suit, not in the gauntlets that house the wrist shooters.  There are also two on either boot, hidden in the thick sole.  With a series of specific pressure activated points it will come loose and allow her to access the blades and the lock picks hidden there. 
Small Blades- There are small thin blades hidden in her gloves like the lock picks, and also there are small blades in the kits on the soles of her boots.  Where she can pick the locks of handcuffs or locks on a cell door with the lock picks, she can cut through rope just as easily with one of these blades. 

Abilities: Unbreakable. Most people grow up getting cuts and bruises, even broken bones. 

Invincible does not mean Invulnerable: Alex is flesh.  While this flesh may not be broken, she can still be bludgeoned into unconsciousness.  The less surface area the more pain.  High caliber bullets will hurt more than low caliber bullets.  A blade will hurt more than a bat.  Essentially it's equivalent to beating up a person but she's not going to die from internal bleeding.

She can also be poisoned just like anyone else.  The only exception to this rule is that she cannot be injected with anything.  Though if you slip something into her food, clamp an ether-soaked rag over her face, or even spray her with mace, she will react the same as anyone else. 
Heroes Code:  While she has more leeway than her predecessor, she's still obligated to save a civilian first and foremost, even if that means letting a villain or criminal get away just to save the innocent.  And though SHIELD makes this a mandatory law for The Shield agents, she holds herself to this standard and would never consider letting someone die just to pursue a villain and/or common criminal.
Belt: This should be obvious, but perhaps not.  Removing her belt will remove all of her suit's powers leaving her with only the natural power of being unbreakable.  While the belt is clasped together with an adamantium zipper and a clip that keeps it from unzipping in mid battle, those are the only two obstacles standing in one's way from removing the belt.

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Epoch (Epic)
« Reply #26 on: January 20, 2013, 12:25:46 AM »

Name: Tamara Baylor
Age: 18
Job: College Freshman
Power Bracelet- Can stop time, allow her to go back in time, slow time, speed it up, etc.

Poison/Drugs-Any and all work against her
Power: She can only manipulate time for three minutes relative to her not to the world.  After which, the bracelet needs to recharge for three hours.
Bracelet: Can be stolen
Beat-Up: She's not very skilled in hand-to-hand.

Costume: See Below

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« Reply #27 on: January 20, 2013, 01:14:47 AM »

Name: Phoebe Grant
Age: 20
Occupation: Ex-Olympian Gymnast Author.  She's written several books on being a mutant under her pen name "Lillian Thompson".  For being so young, she has an extraordinary talent for writing down her life experiences on paper and getting people to read it.
Income: Residual income off of her books.  It varies, but it's enough to live pretty comfortably in Santa Monica (or Manhattan if in Marvel).
Marital Status: Single.
Abilities: Growth.  In simplest terms she can alter her height proportionately to the rest of her body.  Meaning she'll keep the same figure/build throughout, but she can grow or shrink according to her will...most of the time. She can also make anything within a couple of relative centimeters of her skin grow or shrink as well. 
Grow: She can grow up to twenty stories tall.  Naturally she also gains strength and the weight that comes along with that.  Her skin gets a hell of a lot tougher (if only, for bullets are more like grains of sand at that height) and she can simply crush things with ease.  Also, if she gathers a wound while she's extremely big, the size of the wound and the thing that caused it will be proportional if she shrinks.  Therefore if she gets shot and the bullet hole is a relative pin-prick in size, then when she shrinks back down to normal, the bullet and the wound will still be just a pin-prick.
Shrink:  Shrinking is a bit trickier of a process, if for only she's a hell of a lot more fragile in this state.  Her body becomes slightly more dense than she should be at such a small size, but it's her body's way of not dying if she should get stepped on.  Her smallest height is one-inch.


Gymnastics: She's been in gymnastics since just after she learned to walk.  While she's young, she did manage to make the Olympics in 2004 but got disqualified when her blood tests turned up she was a mutant.  And at the time the abilities had not surfaced yet.

Emotions: Some people can hide their emotions, some people wear their emotions on their sleeve, and Phoebe can only hope that her emotions don't take control.  If she's depressed she'll shrink, normally by only a few inches, but she's been known to become sad enough that she's let herself become half as tall as she should be. Putting her at a whopping 2'8".  On the opposite end, if she's feeling over confident, or ridiculously happy that she just can't control herself, she will likely grow a few inches.  Most she's ever grown, though is about a foot.  Giving herself an Amazonian look but nothing that's too out of the ordinary.  Still, when you're trying to keep a secret about being a superheroine, this can be a big problem.
The bigger she is: The harder she falls.  She has to be extremely careful when she's at some of her larger heights.  If she slips, or falls, she could wind up crushing cars, people, and causing small tremors that could very well feel like earthquakes.  It also means she can't fit into small alleys, and must have an open area in which to grow.
The smaller she is: The easier it is to knock her out.  If she's stepped on, luckily, she won't be like a bug and get her guts splattered everywhere.  But she will definitely be knocked unconscious.  Not to mention she has to watch out for animals bigger than herself, and she can also be picked up and crushed fairly easily.  Again, luckily she won't die, but she has the relative strength of a girl of a particular height.
The more normal she is: In terms of height, between the heights of five and seven feet she's more normal than anything else.  Meaning that all normal weaknesses apply.
Gas: Fumes, knock out gas, tear gas, pretty much any type of gas, no matter her size, will do her in.  Granted, it takes larger amounts if she's big, than if she's tiny, but the stuff still does her in.
Naive: She's relatively new to being a superheroine, and therefore hasn't experienced all the horrors that it has to offer. 
Martial Arts: She's agile, and quick, but against someone with actual martial arts experience (rather than the couple of self defense classes she's taken) she's no match on a normal level.
Transformation Time: It takes time to transform into something large or small from her average height.  About five seconds both ways, although if she changes too quick, or without the proper concentration, she could overshoot the target height.  Also, changing rapidly between big and small will wear her out quickly, so if she's getting squeezed, it wouldn't do her to transform into her normal or bigger than normal size, since that would likely just wear her out just as fast.
Concentration:It takes a certain amount of stamina and concentration to transform willingly.  Once in a size, she can hold it for as long as she wants, the problem really comes in when she can't concentrate.  That's why her emotions get the better of her sometimes. The down side is that transforming too many times will wear her out quickly.  Or if she's in a state, be it drugged, worn out, scared, angry, or what have you, where she can't concentrate then she can't change sizes on her own accord.

She wears a dark-red bodysuit that has three black rings in the center of her chest.  The center ring is thicker than the inner and outer rings.  And despite it looking something like a target, she's not thought of that application.  She was just going for a unique way to display her abilities without giving too much away.  Her eyes are covered in a black domino mask that conforms to her face and 'pinches' together at the bridge of her nose.  It's just bulky enough to hid her identity and just form fitting enough so it doesn't block her line of vision.  She wears a black belt around her waist, and knee-high black boots with 1.5" heels.  That's the limit that her ability will cover to make it bigger when she grows so that's what she wears.  She also wears black gloves about her hands, though that's about all they cover. 
Alternative Superheroine Costume: Is the same as the one above, but it's a leotard, leaving her legs bare, and the boots only cover her ankles.  This suit also doesn't sport the belt that the other does. She does still wear the gloves and mask though.
Alternative Superheroine Costume 2: Is the same as the one above, but it's more like a swimsuit with a solid back, leaving her arms and legs bare, and the boots only cover her ankles.  This suit also doesn't sport the belt that the other does. She does still wear the gloves and mask though.

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Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name: Mi Young Moon
Alias: Hack & Slash, Slash, Cyber-Goddess
Job: Professional Dancer
Computer Interface: She can indirectly interface with computers, using an avatar to battle viruses/badguys within computers and the internet.  Or if she finds the avatar is too weak she can boost her power by jumping into the internet herself to eliminate the threat. She can also control anything with a microchip (which is most everything now) without even touching it, or she can jump into it and be absorbed by said microchip, allowing her to control it (works well on cars).

Digitalized Armor: Her skills in the virtual world also translate to the real world.  While she may be more powerful there than in the real world, she also has a way to transform into the silver and blue suit below.  Which ramps up her strength and speed by ten, and allows her faster access to all computer networks.  In the virtual world this transformation comes as an added bonus after she jumps into the system itself allowing her greater protection and faster hacking skills.

Skills: Multi-task, martial arts, swimming, and hacking. She could hack even before she got powers.

Concentration-Her avatar requires her to be at a computer to control it.  She can also feel whatever the avatar feels.  Plus if she's significantly distracted in the real world, then it weakens her avatar, whatever happens to it happens to her and vice versa.

Terminal-If she's in cyber-space and her terminal is shut off she must find another exit.  Or if a hacker is good enough they can "download" her to their terminal where she'll appear right in front of them.  This could make traveling the world easy, but extremely dangerous too.