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May 27, 2018, 04:50:20 PM

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Author Topic: A story idea seeking M or F  (Read 476 times)

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A story idea seeking M or F
« on: March 04, 2010, 09:55:11 PM »
They say a plan survives only as long as the first moment of combat, I feel this is often true for my game ideas. So here is a general outline of one I have been toying about with for a while now. I don’t mind changing details

A young man seeks out a high class brothel to live out his fantasy of being a sissy to a mistress. After his paid for experience the mistress of the house calls him to her room and makes him the offer of a new life style, to be her and the establishments full time “servant” essentially offering him what he paid for as a job of sorts. She explains that she would expect things from him and if he feels uncomfortable he would be free to go at any point.

He would soon found out that the plans of the house madam surpass any of his own shallow ideas on the subject. But find him self unable or unwilling to leave despite everything.

The brothel is quiet special in that its workers are not there because of need, all its mistresses are in fact quiet well of in there normal life’s but enjoy different things about at times working in the brothel. Understandably the clientele is quiet exclusive

I would be playing the roll of the house madam. I don’t mind if the young man is played by a M or F and I am quiet willing to change things to account for taste. What I am looking for is a descriptive partner who will give at least a few paragraphs of writing. And who doesn’t mind the occasional typo

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Re: A story idea seeking M or F
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2010, 12:30:06 PM »
Added new idea

Your family has always been a bit odd, noting extraordinary but just a bit different. For one your whole family is lucky in everything they do including health. You had not been sick more then the few occasional children’s sicknesses everybody gets. You had always gotten out of the occasional children’s falls and even a car crash without so much as a scratch. Your family traces its lineage precisely back for hundreds of years and every family gathering is a huge affair. But that’s just your family noting special, or at least that’s what you have always believed

That is until your 18th birthday when your parents explain that you will be moving to live with your godmother. The odd lady you have only seen once maybe twice in your life. She is one of those eternally beautiful people, impossible to pinpoint in age. To your surprise you find that she looks exactly the same as she dos on the picture taken when you were 8 years old and she visited you the first time giving you a ring you still ware.

She explains in the presence of your family that she is in fact a Fairy, one of the high Sidhe. She is perfectly straight faced as she dos so and your parents seem absolutely acceptant of this. She explains that from now on you will live with her, paying the depth your ancestors entered into when they made a deal with her. In return for a little help, they agreed to each generation promise her one child to be given to her when she reaches 18 and to be hers to treat and do with as she likes until she wishes. She explains that you will be allowed to continue attending school but you will move, but that you should not expect to ever work in your life, not unless she desires you to.

She would then continue to train you as a personal servant, assistant, and pet.

This game would likely be in Exotic and I am interested in somebody open minded and again somebody willing to put down a few paragraphs a post at least.

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Re: A story idea seeking M or F
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2010, 02:14:00 AM »
Still looking for potential partners for both ideas