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Author Topic: Dragon Age RP (Female Character looking for an Alistair)  (Read 801 times)

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Offline CallysTopic starter

Dragon Age RP (Female Character looking for an Alistair)
« on: March 22, 2010, 12:02:10 am »
So I'm deeply into Dragon Age right now and am literally CRAVING some spanking or sex RP with Alistair.

I am a spanko, so sex is really secondary for me. I am not averse to it, and would be willing to play in a vanilla scenario, but adding spanking to it is a gigantic plus.

I would like to use my OFC Warden, Callia. She's a City Elf Rogue who is sarcastic with a good sense of humor, playful, and ready to help everyone. She doesn't care much for laws or rules, however, and is an accomplished sneak thief and lockpick. (Chaotic Good, in a D&D sense)

There are a couple scenarios I have in mind:

Post Redcliffe- During a small celebration of Arl Eamon's recovery, Callia thought she managed to sneak away from the festivities without being seen, yet is caught by Alistair while she's attempting to sell some of the things she stole out of Arl Eamon's estate, resulting in him spanking her.

Pre-Landsmeet in Denerim- After "rescuing" Loghain's daughter and being confronted by the Guard, Callia allows herself and Alistair to be taken into custody instead of fighting. She then wakes up in a cell with Alistair, both with minimal clothing. This scenario could go a number of ways, but I have some ideas:
-Alistair not being very happy with the idea of being captured, especially at having voiced his opinion and not being listened to.
-The fact that Callia seduces a guard to let them out of the cell. In the game, she invited him into the cell, got him to strip, and was about to go down on him when she knocked him out instead. One would think Alistair wouldn't be very pleased with this.
-There could also be a hurt/comfort type thing with the two of them being tortured together or separately, then deposited into the same cell.

Post-Origins/Pre-Awakening- More of a domestic thing between Callia, Warden-Commander/Hero of Ferelden and Alistair, King of Ferelden. Dealing with Court, sneaking out together to drink in the slums, Callia showing Alistair around the Elven Alienage... things like that.

During Awakening- Callia sneaking down to Denerim for a visit and Alistair not being pleased that she's putting off her duties for a good lay.

I'd also be open to other ideas. I'm really interested in some Alistair roleplay.
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