Looking for long term RP partner.

Started by Nim, February 28, 2010, 11:02:58 PM

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Story premise:

The Gods and Goddess's in their jealousy and spite cast down two of their own to one of the worlds which they have created.  Their minds have been washed of every memory of the fact that they were once gods and each other.  Their great love for one another has been changed to a deep and ever lasting hatred.  Neither can be killed by any conventional means and in fact nothing save the other can do any harm to them.  But not even they in all of their hate and malice for the other can not kill or destroy the other.  Only severely hurt the other causing them to take time to recuperate from their battles.  The most harm and probably the worst harm they can do to the other is hurting or destroying the ones they come to love.  (Doesn't always happen but sometimes will). They still have most of their godlike powers but are limited to the world they have been cast down upon.  The once husband and wife chase each other across the face of the earth leaping from one time frame to another in the worlds history to another.  Past, present or future.  Longer jumps requiring more time to wait between the next jump.  Despite their hatred of one another both desire love and security therefore in the more peaceful times between their fights and in their travels they fall in love with mortals and other immortals (Elves, Vampires, Werewolves... so on and so forth...) alike on the world in which they now are forced to travel upon.   With this story the setting possibilities are unlimited.  Along their travels both of them tend to only show their powers or abilities according to the time period they live in.  Trying not to interfere with the natural course of time itself.  With the exception of occasionally healing friends or helping their mates live their lives to their fullest time expectancy that sort of thing.  Any discoveries they bring forth are those that would naturally occur during that time frame.  For example if playing in a time frame such as the era presented by Jean Auel in the Clan of the Cave Bear they would not help invent gun powder but they could and probably would help develop better ways of making spears, bows, arrows, fishing equipment that sort of thing ways of making clothing that sort of thing.   

Each of us will take on the roll of either the former god or goddess.  The other will play whatever partners they each may fall in love or have relationships with.  This being the case I am looking for someone who has no qualms about playing either male or female roles as well as filling in the cast of characters needed to make this a full and enjoyable story. 

I started this story before with my wife in a time when we didn't have the internet and found it to be very fun but I wanted to try it here to see where it might go.  This story has the potential to be very involved but very fun with all the limitless possibilities of where and when the settings take place.   

For general questions or comments on this idea please leave a message here.  If you are interested in giving this different but very fun rp a try and are willing to take on such a large project please send me an IM.

Also one more note while I am thinking about it.  I do not believe in limiting the possibilities that may arise in any story.  For that reason this story will when it is started be placed in the extreme solo's area that way any and all bases may be covered.   

Thank you for your time .

Have fun writing, that is what we are all here for!!!



This looks very interesting. I would like to try it with you.

Also have you read all of the Earth's Children Series?


Yes I have.  I love the series so much my second wife and I named our first daughter together Ayla.  ;D


That is so funny cause I named my first daughter Ayla as well. :)


Well you know what they say:  Great minds think alike.   ;D  I wanted to name my first daughter Ayla as well but my first wife didn't like the name so we named her Anissa.  I was very happy to finally get my wish and have a daughter named Ayla.