Idea to role play. looking for female.

Started by Lucius Cornelius, April 07, 2010, 05:27:49 AM

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Lucius Cornelius

the plots
i play m/ f pairing, and in one to one, i like  that my partner gender is the same that her character gender.

pleaase check  on-offs first, and please , if you loose your interest when playing, is it ok, just tell me.

idea1: (already playing)
two high-scool student's in their last year (assume both to be 18), nothing serious has happen between the two yet, but they already have had a date...
finals are nearby, so they go to study together in her room,but they are not home alone, her parents are in home.
The boy (me) is thinking in do a move... how she will react? do he dare to move on her with her parents on the house?
is she going to tease him with parents around?.

The situation can go from non con to only voyeur or romantic encounter, feel free to pm me if you like the idea, and we can chat about the plot if you want to change something    . (already playing)

idea2 :
variant of the student scene.(1)
You are a college student with problems in one of your subjects, so you go to see your teacher to his office so he can explain you some part of the subject, you tend to tease with the man, bur really don't want any serious with the teacher. he misunderstood you, and begin to tease you back and even harass you. You don't now what to do...
i think that this idea tends to non-con but i'm open to talk about it.
or if you like it, you can be the mature teacher who put's an eye on a younger student and try to seduce (or force) him.

Idea3 .
the scort
You loved him, you always loved him, sadly he has no eyes for you,  he is a little older, he has a girlfriend and , in fact, he is the brother of your best friend so he looks like you as his other sister. what you don't know is that her sister has a plan. You and her are going to attend to a concert of a relative unknown band in a little and dark club, but your friends quits in the las minute. Yon don't minds  as she convinces his brother to go with you....

In the road.
It has been a hard semester, you came back to your parent's house from the college, you have to drive a whole day but you are happy about it. "holidays" you think to yourself, suddenly in you rearview you see a blue light... uoh oh , police has stop your... what do you do?

idea 5.

Post apocaliptic world.
a lethal illness has spread around the world, killing almost all population in the world, even worst, 80% survivors has become mad, you are one of the little  sane survivors  in a big city, looking to survive...
opem from here.

very similar ideas.
It's about a holidays in a luxury cruise, or in a resort . Two people who was very closed before but has not seen in many time, meet in this holidays.
the idea would be two ex-lovers find there , both now are married but their marriages are not going well. perhaps is time to check the other interest...

a twist, if you don't like the idea of cheating , they are younger and they are with they parents (as graduation prize?) they have a crush  on each other but they has no dated yet... perhaps they can begin now.

well , the basic idea is two persons that love to stay together, but must hide their feelings  when they are with other people, .

all the plot's and ideas are open  we can talk about the plot. it can go from romantic to non con. write me and tell me what do you like.

The Exiled

Usually, I don't go in for human stories. But I've decided to invest my interest into this. We can touch base over instant messages or Private Messages if you wish.

Lucius Cornelius

Lucius Cornelius

Lucius Cornelius


hey there, I really like idea 3 I had an rp very similar to that going on in LKH but the room that we played it in has closed, if you want we can kind of combine ideas?

Lucius Cornelius

Lucius Cornelius