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February 28, 2017, 06:30:25 AM

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Author Topic: Once you read it, you can't unread it!: Strange and fantastic Roleplaying ideas!  (Read 747 times)

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Offline TransgirlensteinTopic starter

Hey everyone!  I have a batch of new ideas!  Please keep in mind that I will only play female (or futa) with the exception of the Nightcrawler idea.  The gender of the dominant one is usually up for discussion though I prefer females and futa.

Sisters Forever(F/F, Twincest or Incest, Mind –Control/Brainwashing, Non-con, Bondage, EX?)
In this game I would want to play either a younger sister or a twin.  Me and my sister have always been close, doing everything together.  As we got a bit older though, I’ve started to become interested in boys and am slowly drifting away from my sister.
The more dominant sister decides to take care of this.  She launches a plan that would insure we could be together forever.  Through different methods (drugs? mind-control?) she works to make me into both her slave and lover.

Mommy Dearest (Incest, Bondage)
One of the few times I would play a male, Nightcrawler.  Mystique is getting lonely and decides she wants her son as close to her as possible.  She hatches a plan to kidnap Nightcrawler and make him into the perfect and loving son.

Human Charmer (F/M or F/F, Exotic, Breeding/Egg Laying)
An adventurer is captured by a powerful naga.  She is humiliated, entranced, forced to serve the naga as his slave and pet.  Perhaps he treats her like a snake, making her dance and sway.  Perhaps he decides to breed her?

Mutant Breeding
This story has two different versions.  I am willing to do one of each.
Mutant Breeding Take 1: One of the X-men or She-Hulk (a female played by me) is captured by a strange, tentacle otherworldly mutant.  This mutant has decided to breed a race of mutants to overthrow the human race and has captured the X-woman or She-Hulk to mate with her.  She will be used to breed again and again (eggs maybe?) these mutant children to form an army.  In time, perhaps her mind will break.
Mutant Breeding Take 2: In the post-apocalyptic world, a lone survivor is captured by reptile/snake mutants.  She is then used as breeding stock, raped and forced to lay egg after egg for her new master.

From Vigilante to Slave (Non-con, Extreme)
A female vigilante has been causing trouble for local crime bosses.  Finally they lay a trap for her.  Falling into it, she finds herself at their mercy.  They have a plan.  They will break her; make her into their broken sex slave.  Unable to do anything but please them.  Willing to do this as a group gang, her captor (s) can be male, female or even other.

Queen of Cows
The queen of Crete insults the gods.  As punishment they cause her to lose her mind, slowly making her into a cow-girl and having her fall in love with either a divine bull or a powerful Minotaur.

Tax Collector
A rather lovely tax collector comes to collect taxes from an old house or farm in the middle of nowhere.  She is either:  Captured, drugged and tortured so she can serve the owner as a sex slave -or- Captured, drugged with the plans to transform her into a human cow for milk and sex.

Snake-Keeper (Bestiality, Egg Hatching, Feral)
This story has two versions, one horror fantasy the other more "realistic".
Horror Version: I would play the snake keeper at a local zoo.  One day/night I fall into the snake pit.  The snakes, driven into a mating frenzy, start to bite, rape and strangle me.  Near death, I see the vision of the snake god/goddess.  I will be given a second chance to live if I will accept their children into me and become like them.  As a result I find myself starting to lay the snakes' eggs and even worse, I find myself changing and becoming more and more serpent like.
'Realistic Version': A new breed of snakes are in the zoo.  I fall in into the snake pit (as in the first idea) and once more am raped and bitten.  I don't die from the poison though and to the amazement of those working in the zoo, I seem to be carrying the snakes' eggs.  Not sure what to do, they decide to make me live in the snakepit.  Stripped of my clothes and humanity, I find myself living a rather feral existence.  Soon I come to almost enjoy it..

Marvel/DC Universe
I love playing comic book games.  I'll play any of the following characters with a good idea...
Marvel: Emma Frost, She-Hulk, Nightcrawler, Pixie
DC: Bat-Woman, Question (female), Poison Ivy, Bat Girl, Big Barda, Wonder Woman

I especially love ideas where a powerful muscle character is beaten, broken and humiliated.

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Offline Jagerin

Meanie. :P

Offline TransgirlensteinTopic starter

What? Me?! *flutters her eyes*

Offline Jagerin

Yes you. Bad girl, now go to my room! >.>

Offline Tom

I'm interested in Human Charmer or a story with a futa superheroine kidnapped by a pair of villains (male and female).

Offline TransgirlensteinTopic starter

Hey Tom.  Wanna pm me and we can discuss?  Any preference of the two?

Offline Tom

PM coming up! :)

Offline PandaPuff

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My goodness! You have so many I don't know what to pick.

Offline TransgirlensteinTopic starter

Snake Keeper (horror) is taken!

Human Charmer is taken!

Offline Arkaniel

I pmed you about the mutants and the superheroes.

Offline TransgirlensteinTopic starter

Queen of Cows has been taken.

Due to the large amount of replies, anyone I have agreed to do a story with...can you post on this thread with what story?  That way I know who is owed posts and the like.  Thanks!

Online Doomsday

If you're still looking, Tax Collector looks fun.