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Author Topic: wolfsgirl in wonderland  (Read 708 times)

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Offline wolfsgirlTopic starter

wolfsgirl in wonderland
« on: March 19, 2010, 09:52:16 AM »
 Hello! Welcome to my update.

 I prefer to rp with people who like detailed posts and thoughtful plots, and I like to rp sexually explicit scenes with male players.

RP Wanted

The Taming of The Shrew (or something very like it)

My character is Margot Trent, and she is.. a bitch. A razor-tongued, uppity ice queen-- from a wealthy family -- and you are the man intent on warming her up -- because you need the money. And while she doesn't like you one little bit, her family needs the prestige of your old and illustrious name -- because, with their being neuveau riche, theirs has none. They send her to your dilapidated family estate for the summer, hoping you'll hit it off. Your family adores her -- because they are all a little bit cracked. Hilarity (and defrosting, and maybe the answer to an ancient family mystery or two) hopefully ensues.

My Vague-as-hell Long Term RP Idea

Since this is a wish-list, I'm throwing a wish out there...

I'd really like to develop a long term original-plot story rp, with a very literate male writer who takes care with his posts and has good rp manners, with a little erotic play now and then as an adjunct to the story rather than as the primary focus. Loads of "realistic" npc's, settings, weird critters, adventures, etc. No pressure to post, just as we have time/inclination. One post every day or even two is fine, six a day constantly just isn't practical, one a week will probably bore me. I'd prefer fantasy/original world/alternate reality settings and human/oid characters. Freeform rp, loose plot we can both have fun developing. PM me if you think this fits.

-- If anyone's read Brian Lumley's "Necroscope" and "Whamphyri" series, and is interested in a long-term rp, please please please PM me!-- (I so wanna be Whampyri..)
I am looking for an experienced roleplayer who likes to write long-ass posts for this.

Wanted (NC.. not sure yet what else...)

It's 1851, in Manhattan's seedy Five Points district. Molly McGuire is a wanted woman-- for a murder she did not commit. It wasn't her who stabbed that feller; she was only trying to help him when the pollies found her kneeling beside his dying body in an alley, the tell-tale bloody knife in her hand. They would never have believed her; what else was she to do but run? And how was Molly to know that the dead man was some bigwig politician's son out slumming it with the Bowery whores?

Her likeness is on posters now, linking her to the Dead Rabbits gang and offering two hundred dollars for her capture alive or dead. And so, not only the police but the Bowery Boys and every bounty-hunting fool with time on his hands is looking for Molly. She's thus a liability to all her old friends, whom she wouldn't trust not to slit her their own grandmother's throats for a penny anyway, and has nobody to turn to-- except Pastor John Wills, an apparently kindly soul who agrees to hide her until her innocence can be proven. But the Pastor has his own dark secrets, and his own plans for poor Molly McGuire.

RP in progress

~New Olympus~

The Man Who Wasn't There


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Re: Fellers, I Would Like To Be Kidnapped Please
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2010, 10:57:32 AM »
Found what you are looking for yet Wolfsgirl?

Offline wolfsgirlTopic starter

Re: wolfsgirl's wishlist, in need of an M
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2010, 06:14:43 AM »