Zombies, Vampires and a guy looking like Albert Wesker...

Started by Stan', March 22, 2010, 07:39:35 AM

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So there's a couple of role-plays I need to post to.

But meanwhile, I have a couple of requests I'd like to throw out here.  Looking for a female role-player to play a female character.

1. A simple demon/zombie/vampire story set during the Second World War or the Cold War.  Something outrageous (rather than a completely serious tone) like calling it "Vampire Commies!".  Two characters are thrown in to the chaos, and the only way they're gonna survive is picking up that MP40 or M16 and blasting as many limbs off as possible.

2. Based on the British 1989 gameshow "The Interceptor".  It involved contestants running around for 40 minutes, being chased by a guy looking like Albert Wesker from Resident Evil.  He either had a sports car or a helicopter to chase them by, and his objective was to shoot their little powerpacks (exposed on their back) 5 times or so within the 40 minutes.  Would love to do something like this (with more mature alterations), except it wouldn't be a game show...

3. Crystal Maze.  What a show.  Could this be turned in to a role-play?  A young woman locked in a series of rooms, trying to find keys in order to escape?  One way to find out.