Her Pet [Seeking Female]

Started by Dray, March 20, 2010, 12:17:28 PM

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Basically I am seeking a female who can be a switch, so dominate at times.  I was going for something more exotic, the female could be human by all means...but I was going for something different for the male, so like the male would be a furry/anthro, or whatever you would prefer, something none human and would be the woman's "pet".  I was thinking perhaps something canine/wolf like.

My male would be strong, powerful and pride and what not, yet also respect his master as she is a female.  He will only listen and respond to her and her commands, trained and tamed to be so, he would only see one as his master.  He is rather obedient, wanting to please his mistress and what not, listening to her as she would like to reward him.  Being a rather lustful and sexual creature he would gladly fulfill and satisfy her desires, though sometimes be a bit forceful and try to take his mistress as he loses control from his lust...though she may be tempted to punish him at times by denying him the pleasure of having sex with her if he has done something she did not approve of.

He would be rather intelligent, by no means a complete, dumb animal, though some concepts he would not understand while he would have a different perspective on others.  Strong and dominate by nature, he would never actually harm his mistress or try to dominate her unless during sex or doing what she requests of him.  The furries/anthros after all is bought, traded, and sold like pets all over by the dominate race, which can be humans...or maybe even demons, whatever you are aiming for.  Thus he would know his place.

If you would like to discuss it further, have any ideas, questions, suggestions, or want to talk about anything at all such as the different pairings, possibilities, plot twists and races then please feel free to send me a PM.