Interest Check--Pulp Scion!

Started by MadPanda, March 03, 2010, 12:16:54 PM

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This one's HairyHeretic's fault!  Well, mostly.  He's talked me into trying it...

Scions, running amok in the 1920's!  Bootleggers!  Pirates!  Jetpacks and radium powered flashlights!  Cthuloid nasties!  Dino hunts on lost islands!

Plus, even though we don't have Nazis yet, you get to clobber the Thule Society types.  And there's always another Cultist to smack down.

(Oh, right...World at War?  Not Gonna Happen Here, and the titans got out a little bit early.  Can you say 'Tunguska'?)
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Yeah, yeah, blame me  :P

Naturally I'm interested. Maybe try my hand at a Tuatha this time around ... scion of the Dagda ... the drinkenest, fightinest, cussinest lunk to sail the seven seas.
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