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Author Topic: Snow Palace - NC: Exotic-Freeform Small Groups -  (Read 518 times)

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Offline SashaTopic starter

Snow Palace - NC: Exotic-Freeform Small Groups -
« on: March 12, 2010, 12:06:56 AM »
 Would like to look into the gathering a few players to play out a small story . You can PM with your character sheets and I will set up a thread for them to be posted .

  The General Story :  relates to this castle that a group about 50 has found themselves misplaced . This is in a  fantasy realm type setting so elfin , vampire , mage , demon type characters may be played. Come up with a good back story and list all powers or gifts your character has for approval. An avalanche has just taken place and the passes down the mountain have been closed off it is a mixture of servants , villagers , Lords, Ladies   Horsemen . They have decided to head to the place known as the Snow Palace to seek out refuge. This may or may not have been a good thing but what choice do they have. What lives in the Snow Castle has yet to be completely decided and what lurks in the path on the way there will be most interesting. Might even be room for a Dragon .

 The castle is said to have an enchantment about it ...and the rumor of the strange happenings of the place are known throughout the land in folklore. In fact upon entering the place one can feel the change in the atmosphere ..tending to bring forth the more animalistic nature to the forefront . Primal urges and the desire and want of sex , food ..and the pleasures of the body seem to become more important ..the longer one stays within the walls of the place. Finding more naughty and impure thoughts rising to the surface ...things one would never act on in the real world tend to be pulled forth and to the surface here. How long one fights these urges of course is based on the willpower of ones own character ...but sooner or later they will succumb to the need to satisfy their own urges.

My character : Lady of the Castle - 

 I am going to request that if you join that you can at least post once every 3-4 days or more often even better. Of course real life comes first .

 The game will be open to all. There will be no restriction on a player playing the opposite gender. All I ask is you play it well. Would like the post length to be at least two paragraphs unless of course the reply warrents it ..One liners are just annoying .

Character sheet :

 Character name :
  Age :
  Breed :
  Sexual Preference :
  Personality :
  Background/History :

 Player Name :
 Player's On/Off Link  :

My Other Character :  Will be coming up with the villagers.

Characters I would like to see filled :

Lord of the Castle :
Lady of the Castle :  played by Sasha

Dungeon Master <Male character>:
Maybe an Apprentice < female > :

Others in the castle could include bewitched servants , guards ..concubines .. < Open for discussion >

Those traveling in from the village would include a mixture of Knights, Villagers, Horsemen Elfin characters ...Ladies ..Lords..Servants ..
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Offline Duchess

Re: Snow Palace - NC: Exotic-Freeform Small Groups -
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2010, 11:50:38 AM »

Offline SashaTopic starter

Re: Snow Palace - NC: Exotic-Freeform Small Groups -
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2010, 12:17:01 PM »

 Welcome ....need to finish my character sheets ...and maybe do a bit of fine tuning of the thing ..wanted to see what interest was out there and open it up to the options and input from the group gathered to finalize the creation. As the possibilities in what direction completely I had not really decided ...thought of a cult ecstasy type mage ..setite vampires ..garou ... a bit of evil  mixed with seduction and innocence ...toss in some bondage opportunities ...but generally the slow corruption of all . Where ever that might lead depends on what others decide for character concepts .

 My background is in the Old World of Darkness system but will not limit it to that ...and elfin nations are acceptable. I will be limiting how many evil walks evolve though some enjoy playing a more submissive role in things and I think this setting gives that opportunity.

 Anyone wishing to discuss can do so here or through a PM to me ...I am pretty easy going so no worries about that one.

 Enjoy to openly discuss the input  with any interested .