The Cube: A non-system Group rp based loosely on the movie "Cube"

Started by Urbanzorro, February 23, 2010, 09:57:10 PM

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This is an interest check for an idea that I had recently.

The characters wake to find themselves locked in a room. The room is a 10X10X10 foot cube with a square door set in the center of each wall each door leading to an identical cube with an identical set of doors. They are each wearing only a hospital gown, and a pair of shoes. And the last thing anyone can remember is when they last went to sleep. Once they are all awake a voice can be heard as if over a speaker.  It tells them that they have each been kidnapped, that they will soon be killed slowly and painfully, and that their only hope of escape is to find the door that leads out of the cube complex. They are told that some rooms will contain food or tools or clues to their escape, while others contain traps, and others are simply empty. Furthermore they are told that only a certain number of them will be allowed to go free(I’ll decide the number depending on how many people wind up playing).  They are also told that this is all being done for the entertainment of those watching them and that the only way to live is to win. Once they are told these things the voice disappears and they are left to their own devices.

Basically I’m trying to capture the whole ‘rat in a maze’ feel with a large amount of sexual overtones. I believe that this combined with the competitive factor should make for some very interesting interactions between the different characters. The traps will obviously be sexual in nature as well as non-lethal. I’d be looking for anywhere between 5 and 10 characters. I’d be playing the part of the man controlling the maze, as well as the ‘maze’ itself and the traps within. I’d like to point out that this game will not be a system game and that it WILL be fair. I’ve drawn up a map and already decided which rooms will have traps/prizes. As well as which route will lead to escape. If you’re interested please say so, and create a character sheet with the following format.

Looks: (picture)
Short Bio(at least a paragraph)


'The Maze'/maze's opperator: Urbanzorro
Police officer(or Firefighter):
Early college/Late HS Student:
Solder(Low ranking):
House Wife:

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Bellow is as rough draft of the map I'll be using to keep track of each character's progress. I have another copy with each room's contents marked out.

The break down of the rooms is as follows
3 contain a hint as to where to go next
2 contain items which may be useful such as a weapons/paint(to mark rooms you've already been in ect...
7 contain traps, with each trap being unique
7 are empty, containing only food and water(all rooms except the 'trap rooms' contain food and water aswell)
And 1 contains the exit.

Each room's location/contents are already set. If there is any intrest I can go into detail on the traps(or leave them as suprises)
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interesting concept and great film

the hypercube and "cypher" were also made by the same dude - all very cool films


Yep there was also cube zero but in my opinon cube was the best :D hopefully this gets off the ground.
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