Persephone seeking a Hades

Started by LadyFelina, April 01, 2010, 12:52:33 PM

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The Story of Kore

Young Kore, Daughter of Demeter, and Goddess of Life, was young, pure, and innocent. She spent her days on earth (the realm of man) frolicking through fields of flowers with her friends the sirens. She led a happy life, full of sunshine and joy until one day, the unthinkable happened. While picking wildflowers near her home, a tall, dark, and foreboding figure descended from the sky, riding a dark chariot drawn by black horses with fiery eyes.

The figure scooped her up and lashed its whip upon the ground, causing it to split open, forming a deep chasm that led to the underworld. Down the figure spurred the chariot, carrying along with it, its precious cargo, down into the dark underworld and the obsidian palace that lorded over all. Kore, terrified beyond belief, cried out for her mother and struggled against the dark figure's grasp, but it was too late, the chasm closed, trapping her there indefinitely.

The dark figure threw back its hood to reveal the burning gaze of the hated god Hades. With a hungry leer and a prideful smirk, the dark god offered his hand to the young goddess. "Welcome home...." was all he said.

Obviously this is just a teaser intro.  The story doesn't have to actually begin this way.  I am looking for someone to play Hades opposite my Persephone.  A thorough understanding of the mythology is required as well as a firm grasp of Hades's personality.  Look him up and read on him!  He may not be what you thought!

below are a few lovely pictures of the couple for you to enjoy  If interested in playing out this story with me, drop me a private message or leave a message on yahoo for me.  thanks!

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