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Author Topic: Some Fresh Ideas (Seeking Female roles)  (Read 862 times)

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Some Fresh Ideas (Seeking Female roles)
« on: March 30, 2010, 12:06:49 PM »
Some new ideas, seeking the female in all of them:

PURPLE ideas are current CRAVINGS

A few versions of the same basic idea (having an affair). All can be tweaked and changed (including names) if you are interested in exploring the idea).

The Affair: Version 1 - this one has several possibilities and directions it can lead.

Sarah and Mike had gotten into another fight. Things just seemed to keep boiling over. She didn't know whether it was the stress of planning their wedding or if it was one of them getting cold feet. All she knew is that he had fallen into one of his rages and stormed off to some bar to go get drunk and probably spend the night at a buddies house. But Sarah was upset and needed a shoulder to lean on. That meant calling up Drew to see if he could come over for a few hours. She had been friends with Drew ever since college and he was one of the few college friends who also lived locally. She hated crying on his shoulder, but she needed some one to comfort her right now. Of course, once Drew does arrive, always the comforting sort, things get out of control between them and they have sex...probably the best sex of either of their lives. Which puts Sarah in serious doubt over her feelings for Mike and the wedding. It also doesn't help that Drew is supposed to be the best man...

The Affair: Version 2

The lonely housewife...what was there to do to pass the time? One could only clean the house so often, do the laundry, pick up the groceries. With a husband always out of town, well, she just didn't have anything or anyone to entertain herself with. Thank god for the internet! Even she could figure out how to post seductive pictures to the internet and having found a website for such things, she started to post pictures of herself wearing various lingerie and even a few bolder ones where she was completely naked. She certainly liked the attention she got and she often used one of her toys after taking such pictures due to the mood it got her in.

It came as a shock then, one day, when she was browsing the site and all the men that posted pictures, when she came across one that was eerily familiar. It took her a moment to realize who the young man was - her neighbors son! It made her face flush to look at naked pictures of him and she could only admire the size of his cock, which was surely much larger then her husbands. It didn't take long for more unbidden thoughts to cross her mind, and she quickly hatched a plan to get her neighbors son into her bedroom as soon as possible, to 'help' her take some pictures and perhaps add a few to the 'couples' section themselves. It made her wet between the legs just at the thought of feeling that hard young cock pounding away at her...

The Affair: Version 2.1

Same idea as above, but instead of the Neighbors Son, a man of similar age (and also married) who she recognizes as her neighbor. Her plan is to invite him over for drinks and ask for his help taking pictures for XXXX Website, and things develop from there.

The Affair: Version 3

A troubled marriage leads to infidelity. For Sarah and Mark, the fire had seemed to die out and Sarah was convinced Mark had been having an affair with his secretary. She confronts him and he denies any misdeeds, but suggests that to rekindle that spark, perhaps they should experiment a little more. Mark had 'supposedly' recently heard about a local group of Swingers and suggests that they give it a try - a wife swap for the night and then perhaps one of the larger functions down the road. Reluctantly, Sarah agrees, and Mark sets things up. She is clearly shy and nervous about the encounter as they drive to the hotel to meet the other couple (renting adjoining rooms) for a fun-filled night.

Drew and his wife, Sandy, were in much the same situation, only Sandy was the adventurous one and brought up the idea of Swinging. It was either that or have affairs and go through a messy divorce. Drew had no option so reluctantly agreed, not liking the idea of having to sleep with some whore so that his whore of a wife could fuck other guys yet still get the benefits of marriage. Little does he know that his 'partner' for the night is of a similar mind, nor will he be able to resist the 'love at first sight' feelings that the two of them seem to share.

After a night of unexpected fun and sex with each other, they secretly break the first rule of 'Swinging' and exchange personal information, agreeing to meet up for lunch during the week. Its the start of an illicit affair between two people who had no intention of ever crossing that line.

The Slave: Background

A street beggar since birth, Seamus has only known life on the street. Stealing is a matter of survival and going hungry is a fact of life. Lack of food and being the youngest of three brothers (born to three different fathers and a prostitute) always meant he was the runt of the litter. The Urchin Gangs were the only authority he knew and his smaller size compared to the other boys meant he was always picked on. Nimble, quick, and with deft hands, he always stole the most, only for it to be claimed by the older boys who would beat him if he didn't give it them. Taking a bath only happened when jumping into a filthy canal or stream meant escape. He knew no other clothes then those that had been worn before or had holes in them, always two sizes too big.

At the age of 16, Seamus had yet to feel the comforts of a woman. Not that any of the beggar girls were interested in him, but nor could he afford to pay for a whore. Innocent was the best way to describe him in regards to the pleasures of the flesh. He had seen his share of naked women and people copulating (his mother was a whore, after all). But life for Seamus was about to change - for better or for worse. He was starting to reach that age where, while still small, he wasn't that adorable little boy with big eyes and a cherub face any more, unable to bring in as much money begging as he used too. He certainly wasn't a brawler either and trying to survive on pick-pocketing often ended up with time spent in Jail...and Jail was the last place he wanted to be!

Version 1
Seamus is caught stealing from a wealthy Widow by her guards. As they drag him away, towards the back alley for a beating, the Widow intervenes and makes a deal with him - she could use a useful pair of hands around the house, after all, and would appreciate some company.

Version 2
Seamus is caught stealing in the middle of the night by the teen-aged daughter of a wealthy man. Her father forbids her the company of men, wanting to teach her to be a proper lady and in the hopes of marrying her off to the Prince. Instead of raising the alarm, she finds him to be quite harmless and, craving the attention of some one close to her age, she asks him to come back, night after night, climbing in the same way he did to break in. At first, her intentions are out of pure loneliness, enjoying his company, his fresh take on 'life in the city', and how he has truly lived a life while she has been like a caged bird. Something soon develops between them and one moonlit night, they share their first kiss...

Version 3
Seamus is caught, having been set up by the older boys to take the fall (and to get him out of the way). But being caught by the target and his thugs is far worse then being caught by the City Watch - they're SLAVERS! Seamus knows what it happens to those that get caught by the NEVER hear or see from the captives ever again! They are taken across the Great Sea to places where people are said to walk around naked and have golden skin! Seamus doesn't remember much about the sea voyage over, spending most of the time sick to his stomach, so weak that he nearly dies, but the new city he finds himself in is both scary and exotic. He isn't sure what to make of the veiled women who show nothing more then their eyes...

Looking for an Arabian Beauty/Harem Queen/Queen for Version 3

The War

World War 2 ravages the world. Thousands die every day, from hunger, disease, exposure, torture, bullets and shells. Resistance makes life even harder, but the end is coming, the end is near. The French Resistance is waiting for the invasion that will liberate their country. For the French Civilian, life consists of looking over your shoulder, especially if you are in the Resistance - you never know who might be a collaborator.

A brothel in a quit town has sprung up to cater to the occupying troops - there is little other way for a woman to make money. Its also a source of information on German plans as loose lips and oversexed men find comfort in the women who work there. One woman is a member of the Resistance and has recently come to the Brothel to gather such information.

A German with near perfect french is her first customer and throws her completely off guard. He is meek in manner and extremely shy, revealing that she will be his 'first' and she can't help but feel sympathy for him. He promises to see her again and bumps into her at the coffee shop she works at in the mornings and an unbidden relationship quickly forms between the two, more then just her trying to get information out of him. He saves her from a few situations too.

As the invasion finally happens, the young man is terrified and tries to flee. He had been forced into the army in the first place and had never thought he'd see action in France. Despite her loyalties, she helps him, taking him into hiding as she discovers her true feelings for him.
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Re: Some Fresh Ideas (Seeking Female roles)
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2010, 12:51:34 AM »
Ooh! I really like Affair numero's fun to play a cougar, hehe.
But I would like to reserve the Lonely Housewife role play.

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Re: Some Fresh Ideas (Seeking Female roles)
« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2010, 04:25:17 PM »
Affair Version 3 is now most certainly taken. Other 'Affairs' are still available until otherwise noted.

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Re: Some Fresh Ideas (Seeking Female roles)
« Reply #3 on: March 31, 2010, 07:17:14 PM »
Updated with The Slave ideas.

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Re: Some Fresh Ideas (Seeking Female roles)
« Reply #4 on: April 19, 2010, 12:44:07 PM »

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Re: Some Fresh Ideas (Seeking Female roles)
« Reply #5 on: July 07, 2010, 12:55:48 PM »
Reopened with ideas still available.