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Author Topic: Ridcully's ideas - m/f, light/con, History, Fantasy, Fan-Fiction (update: 28/12)  (Read 1756 times)

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Ons & Offs with writing examples

~updated 20th of September 2011~

Rome: Bound in love [m/f, light]

He was on top of things. But he knew it was a dangerous position as well.. With 24 years, in the eyes of the other Senators he was too young to join their ranks. But it wasn’t his fault that his father died in the Bello Gallico, was it? Caesar had called for him, and his father had followed the man, willingly, and had lost his life at Alesia.
So he had been the heir, and even he thought he was too young for this responsibility. A student of law and politics still, learning from Cicero and others, and over night, he had been one of the richest and most powerful men in Rome. Caesar would come for him as well soon, and he would have to swear his loyality, or be branded an enemy. But Pompejius already asked to see him. And so did others. He was already part of their games, even if he didn’t wish for it.
Also, he reflected gloomily as he and his bodyguards made their way over the markets after the Senate’s debate, there still was the matter of marriage. His mother had pressed him even before, but now with the death of his father, she was furious he hadn’t chosen a bride yet. He had to, he knew. But the choice would be a choice of politics, not of love. He had fancied two or three nobleborn girls, but now they were too low for him to marry. And the highborn...? He didn’t even want to think about them. Not that some of them weren’t pretty, yet, they seemt just so...dull. Like empty pieces, just ready to bear children and then be forgotten by the world.
He glanced at the slave traders and their offers. His family owned a lot of slaves, and he didn’t intend on buying any new ones today. Yet he grinned slightly as he passed the traders who sold slaves which were meant to share the beds of their masters. Maybe if he bought his mother a tall, muscular and well...built man from the Southern colonies, she would leave him alone for awhile.
Then, his eyes fell on her. She didn’t look into his direction at that very moment, but he glanced at her. A slave. She was just a slave.
But he was lost.

Set in Rome at the times of Caesar, a young Senator falls for a slave. Will she fall for him too? Will she be used by his political enemies as hostage? Or will she even betray him for her freedom? And what is her story...?
Everything is possible, for this is Rome. Yet, I’d like to start with this basic idea, and move on from there.

Wild West: The last deal [m/f; light]

At times, Karson wondered if there was some rule for running a saloon in the West. Like: get it dirty, get the ugliest whores in it, and make sure you sell whiskey that tastes like piss. They really were all alike, or at least he didn’t care anymore to notice the difference.
At the far end of the room, three guys were playing poker, staring at their cards. Karson pondered upon joining them, but on a second glance, they didn’t give him the impression of being talkative people. One of the whores might be an option to learn who’d be hiring a gunslinger around here, he thought. But looking at the girls, he dismissed the idea as well. They looked tired, weary, simply done with what they were. He might pity them if he were a better man.
Not any of them were worth his attention or hard earned dollars, Karson thought, and already considered leaving this rotten place again. Try your luck elsewhere.
Then, there she was, standing upstairs and staring down at him. He glanced up, and their eyes met. She held his stare.

Set in the Wild Wild West sometime after the Civil War, James Karson, 30 years old, had been nothing but a gunslinger all his life. No home, no wife - just the next town, the next job, the next man dying by his hands. After all this years, somewhere on the path he had lost his morale code; he doesn't mind working for either  the good or the bad guys. He repents the choices he had made in his life, but sometimes, it's too late to change them or go back. He lives and dies by the gun now.

Yet, as she approaches him, things change. Not that he hadn't had any other whore ask a favor from him in all these years. Aside from the money they take from you, they usually ask you to kick this or that guy's butt. But she's asking him to kill a man for cold revenge. Usually no problem. But this guy is the damn sheriff of this rotten place.

It will mean her and his end. Probably his, at least. But to what she offers, he definitely can't say "no"...

Desired elements:
- Wild West setting
- "Unforgiven" meets "Deadwood"
- Characters on the edge between good and bad.

Game of Thrones/A song of ice and fire: Tavern of Westeros [m/f, light]

One long year now. What made him buy this place? he wondered again, as he leaned against the counter of the tavern. There were hardly any people in the room, and the two servant girls were handling them, so he actually had time to reflect upon his situation.
Had Lord Martell foreseen this life for him, all these years ago, when they played cyvesse at Sunspear? Maybe in a way. Why would he have sent him out then, to find the last missing member of this family...
But a tavern? He had traveled through all of Westeros; had gone to Lannisport as much as to Winterfell. He had been at Kings Landing, and even had participated in the tournament for the birth of King Roberts second son. What was the boy’s name again? Tommen? He could hardly remember now.
He had been to the Wall. The Old Bear had offered him to take the black, when he had seen his disappointment after the conversation with the blind old man. Yet, he had left. Going south again, but without having any clues left.
Then, he had stayed at this tavern, and the owner had seen his porch of gold, and actually begged him to buy the Tavern of him. The man had wanted to leave for the Free Cities. It had seemed odd then. Yet, the man had had his reasons, and now, with War upon the King’s Road, it had been a good choice by the man. And a bad choice to accept by him. But he had thought that he didn’t have to hunt clues anymore. That maybe they would just come for him. And also, he had been so tired, and Dorne had seem so far away, and Lord Martell had taken an oath from him to not return to Dorne without...
But the clues hadn’t come. There was no new trail, and here he was, Knight of Dorne, now a simple tavernkeeper, while the Lords in Westeros called to the banners.
The door opened, and he glanced at the newcomer...

Set in the world of George R. R. Martins “A song of ice and fire”/Game of Thrones, the story takes part at the time of the first book/first season of the TV show. The general idea is a Dornish knight searching for someone - might be a Targaryen, or a lost family member of the house Martell - but he has settled eventually in running a Tavern. Can go anywhere from there, but I’d like the Tavern to play a central role.
I’d appreciate a good knowledge of the books or the TV show, because there’d be talk about the events of War and at King’s Landing.

The Dark Tower: The Bride of the King (Fan-Fiction in The Dark Tower Universe; m/f; light

Aye, traveler. Long days and pleasant nights. I welcome you to a world that has moved on, as some say. Aye, it has done so, and Ka, the evil Ka, is playing its cards.

See the young man, do you? See him well. He's a gunslinger, aye. Not "the gunslinger", not Roland Deschaines. His family isn't that renowned, and, furthermore, Roland hasn't even been born yet. For this is a tale of a gunslinger and his young love. When a gunslinger loves, he does it with his heart, for he has not forgotten the face of his father. When a gunslinger loves, the world moves on, much on. And this love, it will be told in legends, even after the world has as we know has ended.

Do you see her? See her well. Her hair dances in the wind, and here, in her dreams, she faces the evil of the world, or no...let me not put it this way: All worlds.

All hail the Crimson King.

For she is the bride of the King, and she is to bear his child. Long chosen by destiny, she has the birthmark of the spider on her back. She is to bear the Crimson King's heir, the one who will finally destroy the Dark Tower. The destroyer of all worlds, and all we have.

Yet...does she know? Does she know, as she runs there through the forests, hunted by two men who seek to do evil to her? Nay, she does not. I can not say if the Crimson King could see through the plans of Ka, when his possible bride was attacked. See her running. See her fear, but see her fierce will. Her eyes, shining. Oh, and her mouth, cursing them.

This is how she runs into him. Him, who wields the guns for only a year now. Him, who is so young. Him, who doesn't yet know she will be his destiny, his life, his love, and eventually, his death.

But have I told you too much, traveler? I fear so. Let Ka do the rest. The Evil Ka. Oh, and...all hail the Crimson King. For the spider watches the two lovers meeting, and anger boils inside of him. She was to bear his child. A spider's child. A destroyer's child. And now, two pairs of young eyes meet, and you can feel the atmosphere of the world changing, as if stars collide. I dare you, read their story. But do not expect it to be happy, will you?

Desired elements:
- Gunslingers!
- The feeling of a world that "has moved on".
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Re: Ridcully's ideas - updated
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Re: Ridcully's ideas - m/f, light, fantasy.
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Re: Ridcully's ideas - m/f, light, fantasy, fan-fiction,
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The thread has been completely redone for a simpler overview.

Added stories:
- Whispers in the dark
- Your good, my evil

- Added pictures
- Stories divided by sections
- Added desired elements to the story

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