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Started by Junki, March 12, 2010, 10:42:28 AM

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Hey there,

This is Junki. Theses rps are pretty 50/50 as far as dom and sub are concerned. Depending on where the story is headed will determine who is more dom or not I suppose. I'm not too picky as far as that is concerned. I'm looking for a literate, dedicated roleplayer. All of these are long term. As for things that I won't do is blood & gore & bathroom nastiness. I'm pretty open to everything else I think. Anyways, drop me a pm if you find any of these interesting.



I. Storm on the Bloody Ruby [TAKEN]
---- This tale starts in two different worlds. The first world being of man and the second being of merman. The story begins on the Bloody Ruby, and a notorious pirate who is captain of a magnificent ship and run by a crew so loyal and feared. However, like all days go, there are some to be bad. This particular day the ship is cruising through beautiful weather when they suddenly run into a storm. A wicked storm in which the crew is frantically running about trying to secure the ship and make sure that they can get through without tearing any of the sails. However, in the mist of calling out orders, the captain falls off the ship and into the rough waters. Luckily for him, a merman and his high craving for adventure so happened to be there. Rough waves or not, the storm didn't seem to bother him in the slightest. Seeing the man fall though, he couldn't bring himself to let him drown. He saved his life. When the storm passed, the merman was able to bring the captain back to his ship, in which the crew also tried to help up, thinking he was just another unfortunate one who fell in. But as they pulled him up, and took note of his tail, the capture him, placing him in the captain's tub for further keeping. Once the captain comes to, it's up to him to decide whether or not he will let his rescuer go, learn about him, or have some fun with him. This story can go off in a bunch of different directions, such as the mer-folk trying to reclaim their ocean prince and such. Maybe have the merman go human or the captain go mer-folk. But in any case, I'm looking for a captain.
[Con, Non-Con, Bondage, M/M]

II. Where is the Werewolf [[TAKEN]]
---- Orphaned, sick, and hungry, the young man tries to trade his shoes for a meal. Unfortunately, the villagers don't much care for their local homeless, and he's shoved into the path of an oncoming carriage. Luckily for boy, what could have been a terrible death turns out to be a kind twist of fate. The passenger on the carriage is a nobleman with striking blue eyes who invites boy to help him end his solitude. The two grow as close, and the boy blossoms into a bright, helpful servant and a loyal friend. But once every month, the master of the house leaves the estate for three days and entrusts the boy to feeding his "pet" in the tower: a beautiful black wolf with clear blue eyes, but on his first night in feeding his friends pet, it goes horribly wrong. The boy was told not to go near it, but he opens the cage and walks in. The eyes remind him so much of his master. As he reached out, his fingers touch the tips of the thick black hair on the massive beast. It slowly turns, spots the boy and sees him as his next meal. Just as it goes to kill him, something inside of the beast stops it from hurting the the young man (18 yrs old). Fighting with it's self, the beast slowly start to take a new shape, the shape of the nobleman. For this plot, I'm looking for the boy. I shall be the beastie!
[Con, M/M]

III. Has Thou Master Forsaken Me [Taken]
---- In a dark, tall building in the most quietest part of the city lies market for slaves. On different floors lie different types of services. For example, on the first floor is more of men mingling together. Where as the second floor, men can go and have a drink with some light groping, third floor is one night stands.... However, the forth floor only special men may enter. They must be of great wealth to pass through the doors of where virgin men are auctioned off to the highest bidder. This of course is illegal to do, but since money and lust are involve, even government officials can't put an absolute stop to it- since some part take in it themselves. For this plot, I am looking for a very wealthy man who has a big appetite for men.
[Con, Non-Con, Bondage, M/M]

IV. Bad Boy
---- Civilian/Escaped Convict
[Con, Non-con, Bondage, M/M]

V. Tutor Me
---- Royal Rich Sex Addict (Dom 19 yrs old)/  Smart average kid (Sub 18 yr old boy) -> The smart kid is paid to tutor Rich Brat since he failed his senior year. Perhaps they can teach each other something....
[Con, Possible Non-Con and Light Bondage, M/M]



Name: Giordano Baltic
Age: 230 (looks 22)
Height: Roughly 5'9
Personality: Seductive, Teasing, Sarcastic, Adventurous, Intelligent, Devious
History: He was born prince of the ocean. He is the eldest of five brothers. Along with his five brothers, he has six sisters. Marcella, is older than  Giordano by two years though, so he is not the eldest. His father still rules the ocean with his scepter, though due to his old age, Giordano is expected to take his place soon. His mother still sits at his fathers side, but he does have three concubines all in which he shares with my brothers and Giordano. Giordano has yet to find the pleasures they provide. Giordano takes pleasure in going on adventures and mostly watching the humans if and when he can get away from his royal duties.
Appearance: Giordano

Name: Ermetico SinClaire
Age: 25
Weight: 160
Height: 5'11
Personality: He is Playful, Kind/Caring, Seductive, and Forgetful. As a beast, he is Cruel, Sadistic, and Merciless.
History: He was born of a very wealthy family. His siblings have all gotten married and moved away. However, being that his father has recently passed he has been given the estate. Choosing to live there, he has managed to set aside a room for his changing nights as a beast. He lives a lonely life and is currently looking for someone to feed him when he shifts. Of course by doing so, he calls his wolf state his "pet", wanting to keep his identity a secret. Surely if anyone knew he was a werewolf, they would be out to kill him in a heart beat.
Appearance: Human self, Beast

Name: Somerled
Age: 19
Height: 5'8
Weight: 145
Personality: Sarcastic, Rude, Arrogant, Clever, Witty, Seductive, Terrible with directions.
History: He was born to two women. Yes, his parents are lesbians. They taught him never to get involve with women. He thinks women are pretty vile towards each other on their once a month hell period. In addition to being born to two women, he have an older sister. She is actually the only straight one in their family. Growing up with his family, his moms usually had him wear some sort of tracking device. Oddly enough he is an explorer. He loves to venture off and look at new things. The only problem with that is, is that he always ends up forgetting his way back. He got lost easily. So his mothers made him wear the device so when they were ready to find him, they were able to. Unfortunately, they stopped using the device when he turned sixteen. Not that he minded much; it was a bit embarrassing to wear a band around. However, his tale really begins one day coming home from college. Something catching his, he follows it and gets lost. Walking through an alley, he is then captured and brought to a building used for mans desires. Going through a series of tests, and being labeled as a virgin, he is going to be sold.
Appearance: Somerled


UPDATE: Added two more plots
4 & 5


Lady Aura

Do You have a plot or general Idea for your beast? If not could it be a Light setting? I can do the others but ust looking more for the romantic side of things lately.

Current RP Status: Not taking any more RP's


Well that one is currently taken for the moment.
The general plot though is the beast trying to learn
control of his second form. It's just suppose to be
a comfortable romance story with challenges.

The first plot could become very romantic. There
are just a few kinks being that one character is
a merman. But fun nonetheless. Hope this helped. :D