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Author Topic: stormsfury's wishlist  (Read 399 times)

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stormsfury's wishlist
« on: March 23, 2010, 10:26:49 AM »
I've been tossing about some ideas for RP's, and I am sure this list will get edited as those change and more things become apparent to me. Just up front, I am not a one line poster and I look for a partner who is more apt to post something of substance as well. That doesn't mean your posts have to be a 1000 words, but more than a few lines are required. I like detail and character driven story, so give me something to bounce off of and post well to. Make me want to check my posts every day, as I will certainly try my best to make you want to check yours. I prefer forum posts, but could be persuaded to do PM posts if the character intrigues me enough to do so. I will specify in the scenario/idea if I am looking for a scene or something longer term, but even with a scene I would prefer it not be over in ten posts or less. (Not trying to be a picky gal, but I like to let it linger on a little) PM me if you are interested in any of these, scenarios. I am okay with a male playing a female and vice versa, so long as it is well written and done.

Hidden in the Woods (F or M, but F preferred, Non Con ok)
A woman ventures into the woods almost on a daily basis, her neighbor notices and is curious as to where she goes everyday. Following her, the neighbor finds that the woman lays herself out to tan in the nude. This could be modern or fantasy setting, I can work with my partner to find out. I will play the role of the female and the details of what happens next we can hash out. Is the neighbor a friendly sort who is merely curious or someone who likes to take what they want? That can also be worked out. There are several scenarios in my head as to how I can see this play out, but I am flexible on making sure my RP partner gets what they want out of this as well. I am only looking for a scene here, but we can let it go on until it plays itself out. 

Stranded at Sea (M preferred but would be open to F, Non Con, Dom, Master)
Somewhere in the Carribbean a woman out to sea exploring remote islands finds herself suddenly stranded with no explanation. She was sure she had the right amount of fuel for her trip, but sure enough the gas cans and her tank are empty. Unbeknownst to her, she has been watched from one of the islands by one who desires to possess her, all of her, and she is about to be captured. I can work with this scenario and I am interested in this lasting a little longer than a scene. We can work out the full terms of her capture or we can let it play out, but headstrong and willful, she will need to be broken and trained properly.

Un-Aes Sedai Behavior (F or M)
I have a tough, Aes Sedai character who I think it would be interesting to see if someone can crack her and get to see her wild, private side. This will take work and patience and can be another Aes Sedai or a Warder, and we can run with more details once you get her to open up. The woman has a reputation for being tough and gorgeous, and above all else, composed. Can you be the character who makes her crack that famed composure? This is a fantasy setting from the go, but I am flexible about how we set this up. In talks, but I am open to at least one more scenario if anyone is up for it.

Keys to the Kingdom (M or F)
The kingdom is conquered and the king is dead, and the winning General/King must be able to pull this financially stable kingdom under his control. To do that he will need the support of the Queen, the young, beautiful ruler who is all the people have left to look to for leadership in this time of trouble. Will the conqueror be able to bring the Queen over to support him? I can see this playing out in sever different ways as well, which we can work out. Full on fantasy setting, total freeform though I am not opposed to a known setting if you have one in mind. I would be the Queen and you would be my conqueror.

A Cup of Sugar (F or M)
Having seen a neighbor across the fence, a character finds themself attracted and curious about who lives next door. On the premise of borrowing a cup of sugar (or some such thing), they venture over to get a closer look, but hopes for a little bit more. This is set up for a scene really. I could be either the curious neighbor or the target of affections, either is fine with me....hence the ambiguity of the scene. This is modern, but could be adapted to fantasy for those who are interested. As I said, I am easy to get along with.
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Re: stormsfury's wishlist
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2010, 11:04:30 AM »
Edit: Added a few more Scenarios

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Re: stormsfury's wishlist
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2010, 11:59:35 AM »
Just adding some ideas. If someone has ideas that are similar to what I am tossing out here, PM me and we can work something out. I'm easy to get along with. Again, I am okay with males who play females and females who play males. I am not putting a severe amount of detail in these, just the rough ideas, because I like to work all that out with my RP partner.

Over the Fence (M preferred, but will do F/F here if someone desires. Non Con- Coersion)
A college aged girl (would be willing to go 17-18 even) makes a point of laying out, where her best friend's father can see her, unbeknown to her. He sees her flirting with the pool guy every time he comes, and one day sees her screw the hired help. He knows that the girl's father would not approve and uses this information to coerce her into sleeping with him on his terms.

Going the Distance (M, Dom, Non Con)
Training for a big cross country meet, a female find a perfect trail through the mountains to get her ready for the upcoming meet. Along the way, she falls and is knocked unconscious, and the man who finds her decides to keep her for his pleasure.

Mage's Secret (M or F)
A local woman is having a problem with strange dreams and headaches, so she goes to see a local spell caster to deal with the problem. The spell caster decides to use his/her power to exact a special payment from the troubled woman.

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