Wolfy wants a Naga/Lamia Pregnancy RP. (partner found!)

Started by Wolfy, April 03, 2010, 07:17:14 PM

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It would be a romance, between Human male and Naga/Lamia female. She wouldn't start off pregnant, but rather become that way during the course of the RP.

The two are already living together and in a relationship, they just haven't went "That far" yet, but they are sleeping in the same bed.

Sooooo....anyone interested?


I have no idea what a Naga or Limia is. But I like the idea.


Sorry Mistiq, but I think I've found someone for the role..thanks for your interest, though. :D...Perhaps when this game is over I'll re-open the idea. ^-^


You bastard!!! *Hits Wolfy's head off with a baseball bat* Eh, whatever! You would probably quit aftrr our first round anyway...*Storms off*
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