Male needed (Vampire/Human)

Started by Piercer, March 25, 2010, 08:31:13 PM

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I am looking for a semi-lit male for a very simple role....

Through a darkened sky the world came to an end, and as the humans plunged into a darkness as the other creatures came to populate the world. Many years passed as the vampires ruled. Humans bowed down in fear, and as long as they played by the rules things were fine. The vampires provided most of the basic needs for the humans, allowing them to live on their own again to rebuild there the world they once lived in. It was long before the humans began to out number the vampires again, and slowly rose to rule themselves again. Of course the vampires did not like the idea of this, and attacked. Now the fight is on, and due to hunters the vampires began to dwindle. Slowly they fall back, choosing only to become part of the world as need. Still there is some who feel the need to regain the rule they once had. Leah was the daughter of the new president, she was young and very beautiful. Blue eyes that looked like perfect jewels, pale skin that looked like porcelain, and long blonde hair that curled perfectly. With no courtiers, as she refused them all, she became a perfect target for the vampires.....

Help me finish the story?
I am looking to do it here in the forums.
If you are interested let me know either her or PM me.
K thanks,
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Hey Piercer it's been a long time!

I am definitely interested. I'll send you a PM
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