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Author Topic: A Mad Mans Request Area MxM/MxFuta Update 7/3/2013  (Read 1038 times)

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A Mad Mans Request Area MxM/MxFuta Update 7/3/2013
« on: March 22, 2010, 02:57:34 PM »
I am most interested in things with dragons I guess :P. Also every above plot can be changed into a m x futa RP, and maybe even M x F if you have a good plot. I can pretty much match anyone's post length, and my personal average is around 4 paragraphs. Please PM me if interested.

demi-god x dragon
Human x dragon
prince x dragon
king x dragon


Master/Slave in the future type setting:

The dragon would maybe get purchased for Andol as a birthday gift, but the human who has a hatred for slavery would keep the dragon, but treat him like a friend and companion. The human’s goal would be to get the dragon to stop thinking like a slave, and hopefully get him, his freedom. The dragon could help the human with his shyness and any social problems that may arise, plus eventually get the human laid, because in the alien culture of the future, being a virgin is a bad thing. Though that will only be one focus of the story and not the whole focus. The pair could eventually get closer and closer and maybe fall in love. The pair once the dragon is free could live a happy life together, or whatever we plan to happen to them.

Note: At this point I would really like the dragon to be gryphon instead.


Not form this world:

It takes place in modern times, and Andol would find the dragon maybe injuried somewhere while in his human form, and would take this person home with him, attepmting to help the other out, plus becuase the man seems to have some odd features. Maybe over time Andol could nurse the dragon back to health, and the dragon would reveal his true form to the human, but they would have to work to keep it a secret so nobody else would know. The dragon who has come through to the modern world, but some odd form of magic, that caused him to end up here by accdeint, so this makes him very curious about Andol's world and he follows the human around, or at least ask a lot of questions, which make him strange to others and only makes it harder to keep the secert.

Note: The dragon above is ment to be a non anthro dragon. This plot is less likely to have sex than any of the others.


A Harem-

This one will be about a young prince who is the type who will never rise to take his fathers place as king, so his father is attempting to make his son more open by giving him a Harem of male dragons all of whom are differnt colors. The job of the Harem is to make the young prince more open and social, so maybe one day he can at least be a diplomat, becuase of his tolerant nature. I will play as the prince. As for the hearm being made up of dragons, that can be changed to any of my five main furry kinks, (Dragons, Gryphons, Nagas, Regular Birds, or Fish anthros though mainly whales.), you can play as etheir the leader of the 9 members of the harem or the whole harem, whichever you want, or you can play as some or anything esle. Though the main purpose if the Harem to protect the Prince and love him and we can come up with any thing we want to happen to them. Yet the prince mainly falls in love with the leader of the harem, he takes care and loves them all dearly.


I Want Him

In Egypt in the time of the pharaohs the gods wacthed over men. They guarded the royal family and answered the payers of those that show the gods the most respect. To those who please the gods the most are those that the wacth over the closest, and one of these gods is Anubis. Yet a god of the dead has many other things to do, so his childern the Anubites take over his place in the vigil. Givin the power of there father, they are each demi-gods, without the full powers of the gods. Yet one of these childern Hiatka has taken special interest in one prince.

He has wacthed the young man for years, as his affection for the young man grew. The young prince had Tattooed a picture of Hiatka's father on his chest and worships this god exclusivly. Yet he found the human to be a attractive, and so began to spend time with the human in his dreams. Going to the human in his sleep and being friends with him in the world of dreams. Soon he diecded to visit one time in his real form, though the human fainted in amazement and the Anubite's visit was cut short. Now the young man in his 19th year of life has began to bring out feelings of love form Hiatka, who now wants desperatly to be with his human. Even egough to give up his place in heaven to be with him, though he worries about wethier or not the prince will even accept him, and diecdes to find out, but visiting him again.


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Re: Andol needs some Furries/ MxM only
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2010, 10:21:57 AM »
At this point I'm more interested in Naga's than anything else.

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Re: Andol needs some Furries/ MxM only
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2010, 01:59:30 PM »
I am updating that I am willing to try any of my plots with human charaters..... they don't have to be furries.

Andol wants somthing new 8-)

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Re: Andol needs some Furries/ MxM only
« Reply #3 on: April 03, 2010, 09:04:40 PM »
Just a bump up and letting you know I am still looking.

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Re: Andol needs some Furries/ MxM only
« Reply #4 on: April 05, 2010, 09:53:56 PM »
Still looking......... O8)

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Re: Andol needs some Furries/ MxM only
« Reply #5 on: May 22, 2010, 04:43:57 PM »
Still looking you guys..... O8)

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Re: Andol needs some Furries/ MxM only
« Reply #6 on: June 07, 2010, 06:27:52 PM »
Still looking..... O8)

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Here is a bump on this becuase I am starting over... looking for a dragon :D
Oh and to let you guys know I still exsit :P

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Giving a bump for anyone who wants to do a humanxfurry pairing?

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Bump for a new RP :D