The Hunt - need a female to join

Started by bentfender, February 19, 2010, 10:46:41 PM

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I posted this in the non-adlt section and had no takers so thought I would repost here.

The hunter – me
bodyguards (don't have to be played - NPC's)

The small kingdom was completely self-sufficient until the new king took the throne. He was utterly mad, and it only became worse when his beautiful wife died when his only daughter only two. He enslaved all the poorer classes and forced most of the nobility to flee. He disbanded the army as he didn’t trust them and replaced them with hired killers.

Life for the princess was dull, yet she lacked for nothing and having her mother’s beauty soon had everyone wrapped around her little finger. She had no desire to see the world outside the walls of the palace and became bitter and manipulative.

When She were 17 slaves started to run away and the king hired a man only known as the hunter. She watched him coming and going from the palace on his massive black destrier always accompanied by his two great hounds. He always succeeded in finding the runaways. He sat tall in the saddle, with strong tanned muscular arms yet his head was always hooded or helmed.

Days, weeks and months went by and the daughter decided to visit her father on his birthday. Gathering her trusted guards she wandered the maze of halls noticing that they were empty of all life. Coming to her father’s chambers she noticed the squad of guards gone and the door ajar. Not believing that anything could happen in the palace she opened the great doors and looked in. Within the royal chambers stood a great number of battle ready soldiers weary the livery of one of the banished great houses. Then two men similarly attired came from the king’s room dragging his lifeless corpse between them and followed by the hunter. A gasp unbidden escapes your lips. All turn and glare at you.

“Get her!” orders the hunter and all in the room begin to draw weapons and move in your direction.