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Started by Arkaniel, March 02, 2010, 02:34:15 PM

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This story would be based on the world created in the Percy Jackson saga.

(I know some concepts from the books, and I have seen the movie, which I liked quite a bit)

This will be, however, a completely new story, unrelated to the actual plots of the books and/or movie. It will be the modern world, where the Greek Gods still live and toy with people, as well as many mythological creatures hiding amongst the humans. Elements can be added or removed, as this would be our, rather original story. My character would be a male demigod, son of one of the Big Three (Poseidon - Zeus - Hades). The female character can be either a demigod, too, or a regular human.

The plot I was thinking of, was the Olympian Gods have decided it is time for the world to worship them again, to see them as their leaders. So, they unleash a war, with armies of forsworn (ancient greek soldiers that swore forever loyalty to their gods, like the Myrmidon,...) Saters, Centaurs, other mythological monsters and their children amongst the humans, the Demigods.

Of course, not all demigods want to fight against the people that practically raised them, especially since most have always been ignored by thier divine parent. But they lack the strength to rise up against the Olympian armies. In this world, my character would be an adult demigod, not loyal to his father, because he had always been a toy, a pawn, to be manipulated into doing many quests that only required him to make sacrifices, while his father, a God, benefitted from them.

He could live back amongst the humans, perhaps doing a rather inconspicious job, like being a teacher at a small town...

This could go several ways, depending on whether the female I am looking for chooses to play an ordinary, yet brave human, or a demigod, too. If human, she could be a neighbour, a colleague, or the single mom of one of my character's students, being at the school, just as a small group of the Olympian army, headed by one of my character's rivals from the Demigod training camp, attack the town.

If the female chooses to be a demigod, she can be looking for me, the son of a major God, and possibly the leader they need...

other plots are possible, too. I am just intrigued by the concept of these demigods with limited powers.

****This story will be more about adventure, drama, mystery, romance, epic battles, character evolution, than about sex.****

Good writer wanted!


Aww, I thought this would be about the real Olympians, like Shaun White, Sidney Crosby, Lindsey Vonn... ::)


I'm interested...
PM me if you would like to do this with me ^_^ It's been a while anyways. -hip bumps-


Are you still looking for a partner in this?  I have an idea for a demi-goddess.
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And here I had been thinking about this myself but being a demigod as a daughter of Dionysus and working on a winery. Ah well looks like you got your demigod/human. Maybe another time.