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Author Topic: He's On His Way Home From War (Darkvamplips and Serrka)  (Read 797 times)

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He's On His Way Home From War (Darkvamplips and Serrka)
« on: February 27, 2010, 03:58:31 AM »

Miya moved the vase of flowers for the fourth time and sighed.  It was supposed to be perfect, perfect for his return, perfect for his homecoming.    She shook her head and moved them again, this time to the side of the table against the wall.  She knew well enough that flowers were just flowers and what was important was that he was going to be home at last.  But staring at the clock wasn't making it move any faster and she needed to keep busy to she had cleaned the kitchen, finished the laundry, started bread dough and read her email, twice.   

She was excited, practically giddy.  She hadn't seen him in two years and in that time he'd barely sent a handful of letters.  She knew it was hard over there, mail was sporadic at best and internet access wasn't allowed, it had been hard, she'd missed him every day, her long lost other half, but soon he'd be home.   

She turned, hearing a car coming up the driveway.  She glanced at the clock again and squealed happily, running to get the door, tossing her apron aside as she did.   She couldn't wait to see him.  She just knew he'd have so much to tell her, so many stories, so much time away, two full years of life to fill her in on.  Her best friend was finally home.

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Re: He's On His Way Home From War (Darkvamplips and Serrka)
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2010, 01:14:46 AM »
It had been two years since he had gone to war and hadn't had the chance to come home until now. It had been so long without his family that he turned into someone that showed no feelings and didn't even really like to be around his family or friends. The letters were sent when he first got to the war telling his family that he was ok. When they stopped coming or getting few between is when he started changing for the worst. The worst part was he had a friend that had died when he was right there and now he might think that she might die to. The 'best friend' title might not be the same any more since he had gone to war and changed so much. During the time there he had to get his drivers license and had a pretty nice ride now. He had shades on that covered his eyes he didn't like people looking at them, the eyes of someone who has killed people. Turning off the car he took a deep breath and sighed then opened the door. Soon he would be facing his twin again after so long.

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Re: He's On His Way Home From War (Darkvamplips and Serrka)
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2010, 01:24:52 AM »

Miya jumped at the sound of the car turning off and flung open the door.  She saw him and  her voice squeaked with excitement.  "You're home!"  she cried flinging herself towards him and the car with childish exuberance.  "You're home, you're home, you're home."  she repeated, laughing as she spoke.  "It's been forever and I missed you terribly but now you're back and you're home and everything is going to be fine, and I cleaned your room and made up your bed and I'm making spaghetti and garlic bread and we have ice cream and..."  she stopped, blushing at the rapidity of her babbling and stood back for a moment to take in the sight of him.   "You look so tall."  she said studying his face and comparing it to the memories of the face she had known so well.   "You've been travelling for hours, you must be exhausted.  Come in, please.  Come and sit with me..."  she looked at him again.  "Or did you want a shower, dinner won't be ready for an hour or so, you could get cleaned up."

She extended her hands towards him as if to take his.  "Do you have bags?  Stuff?  I can help you with it."

Her eyes were bright, her face unguarded and smiling.  She was just as she had been two years ago when he left.  It seemed the two years had barely touched her, as if she had been in stasis, waiting for his return.

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Re: He's On His Way Home From War (Darkvamplips and Serrka)
« Reply #3 on: March 03, 2010, 01:32:08 AM »
Steve knew that she would be full of questions and wanting to chat a mile a minute. He hated that about her and did not want to deal with that right now but he would make her happy for a bit. To much information came right at him and his head started spinning. He was not used to so much talking at once and never really had anyone to talk to. "Yeah I guess I grew." His voice was grim and his hand brushed through his blond hair. "I would like to have a shower." His voice was like he was still in an army and he was talking like a soldier would. He looked into her eyes the eyes of someone who knew nothing of what he went through, so much pain. He looked at her hand but did not shake it.

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Re: He's On His Way Home From War (Darkvamplips and Serrka)
« Reply #4 on: March 05, 2010, 05:33:01 PM »

Miya stepped back, a look of confusion settling on her face, which she tried to dismiss by smiling.   "Well, please, come in."  She said, her voice a little quieter.  "You have plenty of time for a shower before dinner."   She lowered her hand, her cheeks flushing.  "Or a nap, if you're tired.  Dinner can reheat."

She stepped out of his way, watching him in some confusion.  He hadn't hugged her, tousled her hair like he used to, he hadn't even really looked at her.  She felt a strange, cold feeling growing in her stomach.  She wondered if  her brother had returned to her a total stranger.

She shook her head, dismissing the thought, forcing a smile back to her face.  He was probably just tired, a shower and a good night's sleep would do wonders.  She promised herself she wouldn't worry until tomorrow, that everything would be alright tomorrow.

"You know where everything is."  she said softly.  "It hasn't changed too much."

"There's no rush.  I'm just so glad you're home.  Everyone missed you terribly.  They'll be so happy to see you."

Her voice dropped to a whisper and she lowered her head.  "I missed you."

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Re: He's On His Way Home From War (Darkvamplips and Serrka)
« Reply #5 on: March 07, 2010, 09:16:35 PM »
"Thanks though. I will just have a shower." He said walking past her wanting to get inside after flinging his duffle bag over his shoulder easily. If she knew what he had  to deal with then she would know why he was acting this way. Tomorrow would not be alright he would still be the same person he is now if not worse. Why couldn't he stay at war where he was comfortable and not here. When he said those words he stopped in his tracks. "I know." Was all he said before walking slowly upstairs to his old room.

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Re: He's On His Way Home From War (Darkvamplips and Serrka)
« Reply #6 on: March 10, 2010, 02:51:27 AM »
Miya watched the clock as she had so many other times, and like always it simply refused to move any faster.   She heard a few noises from upstairs, doors opening and shutting, the shower being turned on and then off later.  For the most part the house was quiet, and so was she.

Dinner had been ready for half an hour, but she kept the marinara sauce on to simmer.  She sighed, she knew the noodles could reheat, but this wasn't how she had envisioned his homecoming.  She pushed away from the kitchen counter and shaking her head finally served herself a plate of food.  Maybe he was exhausted and had fallen asleep, she should eat, and put the food away.  When he woke up, he could reheat it for himself.

She sat the table alone, with a book half propped in her hand and a half-eaten plate of spaghetti.  She'd been trying to read for half an hour, but the words just didn't seem to catch.  She wondered where he had been, why he had stopped writing, why he was treating her like a pariah and not his own twin.   She twirled the pasta around the tines of her fork idly.   She closed the book and stared at her plate, contemplating her life far more than her food.  "He doesn't understand."  she whispered to herself.  He didn't understand how alone she had been without him.

She was washing the dishes when she realized that she was tired, tired of wishing for him to come downstairs.  "Things will be better tomorrow."  she repeated to herself.  She turned out the lights and headed up to her room, hoping not to see him afraid that if she did, she'd be angry.