Naughty Stepmother Wanted

Started by shovelbum4u, March 28, 2010, 09:40:11 PM

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I am looking for a woman to help me play out a story I have had rolling around in my head for quite awhile.  I like a one on one type story with a lot of internal dialog and specific descriptions.  The more detail in my mind the better.  Here is my basic story idea:

I play a 16 year old socially awkward boy named Aaron who has a very rich father named Richard who is a character I also play (it may sound confusing but it works).  Richard was married to Aaron's mother for 17 years before he recently divorced her and married a much younger, much sexier, much better looking woman (you).  One of the main reasons Richard divorced was because his ex only had sex with him once or twice a year.  His new wife however loves sex like nothing else on this planet.  She cannot get enough sex with Richard.  Which is great for Richard, but less so for Aaron who is now in a house filled with the constant noise of sex.  To add to the problem Aaron is of course physically attracted to his new stepmother. 

I think its always best to let the other person control their own character but I see the stepmother (who's name you can also make up) as being in her early twenties.  Extremely good looking and usually gets what she wants from men because of those looks (I am a breast man by the way just fyi).  As previously stated her favorite past time is having sex with Richard.  She is a model, and loves to wear very slutty revealing clothes around the house (also just fyi you cannot make this character to slutty.. she is devoted to Richard but still very slutty).  Her other favorite past time is flaunting her body in front of Aaron and teasing him with her words. 

Anyway... that is the basic premise for my story.  If you are interested please let me know. 


Really?  40 views and NO replies?  I am so disconcerted now. 


So what type of rp is this? I mean is it a bondage rp, a non-con one, etc.
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Have you found anyone for your story yet???



Well I'm very interested in your plot. Maybe we should give it a go?



Liked the plot and would lik to play as well the roll of the kid. any woman interested in the same plot, pm me please.
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