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Author Topic: Cecily's Request Thread (Female seeking Males) [Updated March 12th!]  (Read 863 times)

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Hello! I'm going to try some forum roleplaying again, but IM works too. I'm not really interested in anything overly sexual, I prefer the more subtle sexual tones and story-driven RP.  Edit: No longer filled on IMRP.

Right now I'm craving more of a fantasy setting, more specifically low fantasy, but other settings such as sci-fi can work as well. Battlestar Galactica-ish scenes with me playing a Cylon could work too, although I prefer the light-sci-fi as opposed to the heavy aspect. Anyway. I'll list the ideas currently fresh in my head, but feel free to request any idea that you have, and if I don't like it I will tell you honestly or inform you on what would make it work for me. Here are my ons and offs for a brief idea of what I like, hopefully it helps some:

Random Pairings:

Vampire/vampire hunter
The Diamond Age (book) setting

The Conquered Kingdom [Roughness] [Seduction] [Possible Disc/Punishment/Roughness] Edit: [Non-Con?]

The grand and magical kingdom of Galaecia has been brought to its knees by the powerful Navar Empire. The Emperor shocks all when he requests that the conflict end peacefully, however, when he proclaims that if the princess of Galaecia is surrendered to him and wed to him, he will peacefully occupy the kingdom and merge them as one, protecting them from other powers around the world. The princess is reluctant to leave, but she knows that she must, otherwise her kingdom will be destroyed. She is not going to surrender so easily when she arrives in the capitol of the Navar Empire, however.

The Emperor of the Navar Empire is no fool either. He is a very religious man, attempting to spread the word of his god to the corners of the earth, although his methods tend to be quite harsh. He is convinced that he received a message from his god, telling him that he must woo and wed the princess of Galaecia peacefully, and if he does so, then he will rule the land for centuries and will bring glory to himself and his god. Little does he know, however, is that his feelings for the princess may actually become genuine and not those out of ambition, and that she will not be so easily tamed...


This is a relatively simple scene, of an ambitious king trying to gain glory and salvation through this prophecy that he has received. He will think that he cannot fulfill this if he mistreats the princess, however, but perhaps a little roughness. The setting is pretty loose, so high or low fantasy/historical-ish fantasy/etc., are all pretty viable. My character will be rather young, but will be well educated and intelligent, but rash. Another idea was using fantasy races in this scene, so things like different types of elves are all possible, as well as more different stuff like draenei-like characters, as I find them quite attractive. You can come up with anything else that you want to add to it. :) Edit: I'm now up for more roughness in this, perhaps not a ton of non-con, but some is viable. General arrogant asshattery is nice too.  >:)

Cylons Seduction!

The Twelve Colonies and Caprica have not yet been destroyed. The Cylons are still planning their elaborate attack, with spies spread all over the worlds, gaining intelligence and information to be sent back to the Cylon home world. However, there are more than twelve Cylon models...

Number 21 has been assigned to a high-profile politician stationed in Caprica. He is a dashingly charismatic man from Libran, although he moved to the larger colony of Caprica when he was in his early 20's for a future in politics in the bigger planet. He married a woman from a prominent Caprican family who he found uninteresting and unintelligent, but he had the ambition to not care. He was content with living a sexless marriage and a mostly sexless life to avoid any possible scandals. The power of being a politician and leader was enough to keep him going.

Until he met Abigail, a beautiful young woman, an intern at his office. She was clever, kind, funny, and he eventually began to fall in love with her. Abigail was oh so seductive and seemed to know exactly how to woo him, and he loved it. She kept up with him every step of the way. An affair began. He began to relinquish more control of his life to this woman he adored, and she began to gain his trust. He had no frackin idea that Abigail was actually a Cylon, and this was her mission.


So, finally I have thought out what I think is a decent BSG plot. Anyway, I will be playing Abigail, a girl that would be considered 'nerdy' because of her interests by some, but very beautiful. You will be playing the nameless politician, and while his personality is pretty much up in the air, he has to be enchanted by Abigail and be at least relatively easy for her to manipulate at this stage in their relationship.

I envisioned this as something long-term, where it will start with Caprica before the fall, and gradually we will make it up to the point where the colonies are destroyed and go from there. Feel free to ask me any questions of this.

General Stuff

As for my preferences with any scene, I don't want to play an overly flirty or dominant character, or a character that's curvy. I prefer more innocent, bratty, inquisitive, etc. characters, if that makes sense. My roleplays will be light and will not involve sex right away, but flirting and other such things are fine. I prefer characters opposite of mine to be muscular, as I really do like stereotypical masculine muscly/beefy guys, so nothing lean please. Other than that, honestly, I think that's pretty much it.

That is all for now. I'll edit this periodically to add more scenes when they come to mind. Thank you for reading this, and PM me which scene you're interested in, or your scene that you want to try out, it doesn't have to be anything here. I'll chat with you a bit there and give you my IM's if you want to talk about the scene over that medium, too. As an added note, please, when you PM me, try to contribute some ideas and creativity to things, even if this is my ad and my 'ideas', roleplaying is a mutual thing for me, and it's most fun when both parties are contributing ideas and such. Also, when you PM me with ideas and such, it lets me know that you're serious and creative and interesting! Which is good! :P

Thanks for reading! :)
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Re: Cecily's Roleplaying Emporium 2.0 (Female seeking Males)
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2010, 09:31:35 PM »


Name: Audrey d'Aubigne
Age: Unknown, appears to be in early 20's
Species: Human
Profession: Assassin/Spy
Desired Setting: Historical/Victorian/Steampunk, but flexible

Description: A young French woman, Audrey has a multitude of disguises and aliases. She is a few inches over five feet, petite but deceptively strong. She is a fabulous actress and can portray herself as nearly any persona, from dignitary to a maid. When she can be herself, she carries herself confidently and usually has an array of poisons and daggers on her. Audrey prefers the colour black, to conceal herself in darkness. She tends to wear clothes that are tight, yet practical and comfortable. However, Audrey is a master of disguise and can change her appearance and demeanor drastically.

Personality: Nearly nobody knows Audrey, besides her employers. Anyone that she feels learns too much does not live for long. She is highly intelligent, confident in herself, but calculating and quiet for the most part. Around her victims she is usually outgoing, as she loves the art of killing, torturing and dueling. She is very competitive. It is not merely a sport to her, but her way of life and very existence. Very few people are close to her and she plans to keep it that way, although she does tend to open up slightly to fellow assassins, and to some of her victims before she murders them.

Notes: Audrey can be played in pretty much any setting, but the preferred one where her character is most suited is in a steampunk/alternate history/Victorian-esque setting.

Name: Abigail Forsythe 
Age: N/A
Species: Cylon/Android (depends on setting used)
Desired Setting: Futuristic/Heavy Sci-fi/Light Sci-fi

Description: Abigail appears to be a young, shy and nerdy girl. She would be seen as more cute than sexy, but is still quite capable to seduce others. She has long, beautiful red hair and light green eyes. She usually has her hair in a messy braid or bun, especially when she is at work, wherever that is. She is oddly clumsy, although for emergency situations her hidden programming will kick in. She is very inconspicuous and innocent looking, which is why she is so effective at doing what she does.

Personality: Much of her personality depends on her programming, for while she has a 'base' personality, many other traits such as seductiveness and slyness can be programmed into her and be set to be triggered at certain moments. She is almost always on some kind of mission, although she usually tends to be sent as a spy, occasionally as an unaware sleeper agent. She's quirky, silly, shy, and quite nerdy. She loves technology and video games, but is also rather fond of the physical world and its natural beauties. Abigail also has an odd obsession with the study of insects, especially finding the hive mind mentality quite fascinating.

Notes: She will always be some kind of robot/android/Cylon, although she isn't BSG exclusively. Usually she will be played as a spy, whether knowingly or unwittingly, although in certain scenes she could be a relatively 'normal' android, too. So she's pretty flexible.

Name: Lyra
Age: Thousands of years
Species: Elf/Fae/Forest Spirit
Desired Setting: High Fantasy, Low Fantasy, Alternate Reality/History, etc.

Description: Lyra looks to be in her late teens, a very innocent looking girl with swept up black hair and deep amber eyes. She is very short, a few inches below five feet, but has an aura of power around her, emanating from her very being, particularly from her eyes. She typically wears simple yet beautiful clothes that make her look like she is harmonious with the forest. There is a very benevolent aura about her, but in those eyes of hers one may be able to spot a mischievous streak.

Personality: She lives a life she loves, in the forest that is the only home she knows, with the other elves, fae and guardians of the realm. Lyra possesses the ability to communicate animals perfectly, and can even speak to the forest and 'feel' what it feels, to an extent. The forest is a safe place, so it is rare where her position as a guardian is ever needed. She loves to play, and when she sees a mortal, she cannot help but toy with them at least a little bit. She is a wild and untamed spirit, although she also has the ability to be kind and serious.

Notes: Lyra is pretty flexible setting-wise, although a classical fantasy setting may be the easiest. Another concept is a world where elves and fae are not known to the world (if at all), so other settings that are more modern or that contain elements such as an alternate reality where magic exists on Earth work fabulously too!

Name: Georgina Cromwell, Georgia, The Raven
Age: Looks 18
Species: Vampire
Desired Setting: Anything not heavy Sci-fi or Modern - High/Low Fantasy, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Historical, etc.

Description: Georgina is a tortured soul, and a vampire. She can blend into crowds decently, although one would be able to notice an aura of cold and death surrounding her. Occasionally, when she gets angered, frustrated or aroused (the latter of which is very rare), her eyes will take on a red tinge and demonic look to them. She's slim and average height, although she is very strong and is a master with the sword, amongst other weapons. It is rare to see her smiling.

Biography: She was but a normal child in a lower class family growing up. Life was not easy, but it was not unbelievably difficult. When she was newly 18, she was out in the city late at night exploring and pondering what she would do with her life. Georgina was a very pretty girl, and had a few suitors offering their hand in marriage, and they were from wealthier families, too. So, she had decided to take a walk that night.

She was attacked by a vampire. He took her back to his home, and enslaved her. He tortured and abused her, raped her, and used her for a regenerating food source. After two months, he decided to turn Georgina into a vampire. It was a horrible process for her. Her role then changed from a slave to more of a subordinate partner - she would go out 'hunting' with him, and he taught her the ways of vampires, albeit through a harsh point of view. After she had gained his trust over the course of a year, Georgina finally summoned the courage to flee. The girl escaped, and hid all throughout the land, hoping to avoid her maker. He never found her. Georgina was free of him, but not free of the curse of vampirism and the curse she thought was life.

Personality: Georgina is a damaged soul. She is very quiet and withdrawn, and rarely addresses others. She lives her life in isolation, usually daydreaming and reading - educating - herself most of the time. She despises drinking the blood of humans, but she does do it. Her methods are strange, as she visits taverns around the city and finds someone who she deems to 'not deserve' to live, usually by living their lives not-too-virtuously. She would lure them to an isolated area, kill them, feed on them, and drain the blood into vials for future use.

She has met a few other vampires in her lifetime, although she is not very interested in them and is always afraid that her maker will be looking for her. Her exterior is cold, brutal and intimidating, but if one looks closely they would be able to see that Georgina, on the inside, is just a terrified girl.

Notes: As said above, settings for this character are pretty flexible. I figure the person opposite to her in the roleplay could be a victim, another vampire, a vampire hunter, or something entirely different. Her maker is a possibility, too, but I'd rather that if he returns he takes a more psychological point to things, as I'm not really interested in torture/rape/tons of sex/etc., and perhaps him manipulating her to believe that he's changed could be intriguing.

Endnotes: All of the characters are available for roleplaying. Some are in the above plots, too. But if you have an idea and would like to use them in it, feel free to PM me about it and we can chat. As long as you have an idea and show some creative effort I'll gleefully respond and chat about it!

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Re: Cecily's Roleplaying Emporium 2.0 (Female seeking Males)
« Reply #2 on: March 06, 2010, 11:45:19 PM »
Edited random pairings, plot ideas, some other stuff, and added a new plot idea! :)

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Did some major editing and added the Character Profile section. Expect to see this updated more frequently! :)

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Re: Cecily's Request Thread (Female seeking Males) [Updated March 12th!]
« Reply #4 on: March 12, 2010, 08:06:55 PM »
Added another random pairing; have sort of been interested in being a vampire's victim lately. :P

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Re: Cecily's Request Thread (Female seeking Males) [Updated March 12th!]
« Reply #5 on: March 21, 2010, 10:52:13 PM »
I added my new updated ons and offs, as well as a few other things. Right now I'm particularly craving a roleplay with Lyra, my forest spirit. ^_^