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Author Topic: Searching for a few interested players (multiple ideas)  (Read 387 times)

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Offline ArlynTopic starter

Searching for a few interested players (multiple ideas)
« on: February 23, 2010, 04:58:10 PM »
1. Mid-Sci Fi setting

I've been considering a possible mid-future sci-fi setting.  By 'mid', I mean something that might be only a few hundred years from now: basically, not as 'fantastic' as something like Star Wars or Star Trek might be, but also something where there may be one or two 'fantastic' pieces of technology that make it possible to traverse the universe.  With that in mind, I'm considering Foldships, starships that act a lot like tug boats or stand-alone vessels that can connect with another ship (or several others) and tow them with it through a jump that takes the ship from standard space into Folded Space, which is what is in between two distant points (basically, folding space between the two points).

Simply put, 1 Light Year = 12 hours.  So, to get to Proxima Centauri (4.2 light years from our sun IRL), it would take about 2.1 days.

By this time, the Earth will have been more or less divided even more than it is right now, but the presence of extra-terrestrials (of which there are at least half a dozen known and recognized alien species) has forced the planet to create a simple world-wide cover government.  Though it is vague and more or less useless on earth, it gives the planet a face to the other species that visit it.

Though several of the species have been friendly, there are two very aggressive species that typically raid for resources, likely a result of over-population while attempting to provide new worlds to send their people to populate.  Unfortunately for all, there are very few hospitable planets that do not already have intelligent life on them, and as soon as one is found, colonists are sent there to claim it for themselves.  Of course, by the time they arrive, there could be others arriving as well.

What I'm looking for is a possibility of a solo RP where we aren't limited to stuff like Star Wars or Star Trek.  Anthro-species, humanoids, non-humanoid, living ships, etc.  Those kinds of things are what I'd like to have involved.  I'd love to RP with someone playing as a humanoid dragon character, or a twi'lek for that matter, but I'm not a whole lot for system games so this would be freeform.

Of course, this may go nicely as a group RP as well... but again, I'm not much for systems, and as a result I'm not that great as a GM at times.

2. Modern-Fantasy (with a pinch of medieval, I think)

Basically, this can go several ways.  What I'm looking for is a 'changing' RP, where a female character is a goddess that is corrupted (or is being corrupted) by something (take that as you will.  Evil in general, evil-sex things, etc, non-sexual related, whatever.  Sex is acceptable and likely, I would think, but not necessarily with the corrupting force).  My character would either be a follower or someone who is somehow linked to the goddess-character, and together they would attempt to either reconcile with the fact that she is changing or attempt to undo the change.  Doing so may allow for time travel, dimension travel, etc in an effort to undo the corruption or to try and find a place where they may live without the corruption spreading somehow.  This could also allow for the potential of one of the goddess-character's followers to join the two in an effort to make certain that her goddess does not succumb to her fallen desires (most likely by acting them out with my character in her place, essentially turning the devoted one into an avatar of sorts).

This doesn't necessarily have to be a modern-fantasy setting, and could easily be a medieval kind of setting instead.  However, modern-fantasy has always been a favorite of mine.  Either way, it would be pretty cool if the goddess' devoted wound up not being human, but her kind has to hide from humans in the modern-day, probably as they've done for centuries.  Perhaps it's the Goddess' purity that keeps them hidden, and therefore, allows them to live amongst humans.  Just an idea.

I'll probably come up with more eventually.  PM me if you're interested in either of these, please.

Offline ArlynTopic starter

Re: Searching for a few interested players (multiple ideas)
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2010, 08:24:18 PM »
3. Modern-Fantasy

In a world much like Earth, it's the year 2005.  In 1970, portals to another world, an alternate dimension, open and humans find themselves embroiled in a war with what could be considered invaders from mythology.  Elves, deities, dwarves, centaurs, lamia, and the like flock to Earth, basically replacing various human societies that are basically wiped out- in fact, they were teleported to the alternate dimension as a way of equivalent exchange.  Although the reason for such an exodus is unknown to the humans, entire nations are forced to make tough choices as new kingdoms and countries come into being, replacing states, countries, territories, and the like all over the world.  My character is one of those humans that remained despite the fact that his family, other than an older sister that was studying out of country at college, was exchanged for the beings that came across to Earth.

This is just a new idea.  If it interests you, please contact me and we can go over the finer details.