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Author Topic: finely fashioned futuristic famous female fantasy f***-fest (writers any gender)  (Read 686 times)

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Offline rick957Topic starter

Summary:  2 male, female, or liege writers needed.

Must have advanced writing ability; emphasis on rich storytelling, *not* just written porn.

Story opens in modern world, then involves time travel.

Sex will be mostly with women, many famous ones.

Here's my second attempt to find two people to help me write a smutty story.  I'm hoping my previous write-up only failed 'cause the ideas were poorly expressed, so here's another swing at it.

Need:  Two writers, probably male, but interested ladies and lieges are welcome, too.  The 3 lead characters (one played by me) can be male or female, but the sex scenes must be with mostly or all female partners.  Part of my perverted goal is to compare sex fantasies, and I'm a straight male, so I want to read scenes about having sex with women.

Other requirements:  I want to find your writing exciting.  This RP will have a lot of sex scenes, but I don't want ten straight posts about each lovemaking session.  Most of the writing will involve fleshing out the characters and settings around and between the sex scenes, rather than describing the sex in minute detail.  (Unless you're some kind of sex-writing prodigy, then you can do whatever you want.  I've only run across one so far, IMHO.)  Otherwise, I want erotic storytelling, not written-down pornography.  You may be a great writer whose erotic writing doesn't do it for me, personally, so please don't take it as any kind of slight if I politely decline to partner with you. 

The scenario:  The three main characters are modern-day college students (high school could work, if necessary).  They know each other, may be friendly acquaintances, but are not close and don't share the same social circles.  My character will be something of a brooding nerdy misfit, but yours can be whatever you want.

The three characters are simultaneously plucked from their 2010 campuses and whisked to the far future, as part of a research experiment.  The researchers in the far future then manufacture erotic fantasy settings in which to study the subjects' behavior.

The "holodeck"-like fantasy settings will allow the subjects to interact with manufactured replicas of any women they desire.  Some could be recreations of women from their 2010 lives, such as women they had crushes on.  Many should be replicas of famous women from 2010 or decades prior.  There may be room even for sex with female fictional characters, although that won't be a focus of mine. 

Our characters may not interact with each other much.  The RP is more about comparing fantasies and stories rather than writing them together.

There will be pictures of characters in the thread, at least of the women.  (Not pornographic ones; I'm just wanting some visual reference points.)

If the game lasts long enough, the 3 characters may explore the world of the far future, including its sexual offerings.  I have some ideas for this, but this stage of the story would be way down the road.  I also have ideas for extending the story beyond that point into other settings, if that becomes possible.

In closing, let me re-emphasize two things:  I have to find your writing exciting, so this is not at all first-come first-serve.  Secondly, the writing needs to be meaty, with multi-paragraph, detailed posts, and the sex scenes themselves will fill only a relatively small part of the RP.

Preferably, PM me if you're interested or have questions.  You can express interest here in the thread if necessary.  I'll look at your past writing and then get in touch with you.  Thanks for reading,
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