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December 11, 2018, 02:08:22 PM

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Author Topic: KariKat's Current Interests for males (and possible female exceptions)  (Read 560 times)

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Offline KariKatTopic starter

Hello everyone! Uhm.. this is my first topics thread, so bear with any awkwardness of lack of detail.

First off, I'm looking for forum RP only, please. I don't feel comfortable with IM and really would rather just keep it on this fantastic site, please.

Also, please read my O/Os page for the basics of what I am and am not interested in. It's not terrible detailed because I'm very interested in exploring ideas that catch my attention.

Finally, please take a look at some of my previous posts if you wish. I try to be an active part of the story, though allowing the other poster the "lead" so to speak. I much prefer partners who know what they like and are aggressive in going after it, and also partners that are capable of being articulate and well-written, rather than just bashing on a keyboard and calling it close enough. I don't mean to be exclusionary like that, but it just really takes me out of the moment when I have to figure out what every third word actually is.

OK, on to the ideas, I guess. Just a couple to start with.

<1> Hypnosis - This has really interested me lately for some reason.. my female character interested in smoking goes to a hypnotherapist to get help, since everything else has failed.  The hypnotherapist decides to take more than just cash payment out of me, though, and works over time to take advantage of the sessions. Where the hypnotherapist goes with the suggestions, etc. can be worked out beforehand or can be done as a surprise through the story.
---Gotten a couple of offers already for the Hypnosis one.. I'm not saying I won't do another one, but it would definitely need a unique take on it, so that it can stay fresh and I don't feel like I'm doing the same reply for two stories. =)

<2> The Dealer - As a female college student with a habit, I've been using the same dealer for a while. Turns out that the dealer has hit hard times and owes some money to a supplier higher up the food chain, and decides that I'm the only way for him to pay that debt. Again, what the dealer does to get this money can either be worked out beforehand or can be done as a surprise through the story, but the actual concept is of definite interest to me.
---Gotten an offer for this one as well, and I'm pretty booked up on RPs right now. When I have room for more, I'll bump this topic and probably add more to it.

If you're interested in either of these or think you might have an alternate that I'd be interested in, please feel free to PM me. I know these are basic sketches, but I'm more interested in either the element of surprise or of working out details on an individual basis rather than applying the same cookie cutter mentality to all of them. I'm coming to feel more comfortable with my RP, also, but be aware that I am still pretty new at it. Please be a bit patient in case I do a mis-step, but if I do I'm always quick to apologize and correct it once you let me know!

I'll keep an eye on this thread but I'm concerned that replies on here will be out of date quickly to any future viewers, so I really would prefer a PM contact instead. Anyway, thanks for reading and I look forward to any possible responses!
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Offline Orathio

I would be interested in the hypnotist one :)

Offline KariKatTopic starter

PM being sent now, Orathio. =)