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August 12, 2022, 10:58:31 pm

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Author Topic: My Ideas for rps  (Read 915 times)

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My Ideas for rps
« on: April 02, 2010, 05:53:36 pm »
Ive had some serious abenses and im sorry for that. but yeah here we are I thought id update this  plot bunny filled page

I'll pretty much try  anything besides things like scat and extreme bondage. But I'm not sure what I hate so I'll just work that out as I go.
 I Am also more submissive than I am dominant.
 Im slowly getting my ons and offs done *sigh*   and
 I do tend to post links every now and again. just a visual thing

1. Guy A is a very sucessfull business man, and Guy B is his long time rival. They competed over clients, projects ,even meetings. They hated each other to the core. When they were both dumped by their girlfriends, on the same day, they met eachother at a bar. Many drinks and heavy bickering later they found themselves in bed together.

Note: They struggle and fight with the idea that they might be falling for each other.
 The new boy in town finds himself with not many friends and plenty of bullies.  However, soon he  meets a boy with beautiful chrystal blue eyes, and is extatic to find that he's his neighbour. After only a few times seeing  him he's immidately infatuated with him.
 At night he has hot and realistic sexual dreams about his new friend that always ends up in him having  a mess, but deep down he loves  these late night fantacies. That's what he though they were anyway. 
His new found friend has a strange quirk however,and it dosent take long for him to voice his fears.  He doesn't like to be touched. While teen 1 wants to become closer and ultimately more than just friends; Teen 2 trys desprately to keep his secret hidden ,for he knows that it would only end on a sour note

Note: The boys neighbor is actually a ghost.


drama/Romance (and my poor attempt at comedy)

Brass and flamboant Alex is the lead singer of a popular Alternatave band.Unfortunatly the band had left him in the middle of a supposidly successful tour and left him alone to clean up the mess, but his producer and the owner of the label he's been working for has a genious idea. but Alex is not so sure.

Lutz a cool headed and successful artist has everything he could ever want. A great band, lots of fans, and beautiful girl but, his boss preposses something that would surely destroy all that he worked so hard for.

what was the idea? That the rivals become ... partners?

Can these to work together or get along for that matter

I'll be playing Alex
Im looking for a dominate player

no real ending/ light glore/ supernatural/
Chris is a sadistic indivdual, who cant keep a partner for the life of him. He abuses them and taunts them until they get fed up and takes off leaving him wondering what he did wrong. Hes not down right mean and he has a happy,bubbly like personality so why cant he keep a lover. Those thoughs plague him  while walking around in a not so friendly part of town. Dante is a bad ass in your face vampire that enjoys the trill of the hunt. He's what you would call a loner but that dosent stop the over vampiric women to attemt to date him, but hes not interested them. He only wants blood, booze, a pack of smokes, and a nice peice of ass to enjoy.
   When Chris comes face to face with this hot headed vamp., he becomes interested and once he finds an interest he goes after it with full force.

Note: This one doesnt have a real story line just write whats fun
I'll play chris
* A prostitute attracts a CEO


Some comedy/ fluff /Pg-17

1. A girl hates the entertainment industry, because she was dumped by her rock star boyfriend, and was heartbroken. But an idea comes to mind when she reads a manga that leaves the main girl in a similar situation. She desides to become a succsessful idol to get back at her boyfirend, and make him highly jealous. Some random person says that she looked like she could be a model, and she desides that she should persue that. While trying her best she meets a fellow model and falls head over heals only to find that he's one half of a twin duo.

Note: they keep switching places and toy with her till one starts to develop feelings for her.

Based off of Skip Beat and The One

Fatal Attraction- (A killer plays with his next victim) Crime/Drama/suspense/ Heavy violence
Mara a hard working and tough business woman finds that somtimes her flamboyant and borderline illegal business strategies attracts some unwanted attention.
         *the killer can be a business partner or rival, or just a random guy visiting the city.

*A succubus and a priest clash